[FICTION] Roadkill and Crew.A new story from a deceps view

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Roadkill and Crew.A new story from a deceps view

Post by 13thScorpio » Wed Aug 09, 2006 6:03 pm

Check it out.This is before Unicron,and I am not great with the Transformers timeline,so do not hassle me overmuch.Just some of it.

Start up......Computer Loading
Name: Roadkill
Association: Decepticon
Occupation: Search and Destroy
Alt mode: Semi
Gesalt Name: Rage
Gesalt Grouping:
Humgunner:Offline or Inert
Tripwire:Offline or Inert
Chaos:Offline or Inert
Mix Up:Offline or Inert
Last Functioning Year:
Planet: Earth
Position: East Texas Truck Stop.Marleys.
Trucks Current Function: Truck Trailer Combo
Load: Grains and Corn.50lb Bags.
Changing Truck Function
Truck Function Changed
Type: Vehicle Carrier
Radar Search:
Humgunner: Iraq
Tripwire: Oregon
Chaos: Iraq
Mix Up: New York
All Inert.
Contacts Needed.
Scum Runner: Inert
Riptor: Offline
Cantrasuar: Offline
Saw Maw: Contact: Everglades, Florida
Engine: Starting
Destination: Everglades, Florida
Most Conserving Route: Loaded.

A large man came running out,yelling as his semi rolled out of the dusty parking lot.He threw his hat to the ground,stomping on it as brown bags of wheat and corn fell to the road.It had somehow gone from a flat head truck and trailer,to a sleek black vehicle carrier.It drove off to the east,throwing up dust.The truck started humming happily to itself as it drove down the road,shaking it’s trailer to dump the last of the bags onto the ground.He was back!But how much had things changed since he had been inert?Was the war over?What had Megatron done? Was Optimus dead?Why had he been inert for so long? If Megatron had won, why was he still inert? Then Decepticons didn’t always help their own. His team was dependent on eachother, so they could not bicker and fight as the others could.His engine rumbled as he saw the sirens in his mirror.Damn police.The cars had changed,no longer so blocky and square,but sleek vehicles.He pulled over,hoping to Megatron that one of them wasn’t those damn Protectobots.The three cop cars pulled up,human police getting out of two of them.The other turned out to be a fellow Transformer,only problem was it was a one of the damned Autobots.One he had never seen before.He had a long list of those he had fought and killed.

“Step out of the truck!Now!”One of the cops yelled.The autobot looked at him,scanning the semi he used as his alternate form.

“Stop.He’s a transformer.”It finally said,gun pointed at his shiny black hood.

“Of course I am.”He rumbled.The human holo he had dissapeared. He then transformed.It took some time,as he hadn’t done it in years.He was lifted by his trailer,which with hisses and clicks,the trailer turned to legs,his large cab dividing and turning into a torso and chest.His head came out from the top,splitting the top,and putting his two guns on his shoulders.His large exhaust pipes were still attached to what became his hands and arms.The decepticon sigil came onto his black chest as he stood taller then the autobot,who gaped at him.

“Who are you?”He demended.Now that was confusing.Didn’t anyone know him anymore?The Roadkill?Leader of the best search and destroy teams on Cybertron or Earth.

“You don’t know me?”Roadkill questioned,holding his hands on his hips in a very humanish manner.One of the gestures he had taken from them.

“Noooo.”The blue visored autobot shook his head.Kinda reminded him of Jazz.With only one crest.

“I am Roadkill.Ever heard of me?”After reaserching it’s databanks,the autobot then nodded.

“Your supposed to be dead.”Now that was insulting.He thought about shooting the autobot,but he did not know the current situation.Otherwise he would have long since turned them all into smoking rubble.

“That’s news to me.I was inert.Now,is the war still on little copper?”The autobot abrutly started laughing.

“It’s been over for years!Megtrons dead!You have been out a long while!”He rumbled again,tapping his waist.

“Megatrons...dead?”His great leader couldn’t of died.

“Optimus took him with him.”The autobot said with pride. “Both died.”

“So we’re both leaderless?”

“Oh no.New Prime.Hot Rod is the new Prime.Romodius Prime.”The autobot said, keeping his gun at his side.

“Your kidding?That squirt?Had a temper on him.He’s the big semi now eh?”He chuckled. No Optimus,but no Megtron either.He did a scan,and sure enough,Megatron could not be found. Nor Starscream,or any of the others.

“Yes,as you say.He is the big semi now.”The autobot waited for his reaction.

“Okay.Can I go now?I can’t go to jail for stealing myself.Besides,I need a good oiling.”He held out his arm,joints squeaking.

“I guess.We’re going to keep an eye on you though.We’ll see if you can set a date with Romodius,see what kinda job we can get for you.”

“Puttin’ me with the big boy?Hell,if the wars over,I’m finding my crew and getting the hell off of the planet.”

“You can,after you see Prime.”The autobot said. “You can check Cybertron too.Your not going to find them.”It seemed as if this autobot had done alot of this.He wasn’t the only decepticon coming out of being both offline and inert.

“Fine,where is the big boy?I gotta see this.”

“He’s in Washington D.C.He awaits you now.”He transformed back,and took off down the way he had been heading.The police and the autobot went back where they had came from.Like he was going to see the blasted Prime.He was going to get his crew,but first he would go pick up Saw Maw.There must be some sort of war going on,otherwise Humgunner and Chaos wouldn’t be in Iraq.No other reason for it.He checked the news channels,taking sattilite transmissions.He went for days and nights on end,the fuel he had was enough,but not to fly.

He growled as a team of trucks cut him off in Georgia.More damn autobots.One small semi and three mid-size trucks.

“Romodius will see you now Decepticon.”One growled,the four racing along the highway. Damn bots were everywhere he scanned.They had really taken over,and he wondered which one of that trucks friends he had killed.

“Fine.Fine.Lead me to ‘im you damned bot.”He got no response,but a gun came up from the bed of one of the trucks behind him.If he had been human,he would’ve rolled his eyes.They rolled into the countries capitol two days later.Autobots were everywhere,and some decepticons, but very few at all.He wondered if Wheeljack was still around,that was one autobot he would like to kill.It had been his bomb that made him go inert,missing the biggest part of the war.He and his crew could’ve changed the tide so much.Humgunner,Chaos,Mix-Up,Tripwire,Scum Runner, Riptide,Riptor,Carntrasaur and Saw Maw.To name most of the team.The first four and him created the gesalt,Rage.Scum Runner and Riptide,transports like himself.The rest,his dinosaur team,some.He was missing two.Likely they were dead,or inert out of planatery range.He wasn’t going to override sattilites yet.They entered a high garage like building,likely one of the autobots many bases.The others transformed,and leaving his trailer,he transformed his cab,making a smaller form of himself.They walked into a large room,where a very red Prime stood.He had flame striped legs and arms.He turned to them.It really was Hot Rod.Or,he guessed,Romodius Prime.If he was human,now would be the time to spit at an opposing leaders feet.Wisdom forbade any sarcastic remark from coming out of his mouth.It was probably also wise he had left his trailer,it made Romodius feel more powerful.He rarely transformed with just his cab,preffering his huge trailer.

