"More Than Meets The Eye" #2 Coloured Cover Image

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"More Than Meets The Eye" #2 Coloured Cover Image

Post by Bombshell » Wed May 21, 2003 8:50 pm

Probably old news, but what the heck...


Dirge is miscoloroed as Ramjet, and it's apparently FIBRIR when it comes to Dreamwave.

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Post by Denyer » Wed May 21, 2003 9:50 pm

Naturally, as they're following the toys...

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Post by Gruff » Wed May 21, 2003 11:41 pm

Gruff 3:16 says Brendocon is da man!!Image

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Post by Blitzwing » Wed May 21, 2003 11:52 pm

Who's that yellow bugger on Grimlock's shoulder?

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Post by RID Scourge » Thu May 22, 2003 1:49 am

Looks like micromaster Erector.

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