Discussion and info about upcoming products.
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Post by Denyer » Thu Nov 18, 2004 12:15 am

The news forum is mostly for talking about things that are upcoming. If it's been released (eg, toys, comics) we've got forums for those discussions where they won't get mixed in with news that's current. On a similar note, please don't post to threads that are more than a couple of weeks old unless there's new information to add.

Some pointers...

1) The News/Rumours forum is for discussing TF information you found rather than for asking for it. You'll get a much better response if you post in one of the other sections. (eg, "Will there be a new Grimlock figure?" goes in the Toys forum.)

Exception: publishers and (officially) TF-related production companies, please feel free to open threads to ask for feedback. eg, Comics and DVD producers. If you register with an official email address from your company, it'll mean a staff member can easily verify that you're legit. Thanks.

2) Give your topics clear titles. People are a lot more likely to read if you put "Sixshot see-thru Japanese re-issue" rather than "SIXSHOT!!1!"

3) Please include any links you can in the first post — people shouldn't have to ask for your sources. A private contact is fair enough, but anything public deserves to be credited. It also avoids disputes. If providing a link to another site's main news page, please quote the text from the article. Credit the site, certainly, but remember that news pages change daily and your link may become out of date. Don't inline other images from other sites unless you have permission. There are lots of free image hosts these days — Imageshack and Imagevenue are two good ones.

4) Please don't drag up old rumours/threads unless you have new information. (This particularly applies to threads about movie info.)

5) Look first to see if anyone has already posted it. If there's already a topic with a dozen replies, there's no sense in competing to say the same thing. Just add your reactions (and any extra information) to the existing thread.

6) Dubious content / stuff likely to get sites in legal trouble — please don't post links to live auctions for "prototypes" and loose pre-release items, as we don't want to support individuals profiting from factory theft. There have also been other instances in which content has been taken from official sources ahead of declared publication dates (especially in connection with conventions). Just use common sense and don't argue with staff if they place a topic off-limits temporarily or tell people not to post images.

Please do your bit to keep this forum friendly, reasonably efficient and full of constructive comments. Thanks. :)

So, as a quick summary...

What is news: Forthcoming products, previews, prototypes & official announcements. Also first sightings of major new products.

What isn't news: Kitbashes, customs and products which are in circulation. Post about those in the Toys & Merch forum.