“Well,well,well.”Why did they always start with that?It was damn annoying. “The master of disguise, a wonder your still alive.Everyone thought you were dead.”Was Romodius always this cocky as the underling?Yeah,he was.Roadkill nodded to himself.

“So did I,until I found myself online again.A crap hualer for some dirty human.Since the wars over Romodius,how ‘bout you let me find my crew,and we get off this planet.”He crossed his arms.Romodius laughed.Roadkill scowled.

“That,that would be a great help.Two of your past crew are accounted for,none of the others are.At least we could keep tabs on you and your ilk.We may have won,but it seems more a cease-fire with some of you.I’m surprised you came at all.”

“I didn’t want to come.Your boys out there,they kinda pointed out otherwise.I wouldn’t of otherwise.I was after one of before said crew.”

“Well then,after you gather your crew,come back for assignments.Your getting jobs.”

“Great.You actually think we would work?”

“No choice.Just ask Tidal Wave.”At that,he laughed.

“If Tidal Wave is doing anything for you,then I know we’ve lost Romodius.Tidal Wave listens only to Megatron.”

“Did,did.You are dissmissed Roadkill.Remember,our eyes are always watching you.”With that,he turned back to the wall of computers,Teletran One.He transformed,and hooked up to his trailer.He needed more energon,and found a tow truck autobot waiting for him as he left.

“This way,for refueling and refurbishing.”He rolled off behind the him,going back to another part of the base.He came out,feeling brand new.He could transform smoothly again,and did so many times,getting the hang of it again.He left,flying away,back to Florida to find Saw Maw.He landed,sending out relays to her,and waited.

“What is it,and who by Megatron are you?”Came back the familar voice.

“Roadkill you ‘daytle dunce.Where are you?”

“Deep in.With Carntrasaur and the rest of our dino gang.Been tryin’ to fix up two of ‘em, but I really need Tripwire here.I’ll send out a beacon for you.”He tracked it on radar,flying off again.He finally landed,deep within the sawgrass swamps.Out of a batch of mangrove trees, walked Saw Maw.A long lean female decepticon,with red skin and gold and silver lining,a gold crested head,and red eyes.

“What’s with the body?You’ve changed.”She sauntered back into the mangroves,he followed,massive feet creating a squelch in the murky water.

“Things happened during the war,and a little time warp.We’re integrated,more natural. Obvious design advantages boss.”She bent down to a shallow breathing dinosaur,a carnosaur. Carntrasaur,inert.Ripto lay curled,a little denchyious,also inert.Hooked up to two life support systems,were Shield,an anklysaur and Iscis,an Iscylausaur.Both were in robotic form.

“Well,keep them on the support system,I know were Tripwire is.I can fly us there.”She put her hands to her hips.

“I can fly myself.Let’s load them up,and get Tripwire working again.I can’t get these two online.I avoided Wheeljacks bomb,and you got a small piece of it.The other gesalts are dead.”That meant the big three were gone.His chest dropped off,hands forming into legs and dropping his trailer.He expended his trailer,putting the two inert ones on the top,and with his trailers help,he put the two on life support onto the bottom,hooking them all in.

Her transformation into the ceradactyle was far smoother then any tranformers he had ever seen.The skin seemed to fold over her,wings appearing in her arms place.He hovered up,her taking off.They flew together,going high,so as to not attract attention.Unfourtanatly,three times they were told deviate course by U.S. armed forces jets and autobots.Except for the air team, the autobots had never taken to the air.Now the damned bots were everywhere.When they landed,he sent out radar,trying to find Tripwire.He located him in the damned wrong place too.Saw looked at him as he rumbled in frustration.

“What is it?”She asked,walking up on her wings and small clawed feet,large beak getting near his hood.

“Tripwires in the middle of Portland.”She squawked in dismay.

“I can’t go in there!Nor can anyone else.I’m not exactly easily camoflagable anymore.” She had a big point there,having once been a space and air fighter on Cybertron,and took a dinosaurs form on earth.The time warp had changed her body,he was not sure about the rest of her.

“They know we’re transformers,but our decepticon sigil marks us out.”She did roll her eyes this time.

“We’re not hunted anymore,at least not us.I just went into hiding to help the others.Not to mention this bodies not a help.”

“We were built for seek and destroy,I still can do more.Hop on.”He said.She crawled up on him,latching her claws onto his trailer.She watched as he outlined a holo of a house and wide load,creating more holos of trucks and cars with the wide load sign.He traveled into the city,being watched by dozens of autobot eyes,in all disguises.A head count,just in the begining,three cars, one radio,three jets and a half a dozen others of varying vehicle disguises.

“Are you sure this is going to work?”She asked,wings jittery. “They probably think we’re disguised for something else.”

“No.Romodius let them in on it,when we find Tripwire,we have to find a doc.I can’t get anyone online,I think the right wires crossed at a right time.I’m just waiting for it to fall apart.” Which he did not want,and why he wanted Tripwire online first.He was the doc/repairman of the large team.

“Great,Romodius.Hot Rod gone Prime.Great mix.”He agreed,but seeing as autobots ruled now,they had no choice.He parked near a garage,changing his disguise again,to a regular semi. Normally his trailer could change without holo’s,but he needed them with so many large trasformers on it.When the humans parked Tripwire along the street,he got ready.

They left him,and driving up slowly,Roadkill split apart of his trailer off,lifting the flat fronted truck onto his own tow trailer.Stealing his own gesalt truck.He honestly hoped the autobots would come to get him in for stealing a fellow decepticon.They’d already tried for stealing himself.If autobots were around,they didn’t do ****.He drove off,getting the hell out of Portland,and hoping there was a decep doc somewhere.He didn’t trust autobots,not in what the humans called hell.Once outside of Portland,he was tailed by an autobot copper,and an ambulance.Why couldn’t they just leave him alone?He wasn’t going to fight them,he had no orders to kill any of them.With a clack of her beak,Saw took off,to her usual job,missles sliding down her wings.Lucky graceful con got the body to fly with too.After both did scans,many times over again,they had to give up.There wasn’t a con who was a doc,much less many cons anywhere near them.He stopped with a hiss of hydrulics,Saw landing near him and transforming.

“Not a damn thing!”She stomped a clawed foot into the ground.

“I know.We’re going to have to let that damn ‘bot get Trip back online.You think I like that?”

“You think I do?If he or she does screw him over,or try,he can repair himself,once he’s at least online.”

“True.”He disengaged his trailer,standing up,waiting for the following copper and ambulance.Both ‘bots.He growled as the two came up,transforming.

“Roadkill,Saw Maw.”The copper nodded,not liking the situation either,yet knowing they had full control.

“He inert?”The ambulance ‘bot asked.

