About those Titan books...

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About those Titan books...

Post by -HaX* Death's Head- » Tue Dec 24, 2002 1:00 am

I currently own both of the Unicron Saga, and Target: 2006. I thoroughly enjoyed both, and want to be recommended one more....
Bare in mind, I'm a relative newbie to the comics...I don't want something that's going to slowly set out the story for me, that's too basic...I want something good, but something that won't confuse me much.

Thanks in advance,

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Post by Blitzwing » Tue Dec 24, 2002 1:03 am

The Matrix Quest has a couple bad issues, but it's readable and the finale is great.

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Post by Cliffjumper » Tue Dec 24, 2002 1:06 am

"Fallen Angel" follows on quite nicely [not directly, mind] from "Target 2006"...

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Post by Denyer » Tue Dec 24, 2002 2:51 am

Moved to appropriate forum. Welcome to the board, HDH!

If you're only getting one more, I'd wait for Time Wars, personally...

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Post by Transfan » Tue Dec 24, 2002 3:25 am

I'm pretty much getting every UK reprint tpb that hits North America.Those UK storylines are just too good to pass up.Right now I'm waiting for Fallen Angel & Legacy of Unicron.

If I could I'd love to get those personally autographed by Simon Furman himself.

BTW thanks to this board I now know who he is,I don't follow up the comic industry.So I never knew who Simon Furman was,& thanks to the documentary I also know what he looks like:)

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Post by Risk » Tue Dec 24, 2002 2:29 pm

Simon Furman, attends most Transformers conventions, you can't miss him, the glare off the top of his forehead, gives it away, only joking.

I second getting Time Wars, but you may be slightly confused at first.
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