“Yes.Just get him online,and he’ll get the rest of ‘em,and fix up these two too.”Roadkill said,stepping up to them.

“On it.Just get him off your trailer.”The ‘bot said,and with reluctance,he did.The autobot ambulance set to work,not seeming to care he was working on a decepticon.Both were unrecognizable,and didn’t come up in his large database.He needed to be linked in to find thier names.They waited,until the autobot ambulance came back up.

“Well,give him a few minutes,he’ll come around.”He said.

“How many?”Roadkill asked.The autobot shrugged.


Start Up.....Computer Loading
Name: Tripwire
Association: Decepticon
Occupation: Doctor/Repairbot
Alt Mode: Tow Truck
Gesalt Name: Rage
Gesalt Grouping:
Roadkill: Online
Humgunner: Offline or Inert
Chaos: Offline or Inert
Mix Up: Offline or Inert
Geselt Body Function: Left Leg
Year: 2006
Last Year Functioning:
Planet: Earth
Position: South Oregon.Roadside.
Radar Search:
Roadkill: Oregon
Humgunner: Iraq
Chaos: Iraq
Mix Up: New York
Four Inert
Contacts Needed:
Roadkill: Contact: Oregon
Scum Runner: Inert
Riptide: Inert
Ripto: Inert or Offline
Carntrasaur: Inert or Offline
Saw Maw: Contact: Oregon
Engine: Starting
Destination: Oregon
Most Conservative Route: Loaded
First Thought Now Online:
Wow,Right next to ‘em.
System Recording.....Now loading

“Is he awake?”Roadkill asked,waving his hand in front of the just starting to glow headlights of Tripwire.They glowed briefly,before high beams came on and off,with thousands of glittering lights going off inside them.Saw bent down,patting the flat front of thier doctor.With a slow groaning,he transformed his body,updating it as Roadkill had.He then transformed,going just as slowly as Roadkill had,body not having transformed in years.He sat with a thud,the two ‘bots watching him carefully.He patted his head with his hand,the other a large towing hook.

“Aaaah,what’s goin’ on Boss?Hey Saw.”

“Well good,Trips back.You two can run along now.”Roadkill said,trying to shove the ‘bots off.Trip got onto unsteady feet,his own hydrulics hissing and dust and rust falling off of him. “Who’re they?”

“A couple of ‘bots,one who put you back online.”His red eyes glowed briefly,taking in all the info on them he could.As with Roadkill and Saw,they were unknowns.

“Why they help,ain’t ‘bots still at war with us?Or did we win?”Tripwire started rearanging circuts and wires,repairing more of himself,and rewiring his mainframe to his specifications.

“We lost.That’s why we ain’t fighting ‘em.”The two autobots in question were looking as if they were getting tired of being ignored,but still did nothing.Tripwire looked between them, unsure.

“We lost?”All four nodded. “Damn.Are you sure the year is 2006?”They nodded again. Tripwire then did a thing unlike any other decepticon had ever done,he held out a hand to the ambulance ‘bot. “I hope I never have to kill you,from a doc to a doc. Thanks for gettin’ me online again.What’s your name?”The ambulance ‘bot took it.

“Siren.”Said the ‘bot.Only then did Roadkill bother looking over the transformer.A female ‘bot.The copper beside her eyed Tripwire coldly.

“You?”Tripwire asked him.

“Deadeye.”Roadkill somehow doubted the ‘bot had ever seen action.

“What about those four?”She asked.

“I can fix ‘em up.Spread ‘em out tablewise.I’ll show you how a doc can really work.” Roadkill did so,knowing the doc knew what was going on.

“Let’s go.”Deadeye said.Siren shook her head.

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Post by 13thScorpio » Wed Aug 09, 2006 10:10 pm

next....we continue..

“I want to see this.I’ve never seen a decep doc work.”She bent down near him as he set to work,cutting a line down Carntrasaurs back skin.He dug into the middle of the metal back behind his head,turning his claw arm into a circiutry needle.Within minutes,Cantrasaur’s eyes lit up and opened.Tripwire fixed the skin,and Cantrasaur yawned,shaking his head.

“Hey boss.Hey Trip.”He yawned again,stepping out of the bed,shaking his large red and black striped tail,looking around tiredly,finally seeing Saw,and growling to her.She hissed back in greeting.Then he set his eyes on Siren and Deadeye,and snorted,bowing his head to the two and taking a leg.

“Ah,hello?”Siren said,rubbing her head. “What was that about?”

“In the time warp,we was saved by a couple of ‘bots.I can’t fight the ‘bots who saved me.”He growled,large mouth grinning with teeth.Saw nodded.Tripwire had nodded,and set to work on Ripto.He did the same as he did to Cantra,and again in minutes and the raptor sprung up.

“Hello Bosss.”He hissed.

“Hello Ripto.Feelin’ better?”He nodded,scanning the two ‘bots.

“Hey Sssiren!Long time no ssee!”He bounded up to her,landing on her hood and transforming,hugging the startled autobot.Deadeye looked at her in surprise.

“You know him?”He said as Ripto bounded down,happy as Roadkill had ever seen the ‘con.

“I’ve never met him in my life.”Ripto cocked his head,scanning her again.

“But I have sssen you before.I know you”He puffed out his small chest,his voice a near unidentifaible stutter at times.The smallest of all the gathered transformers. “Definatly seen you before.Differant body,but you are Siren,right?”She nodded. “And the Traitor is here to.”Even Cantra was looking as if Ripto had gone insane.The raptor nodded to himself,sharp teeth glittering in the sunlight. “Aaaaah.”He seemed to have came across something,but didn’t let anyone else in on it.Turning back to the trailer,he saw Shield and Iscy.“Gonna getttt’hem working again Trip?We’hain’t a team with out’em”Trip turned back to the other two dino ‘cons,frown of concentration on his metal face.

“Siren,I may need some help with these two.Two way system right Saw?”She nodded. “Righty,we’re going to have to do this at the same time.Take Iscy’s side please.”Siren did,leaving a very confused Deadeye to help him.They started chatting in doctors lingo,which none understood but them.They spoke very quickly too,hands becoming tools on and off as needed.It went on through the night.The others sat down or retransformed,waiting.

“Well,all that’s left to do is wait for them to come around.”Tripwire said as the sun came up,Siren beside him,a look of wonderment on her face.Roadkill chuckled,his entire cab shaking.

“Good.Siren,that comes from years of war and having to repair and fix us all so often.”

“Old war dogs?’Cause I can’t find you anywhere on my database.”She said,transforming.

“Very old.”Cantra growled. “Begining of the war old.We’ve all gone through some updates and in our cases,massive overhauls.”He tapped a large metal toe on the road,tail tapping against a pine tree.

“We,as you may have noticed,are quite new.”At that,Ripto snorted.Siren blinked her headlights a couple of times.

“How old?”Tripwire asked.

“Ten years.We caught the tail end of the war.”Deadeye answered. “Wish I had been there from the start.”At that,all the decepticons shook thier heads.

“No,no you didn’t.”Roadkill and Saw said together.

“Why not?”The visored copper asked.

“It came down to taking sides.”Roadkill answered. “Which,at the time,everything seemed to be going the ‘cons way.I was a shipper at an energon plant before it started.I had always wanted to fly and Megtron was in the area.Took me in,and I went through the process,somehow keeping a part of my mind my own.My body was useful the way it was,or near enough,just bulked me up.Then I shot my first transformer.In cold,well as humans call it,in cold blood.He had threaded my circuts to enjoy it.They have wore off.Millions of years of war,a few reprossing times,before we ever came together as a joint team,when your ‘bots finally assembled the army they have.Under Prime,best damn fighter ever.”

“Well,I would’ve fought him.”Deadeye said.

“They cowed all over under Megatrons power,up until Prime came,and his little lady friend,Elita One.That’s when the real war started.You would’ve of either cowed,or joined us.” Saw joined in.

“Right.”At this all the ‘cons chuckled again.They had been there,they hadn’t.They heard hisses and growls,and then moans,and all looked over to the trailer.Shield and Isky sat up,pulling off cords and wires.Both rubbed thier shiny metal heads.

“Good,you two are up and running again.How you feel?”Tripwire asked.

“Better then I was.”Isky growled.

“Yeah.”Shield agreed,shaking his great spiked body.They both got up,shaking in the animalistic way they had adapted to.Siren chuckled as the two ‘cons stretched.

“Damn,do you remember what happened to us?”Isky asked,blue body glowing as the sun came over the trees.All but Shield were pradatory dinosaurs.They needed support troops during the war,and Shield was quite the support.On Cybertron,he was heavy fire support,troop suppression,and anti-aircraft all in one.Isky was a sewer sapper,a small,arodynamic hover tank that used the pits of Cybertron to his advantage.

“Not a damn clue.I remember going into the time warp,and goin’ out,nothin’ in between.” Shield answered. “You Saw?”

“Some,but not enough.”She answered.The two took time to look around,run scans,and acclimate.After looking at Siren awhile,Isky knocked his head with his hand a few times.

“Do I know you?’Cause I’m damn sure I’ve seen you somewhere.Differant body though.”At this,Siren transformed,standing up in front of Isky.

“Funny,because Ripto here says he’s seen me before too.”The raptor nodded vigourasly. Isky continued to look her up and down.He rubbed his chin.Shield did the same,and decided to settle on a thought.

“Maybe I have,maybe I haven’t.”He grinned,walking up to the rest of them. “Where’s the rest of the team?Got all us pred’s,but not all of your full team.Besides,where’s Scum and Riptide?”

“Gotta find them too.”Roadkill said. “We’ve been doing radar searches for a while now.I need to lock onto a sattilite,get some accurate fixes,but it’ll be an automatic suspect to you ‘bots. I know where the other three are,but no specifics.”

“I can get you authorization.”Deadeye said.He looked reluctant to do so.

“He could ovverride them himself.”Saw growled back.

“Yes,that’s why I could get you authorization.He does that,he could get thrown in the pen.”Deadeye jerked his hand back towards Portland.All of them shook thier heads.

“Kinda hard to hide us anymore.”Shield said as he transformed.He shook his head and growled,stomping his large feet.More spikes appeared on his armored back.

“Can you guys actually go into a city?Without wanting to hide.”

“We’re a search and destroy team.Hiding is what we do.Though,I’m lacking most my team.My camo expert,and slightly crazed Mix-Up.And the two destroyers,Humgunner and Chaos.You already know the doc.Then our dino team.Who lack certain hiding capabilities.”He smiled as the dino team glared at him.

“What did you do origanally?”Siren asked.Ripto stood up,moving his jaw around.

“Ssssame thing.Untillll we gotttt’d on earth,an’ tooook new forms.Mossssst our effffort wenttt inttto destroying,and fighttting tttthe other dinobots.Needlessssss to ssssay,we’ve been ssssssscrewed with.”He held out his clawed hands,still looking as if still knew something everyone else didn’t.

“But,you always work together?”Roadkill nodded.

“Always.One to cover if the other failed.Or on large missions.”

“I have never heard of decpticons working as a team unless Megatron forced them to.” Cantra shook his muzzle.

“Bunch a backstabbing chromedomes.It’s easier when you know your life might depend on what your partners are up to.”He stood up,taking a large breath. “We never have backstabbed eachother,and never will.One of us fails,we all do.”It was perhaps the biggest revalation from any of the autobots had ever heard coming out of a decepticons mouth.Abliet,a large toothy mouth,with teeth like razors.

“I’ve met quite a few ‘cons,but never ones like you.”Deadeye said,shaking his head.Roadkill stood up.

“You get me authorization,and I find the rest of the team.Then maybe we work our way back here.If Hot Rod wants to see us and give us jobs,he can.”Roadkill didn’t like it,but any fight had long since been taken out of him.During is inert time,his old mind had resurfaced,and he felt unusually comfortable talking to the two.And what in the hell was Ripto hiding?The once straightfoward,overly ambitious ‘con had changed much.He didn’t remember any time warp either.

“I’ll do it then,and then feel free to use the governments sattilites to find your friends.”Deadeye transformed,roaring off back to Portland.With a tip of her head,Siren transformed again,following.

“We wait?”Saw asked.

“You can.I got to get to New York.I’ll do it,with or without authorization.”He transformed,picking up his trailer.

“I think we’ll stay.We’ll keep tabs on you.”Saw said,patting his large hood.

“Righty.Hop on Trip.”

“On.”The doc said.He drove off,leaving the dino team bellowing and screeching goodbye. Saw flew off,clipping overhead for a few miles before going back to the team she was leader of.

“It’ll be damn good to have the full team again.Plus them.It’s been years.”Trip said,enjoying riding on the trailer.First thing he had,but when the open road beckoned,he’d be on it in a second.

“You have any idea what Ripto thinks he knows?”Trip shrugged his wheels.

“Well,they went through some time warp by all appearences.Kinda funny though,Cantra seemed to see something in those two ‘bots,then Ripto says he’s seen Siren,and to top it off,Iscy swears he has seen ‘er too.”

“They ain’t nuts,that’s for sure.Heard tell time warps can do a number on any transformer.”Roadkill growled,smoke ushering from his chrome stacks.

“And where’d you hear that from?”

“Sensi.He’d been through two of them at least,remember,before he dissapeared.”

“Yeah.Well,he can dissapear in plain sight too.”

“On Cybertron,it was easy.I mean,a robot taking the form of a dead robot?”Not that the autobots had ever suspected it,and it had been passed onto the rest of them.Trip only motioned in agreement.

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some more...I can only take eight pages at a time,and hi luke!

“That semi has his permission to use the sats.I don’t like it.”Deadeye growled to Siren, who’s pistons hissed in irritation.

“You never have liked the freedoms Rodoumis gave the ‘cons.You heard the big semi,he said they can’t function fully without the full team.Hell,and what’s wrong with Ripto?He mad?”

“I don’t know.I think all of them are.”Deadeye said.

“And how many of us usually care what you think?”She rumbled.

“I thought you did.”Trying to ignore the copbot,she started tuning into the human radio channels,finding a rap station she liked.

“Not really.You brag too much.”She chuckled as he revved his engine at the stoplight.

“Can you turn that **** off?”He asked,so impolitely she blasted it.

“Nope.”She said happily.He took off at the green light,thouraly pissed.She drove off into a differant direction,going to her favorite park in the city.If Deadeye wanted to find her and talk to her,he could.Skinner and Buzz,her two human friends were at the park.They both looked up,two male punks,Skinner black and Buzz white.They were well tattooed,and helped her out of a hole one time against a fairly crazed and just rewired ‘con.That was when she had been assigned Deadeye as a partner.She transformed,sittting beside them.

“Where ‘ave you been?”Skinner asked. “We haven’t seen you in days.”

“Deadeye and I had to shadow a bunch of ‘cons.Turned out it was supposed to be an entire two teams.Thier missing a few from one.”

“What team?”Buzz asked,spitting out some chew and lowering his sunglasses.He had a past with the ‘cons,and was very familar with almost everyone of them.One of thier doc’s had even given him a cyberoptic arm after it was blown off in a battle.Skinner had fared no better, also helping the ‘cons,and had two shiny legs from the same battle.

“Well,I only really got to meet and work with the doc.Called himself Tripwire.”Both nodded.

“Roadkill and Crew.Tripwire fixed us up.Their some of the nicer ‘cons.”Skinner answered.

“Nicer?”Then on thought,they had done nothing to her or Deadeye.That and the strange ‘con Ripto.

“Yeah.Saw Maw you’d think woud be a bitch,but she’s damned nice,and will take anyone under her wings.She saved a ‘bot once,got her in a hell of alot of trouble with Megatron.She’s supposed to be search and destroy,but she will only do specific targets.It rubbed off on Roadkill. Damn good too.”

“You’ve had a past with them?”They nodded.

“Mo’ or less.We wanted some quick cash,Megatron double-crossed us.They paid us off,and still then got shot.Megatron stashed the cash and left us dyin’.Tripwire saved us,and we don’t know how they got the money,but they quadrapled it.We did joint work on and off for a while,made a killing doing that.Then Roadkill and crew just picked up and left,but left us quite a nest egg.Twenty five million,each.’Course,we couldn’t use it right off the bat,only a couple mil each month.We still get it too.”He grinned.She had wondered where they always got the bling they had.They’d even got a big necklace for her,which hung down her neck now.A bright gold wheel hung from it.Having an autobot as an ally in their neighborhoods was a great for them.

“Heeeey Siren!”The two leaned back on the bench,looking over it as a shiny red corvette squeeled up.She had to yell over her blasting boombox.She transformed and the boombox in back did beside her.

“Hey Outlaw,hey Disk Drop.What you two been up to?”Outlaw bobbed her head back and forth.

“The usual.I’m afraid we’re running out of places to be.Too loud and like to party too much.Besides,Rodimius says we can’t take any job,because we lack the ability to be responsible.”

“Yeah!”Agreed Disk Drop,still bouncing his head up and down as he listened to an I-Pod had hooked up to him. “Where you been?”He said as he dropped beside the two,human in size, for the moment.

“Shadowing ‘cons.”She answered.She wondered how the doc ‘con Tripwire was doing.A most unusual ‘con,helping humans.Outlaw nodded.

“Damn ‘cons.I got into a scrap with Eject yesterday.He didn’t play a song I wanted him to.He had said he would,but then he said humans came first.They kept coming up to request songs from him.Said he couldn’t play mine yet.I proceeded to start talking with my fist.”She rubbed her fists together.

“You can’t hold your damn temper can you?”Siren asked,chuckling.Her friend had been that way since she had known her.Nigh on five years now.She had been named Outlaw for her entire lack of reasoning and almost Decepticon like temper.Disk Drop had been one of them who had fallen in with her,Monster and Tank Trax following in behind her.Both seemed to be her bulky and sometimes stupid lackeys.

“Nope.They should know better.”Most by now had,except the newest ‘cons,who often underestimated her.Her little corvette form held almost more power then her ambulance form. Then,she loved ‘cons underestimating her.She loved anyone underestimating her,but,the Roadkill and crew seemed like ones that would not underestimate her.Linking up to Teletron One,she found the list on them.Thier war offenses ran into the thousands.One search and destroy team,or rather two,that had made a name for themselves.They had to have been the best of the best. Killers made.Yet,they always had two docs on hand,not willing to risk even one of their own. Few ‘cons would risk anything for another,yet thier bravery was well accounted for.They always took thier own out of battle if hurt,and others,and as Skinner had said,the occasional autobot,who they didn’t know what to do with.Saw most espaissally.One of the most compassionate ‘cons to be recorded.And shot at.Most ‘bots had respect for the team,both out of fear and that they only took out specified targets.But they were still ‘cons,so they got shot at.The heavy rumbling alerted them to her last two lackeys,the huge trucks rolling up.Monster,name specifying he was a monster truck,who particapated in tourneys,out rolling even Grave Digger and the others.Tank Trax was a modern half-track truck,older then all the rest of them,having particapated for fourty years of the war,how he fell in with Outlaw,she had no idea,but he did.He had needed a leader,as most his old group had been killed during the war.He hated ‘cons with a passion and would probably try to do a number in on Roadkill and Crew.

“So,anything else new?”

“Naw.Same old,same old.”Monster rumbled.With a hiss of pistons,he rose up,trying, within probability to impress Outlaw.

“I heard some more ‘cons have been rewired.True?”Tank Trax drawled.

“Yes.I only put one online,by the name of Tripwire.”After she said the name,Tank Trax said a loud and very pointless to repeat swear word.

“You are not getting that crew up and running again!Not by Megatrons ass should they be put online again!They done killed my squad!”He roared,transforming in fury.His large body shook,large half tracks becoming legs and his semi cab becoming his chest and arms.One large stomp of his foot,and he put a large hole into the ground. “The dino teams not up is it?”He growled,getting down near her face.She nodded.

“Everyone of them.”

“Damn metal heads,all but one was a chaos creator.Even thier doc was.Gonna kill ‘em all anyways.”He retransformed,getting his large guns up,and starting to roll away.Outlaw stood in front of him,leaning on his hood and tapping it with a finger.

“You ain’t going nowhere without my say so Trax.Sit.”The truck growled,and Monster rolled up right behind him.Disk Drop walked up to him.

“Calm down man.Them ‘cons ain’t gonna do nothin’.They do,they die,but you ain’t gonna be the one doin’ it.”

“Fine.But don’t say I didn’t warn you if one of them ends up in pieces.”He growled. Outlaw put a fist on his hood.

“Just ‘cause I beat up Eject does not mean you can go off and kill a ‘con.It’s peace time.”The inside of his headlights looked up at her,and he rumbled in dejection,his mirrors dropping.

“Fine.”Siren shook her head.She had the oddest friends.

“Hey Trip,I need to be looked at.”Roadkill said.

“All right.Let me off.”He did,and transformed.Trip was right behind him.


“I think I only came online because a couple wires crossed.”

“All right.Open up.”Roadkill did,and Trip nodded as he messed around in his chest.

“There,you were right.Your fine now.”They looked around,somewhere in the great lakes area.He had found Riptide on radar,fully inert,and at a dock somewhere on lake Michigan.After Trip had finished,he linked into the sattilite systems.He got onto some nice government sats,and finally located Riptide,Mix-Up,Chaos and Humgunner.The humans had certainly updated alot.He kept them on streaming vidoe as he transformed again.He could even pinpoint Saw and her team,within feet.

“We’re gonna go after Riptide first,then go by boat up to New York,still no sign of Scum.”

“Righty.”He took off again,and they went through Chicago and headed into Michigain. Finding the dock where the ‘con was at was troubling enough.Once in,they went directly to it, where a small wirey man sat,junk cars littering Riptides top cargo hold.

“What’d you want?”He asked,pulling a skull cap down in the burst of wind.They transformed,and the man fell out of his chair.Bending down,he tapped the man in the chest with a large finger.

“We’re here for the boat.”The man stood up,wiping himself off and decided he would not be bulled by this transformer.He had met a few,knew one personally,and didn’t know this semi.

“How much you’s gonna pay for it?”Roadkill shook his head,chuckling at the man’s stupidity and foolish bravery.

“Nothing.Remove the cars or we remove them for you.”In flesh versus steel,it was a stupid bet on who would win.And Roadkill was willing to bet the man wasn’t going to gamble his life over a boat.The man backed down.

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“The boats a bot Captain.”Tripwire said,helping remove cars from the barge like Riptide. The man stopped suddenly.

“You mean I been drivin’ around a transformer.”He held his hands at his waist,look of disbelief on his face.

“Yeah.”Roadkill stepped into the water,going over waist high.He plucked cars out and crawled back up,actually walking onto his rusty helmed team mate.It took a bit to get the cars out of him,but they did.

“Now what?If you was wrong,you owe me three hundred thousand dollars.”The man grunted.

“I won’t be,watch Trip.”Tripwire walked up onto the boat,lifting open a hatch on the floor and digging in.A few minutes later,the engines rumbled and Trip stepped off.Riptide took a second to get the hang of what was going on.He finally stopped,seeing he was moored to the dock.A saw came up from his side walls,and cut off the moorings.He shook and slowly transformed,sinking in the water.Standing in it as he was,he still was as tall as Roadkill,standing on the concrete docks.They were face to face.

“Hey boss.”He said,voice staticky.

“Hey Rip.How you feel?The doc here got ya running again.”Rip shook his head,acclimating himself,rust and mussels falling into the water.

“Awake.”With creaky limbs,he showed he needed a good oiling,as did Trip.Both needed more fuel too.He could see it.

“The autobots gotta station for refuel,refurbishing and checkups down the bay a ways.Gotta friend there”The man said. “’Coursed I didn’t know you was a ‘bot at the time.I’m gonna need a new boat now.”

“The autobots will pay for a new one I’m sure.”Roadkill answered him. “We’ll go there. Can you transform again Rip.”

“Sure.But..”He looked around confused. “Why we goin’ to an autobot station?We’re ‘cons.They ain’t gonna let us in without shootin’ us.Less their Saws friends.”

“Wars over Rip.We can go.I’m piecing our team together.The dino crews all up.”

“Oh.And the year is 2006 then?”He slowly transformed,floating again,and lowering his hatch and lengthening it so they could drive on.

“’Fraid so.I got autobot signals,I’ll load them on you.Once you get fixed up,both you all, we’re going to New York.”

“Cool!In all the years I been on this planet,I ain’t never been there!”He roared out, checking his fuel gauge.It was very low.Turning diseal into energon wasn’t worth the effort. Roadkill was glad he was happy about it.Tapping into computers,Roadkill found his many bank accounts that he had around the world.His engine stopped short.

“What’s wrong boss?”Trip asked.

“Yeah,you kinda shut down for a sec’ boss.”Rip rumbled.

“Take a look.We have gotta be the richest ‘cons in the world.Put it in American.”The two downloaded his info.Rip nearly went out of control,and swayed back,getting out of his own wake.

“We’re damn multi-billionares!What’s the intrest on them?”Trip was estatic.They had three hundred billion.In one off shore account.Another six hundred billion in another.In two american accounts over nine hundred billion.Millions more between nine other accounts.The fed’s probably wondered who held those accounts.They found the autobot station,and after a quick scan,the ‘bots let them in.

“Unusual.”Rip commented as they let him in.He was lifted up and he shivered in fear.He had never had autobots do anything to him.Both came out alive,which in Riptides view,was very good.He had came out of a few of them very beat up.It was hard to get over old eminaties,but they’d been at war so long,thier wires had corroded and main frames had been rearranged.In thier cases,many times.After coming out,and transforming smoothly again,and many times,he bent down to the ones who had refurbished him,shaking his finger with anothers hand,after seeing Tripwire shake hands with them.Both were now as shiny as him now,the giant ‘con walked back to the docks,were other ‘bot boats,most police and navy types,very few were actually recreational. He dove in and transformed,coming up with a fountain of water,feeling far better then he had in years.He roared up,and let them on,and took off,two patrol boats following him.They didn’t trust them,no one did.The trip to New York took a while,but was shorter then taking the highways.They offloaded at a ‘bot dock,leaving Rip,who could not go around as he was.Even shrunken.Besides,he didn’t like the land much anyways,like Iscy.They rolled out, heading into New York traffic.He had eagled in on Mix-Up,and in New York,the density of ‘cons rose quite high.Then he landed a dot on Scum Runner.Within range of Mix-Up.

“We’re in luck Trip.Within a few miles of eachother.”

“I see.Why can’t we just fly again?”

“Ahh,hell.Why not?Get on,I’ll launch you.”He lowered his carrier and dropped his hatch for him.It was a street performance,not unusual of them.Trip roared onto the trailer as it changed, becoming more like a cannon,without a top.Trip was shot off and transforming Roadkill followed.They flew past the high-rises and over,ending up down in docks far from where they had left Rip.Sure enough it was the area with the highest density of ‘cons.Old friends in arms,or maybe friends in arms.He had never fully trusted them.The ‘bots appeared to let them be,yet even he saw thier eyes and knew the sats watched the place.Not often a ‘con like him was actually granted access to the sats.A large car stood gaurd at the building.New body,but he recognized the ‘con.Vain sucker.He was a ferrari at one point.Now a modern Caddie.Old Two Shot.Named because he took two shots at everything,usually missing the first.He cared too much about his body.Mix-Up was inside the garage.Transforming,he stomped up,the impression unneeded.Trip was right behind him.

“You have got to be kidding!You two are alive!We got Mix-Up inside Roadkill.”Two Shot jerked his thumb inside.

“I know.You gonna show me in Two Shot?”

“Yeah.We’re in need of a doc.We got some,but thier offline.”He scanned a green screened data box with his eye and the large door opened.Dropping from his trailer,him and Trip walking in.The garage was filled with offline and inert ‘cons.Most were badly damaged.To the human eye, it would be like a junkyard had been shoved into a garage at the docks.Picking thier way through the bodies,finding the old junk Ford F-150 Mix-Up used for his body.Trip dug under the hood immidiatly.A few minutes later,he again appeared.

“Time to wait again.Then I’ll find a doc or two and do what I can.”

“All right.”Two Shot answered,flicking off paint with a grimace.He probably felt he needed a new paint job.Roadkill thought he definatly did.They waited and watched,then with a click and a hum,Mix-Up went through his start up.

Start up......Computer Loaded
Name :Mix-Up
Association: Decepticon
Occupation: Camoflage and Subterfage
Gesalt Name: Rage
Gesalt Grouping:
Roadkill: Online
Humgunner: Offline or Inert
Chaos: Offline or Inert
Tripwire: Online
Geselt Body Function: Right Arm
Year: 2006
Last Year Functioning:
Planet: Earth
Position: New York,New York.Decepticon Garage
Radar Search:
Roadkill: New York,New York
Humgunner: Iraq
Chaos: Iraq
Trip Wire: New York
Two Inert
Contacts Needed:
Roadkill: Contact: New York,New York
Scum Runner: Inert
Riptide: New York,New York
Ripto: Oregon
Carntrasaur: Oregon
Saw Maw: Contact: Oregon
Shield: Oregon
Iscias: Oregon
Engine: Starting
Destination: No place particular.Find the Boss and go.
Most Conservative Route: Loaded
First Thought Now Online:
Damnit!I’m not a peice of junk!
System Recording.....Now loading

With a flare of lights,Mix-Up revved his engine.He started acclimating himself,and was in no way able to inside the building.He connected himself to sattilites,and took a good look around. His body transformed accordingly.If it was possible,his body looked even more worthless.Mix-Up still had his thing with Ford,but he was now a junked,update model.2006 by the year,but he looked as if he had just gone through two wars.

“Howdy y’all!”He yipped,transforming slowly.He was a large transformer,still had nothing on Roadkill,about as big as Trip.His face was completly covered by a black visor,with a long crest to the back.Standing,he looked ready to fall apart.Which was nothing new.

“How you feeling?”With a stretch,he examined himself.

“Rusty.”A squeak of his joints and the rust fell off.

“We’ll get you all back to nice and new,just like you like it.”Trip chuckled as he looked around. “Which ones are the docs?”

“Hell no!Fix up my insides!Not my outsides!”Mix-Up shouted,stomping a wheeled foot.

“We will you oaf.”Roadkill hit his back.More dirt and rust fell off of his body.

“Those two.”Two Shot pointed out a jet that was in need of a complete overhaul.Then to a large heavy semi like himself.It took Trip no time at all and one of the two were transforming again.The jet would need more to his body,a leg,both arms and a change of face.The ‘cons would go off on thier own,not that Romodius would like all the ‘cons going back online again,but he didn’t care.It was his problem.

“Now to find Scum Runner.Lets go.”Trip nodded.

“Come back anytime.Could use the doc.”Two Shot said as they left.It was not much that they had to leave behind.He didn’t care that much.Mix-Up moved cars out of the way as they walked out.Once on the street they all transformed,he loading them all up and took off.The place they found Scum Runner was well worth the amazement.The space frieghter was brightly painted with graffiti and stuck inside a warehouse that had been built around him,since nothing but Tidal Wave could move him.Not even his geselt form of Rage.Which was large in itself. Unfourtantly for Tripwire,his head was the main part of the building.Mix-Up looked it up and down,and nodding to himself,tore up part of the metal building.

“Hook ‘im up doc.”The camo expert gave way.Tripwire shook his head and walked in.He peeled down the large door to the cockpit and walked in.No one had been able to open his door because he always sealed his door shut.They must of just wanted to hide the ‘con.None of the autobots they had now were big enough to move a frieghter,most were lost during the war.They waited paitently.The bigger the bot,the longer it took to get fully functioning,and it really mattered for how many years they’d been out too.After battles,it used to take Shield as long as it took Scum Runner to get back online.With a large shudder and a swift intake in his engines,lights flickered on and off.

“He’s on.”Trip yelled from inside.The cockpit hatch closed with a hiss and he blew out a lot of dust from his afterburners.With a couphing and staticky voice he threw out Trip.

“I’m aaahere.Ooooh.Too long to be out.”Transforming slowly,he lifted the warehouse out of the ground and stood up,shedding it like a snakes skin.He shook his head and looked around. He towered over them,Roadkill,nearly two stories in hieght with his trailer as legs,stood at his knees.The humans were going to hate all the proptery damage they did.They hated it in the first place,since they were always wrecking things. “The war still on?”He asked,bending down with a large amount of squeaking and squealing.

“No.We lost.”

“Damn.Where’s the rest of the team,and the dino’s boss?”He asked.He seemed unconcered that they had lost.He was just a transport,with some very large guns.

“The dino’s are up.The rest of the team is around,we need Chaos and Humgunner yet.”


“Waiting for your large ass you stupid space ship.Cosmos could outrun you any day.” He stood up and looked around,laughing at Riptides shot.

“I see your still the wave riding hotshot you always were.”He was reacclimating himself and scanning the area as they all did. “If I had enough fuel to fly to you I’d pound you in.”

“Lucky me.”

“Will you boys can it and hurry up and get back?We need to get out camo master back for all but Cantra.He just found out he’s naturally camoflagable.Human tourists are making Ripto hungry too.Oh,and Trip,Siren’s got a problem and she figures you could help her,so hurry up.” Saw came over thier lines.

“Can’t she just get me on my channel?”Trip asked.

“You have an entirely different channel,and autobots can’t break our data stream Trip.” She answered back.

“Hey!Mix-Up does the tech specs here,not me.”He spat back.Why would a ‘bot doc want to see him.Just cause he had millions of years of practice and had seen all that he thought was possible to see.Fixed all there was to fix.

“Well she found us and Isky patched us onto her channel.You want to talk to her,he’ll send you through.”

“Fine.”He answered.Not dissapointed at all.Siren was a good doc.For an autobot.

“Uh....Boss.”Scum tapped him,nearly sending him sprawling with a large finger.

“Yes?”Roadkill asked,regaining his balance.Omega Supreme would have nearly matched the ‘con in size.Yet to Megatron,all they were was a weapon,and even though the best,still not well used on earth until the armies started flooding in.So he had never got to fight the ‘bot.

“Uh,where can I get fuel and fixed up?I mean,since we lost the war,we ain’t got stations and I can’t find a place big enough to fit me.Ah’ll get shot if I even try to walk uptown.”That, that was a large problem.He always had been.By now police cars were rolling up to the towering monolithic robot.One foot and he could have stomped a battalion down.He looked down on them in annoyance.Autobots were popping up all over.All looked at him in amazement.No sentinals were left anymore,and they had been the biggest ‘bots on the autobots side.That is why gesalts had came about.And support ‘cons like Shield. “And I need a new paint job.”He added in disgust.

“Not currently one of our problems Scum.”He said as he looked at the shouting humans. A brave autobot came up,guns on them all.

“Who are you?”He demended.

“Roadkill.This is some of my crew.The big ones Scum Runner,tow trucks Tripwire,the one falling apart is Mix Up.Our boat Riptides at the docks.”The autobot did a data run and came up with him.

“Guns down.He has permission,straight from Prime.”He shook his head.The copper didn’t like it.Mainly because the list of crimes that followed him and his crew ran for hundreds of pages.The ‘bots muttered and looked around and they all started to leave,dissapointed.Trip was paying absalutetly no attention at all,sitting and nodding his head. “Does he have fuel enough to leave?”

“Barely you little copper.Enough to transform again and maybe a third time.Maybe.” For someone who had to do specifics when the Deceps had been short on fuel,he was doing his random guesses well.

“We’ll send a couple in to fix him up.”The copper growled,transforming and leaving.So they were stuck waiting again.Trip got out of whatever conversation he was in to watch Scum slowly retransform.The time it took for a refurbishing crew to get there,they could have already been well on thier way to Iraq.

“Uh Boss...They won’t do nothin’ to me will they?”The unsure spacecraft said as the autobots began working on him.It was going to take a few hours as was to get him all ceaned up and ready,even with Trip to help.

“No.If they do,Siren will be going straight to Prime.”Trip answered him.The other autobots looked to him.

“You know Siren?”A ship asked.

“Not really,she put me back online.”Trip smiled and set to work on Scums engines.

“She should have kept you out.”She answered back with vile.

“She couldn’t.Prime wants us all up and running,so he can keep tabs on our crew.Like it or not,Roadkill and crew are back.”Roadkill growled,stomping around while he waited for them to fix up Scum and refuel the ship.

“Don’t you ‘bots even have space stations?”Scum asked,putting a reasonable amount of sarcasm into it.

“Yes.”An annoyed tanker answered. “Your sat’s function has been pretty much shot to hell.That’s why you can’t get signals from any of them.”He set to work rather harder then normal,stupidly ignoring the high tech defense system that all the ‘cons of his crew had been given for thier line of work.The ‘bot was shot back into another two,toppling them as an electric net over them and sending them into short circiut.After the smoke had cleared,with many swearing autobots they got the three back on.They walked away on the spot,refusing to work on Scum anymore.Others took over.Any space faring ‘con or ‘bot took forever to be work on, espessially if they had been out as long as he had been.One ‘bot came up to Scum’s cockpit, shaking his head.

“The tech on you is amazing.We haven’t seen half this ****.”Scum laughed out loud.

“Of course.We had be well before our time.No point in being able to hide or get into large firefights without the firepower and armor.”Not even the top ‘cons had needed the upgrades they had.Except of course Megatron,who got the best.

“Uh huh.Give it go.You should be fine.”With a large roar,his engines started and the rush of air from all his other ports put large amounts of dust into the air.Humans covered thier eyes and the ‘bots and his team backed off.He dissapeared and reappeared,testing his camo and swung his guns to get the targeting system right.Opening his doors,he let them in and ushered off the other ‘bots with his large guns.They backed off and transformed to stay under the large guns.He took off with a roar and flew over the city.

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All right,this is the last I'll have for a bit,feel free to comment and harress,what not.Thanks for reading.Jake.

“Hey Riptide!”He shouted over comm.

“Yeah Scum?”

“Alpha alpha omega.”

“Righty.”It was an old code.Looking on the main screens,they watched from sats from the cockpit,all taking seats.Going over the ports,they saw Riptide heading out.Once outside of the harbor,Scum dove with a scream,and Riptide built up speed,large wake following him.Scum threw open his back hatch fifty feet down and quickly hovered down.Coordinating on screen,Rip went right into Scum’s back cockpit.Transforming he he walked into the front of Scum.

“Iraq boss?”

“Iraq.We’re missing the two destroyers.”

“Up and out.”His body shuddered as he passed through the atmosphere and into space.It shortened the time they would spend in the air and avoid all the damn ‘bots that were in the air.It was a short trip and they were back down,flaming over the night sky in the desert.Finding an airport that was ran by the army,likely Joe’s,he wouldn’t be surprised.If Scarlet and Duke were in this place they’d likely try to mow them down.Not that it would work.They all stepped out into the spot lights,and had guns trained on them.He shook his head as he transformed.

“Identify yourself!”A man yelled.

“Roadkill and Crew.We’re here for two of our own.We got permission soilder.”

“From who?”The desert brown camo’d man yelled.

“Romodius Prime.”Trip answered flatly.

“The who?Your a bunch a ‘cons.I can see that.Prime wouldn’t give you permission to come here.”The soilder was obviously confused.No doubt word would have came this far,and it was a warzone,he could see that.Jets and copters flew over,some ‘bots.Why the hell were the Americans in Iraq?The middle east could have blown itself up many times over without the help of Americans.Even though they hadn’t yet.Give ‘em time,he thought.Ironacally enough,that was what the Xeno’s had said when the ‘bots and ‘cons started hammering at eachother.The Xenobots were robots who actually chose not to take a place in the war and fled Cybertron when things really got out of control.One of the many.

“What goes on in the mind of Prime is unfathnoble.Unfourtanatly for you,the reason is very fathonable.As we are Roadkill and Crew,he wants us all online,so he can track us.Having us out cold gave them a reasonable doubt.As we are...you may not have heard of us.”The soilder rolled his eyes.

“That we have.Your on the autobots most wanted list.Or were.”The soilder looked at a pad.Roadkill transformed,Trip and Mix-Up rolling up on him,all three waiting and watching the soilders who had gathered.That got him to wondering,where the hell was Hound?Mirage?All the other ‘bots?The greatest fighters,and then some.The Decepticons on Earth had a personal vendetta on them,therefore his crews never did get shots off,until the last battle,and they had failed at that too.A failure was rank as tar for them,because they rarely had failures.After a good bit of debating with other soilders and a couple of Autobots,the soilder came back.

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“You have permission to enter.We have a specific Decep battalion in Bahgdad,so head there.Likely in it.All the ‘cons are inert,and your doc only has permission for the two.Move out.”With a rumble and a hiss he did,heading down the broken roads.Once inside the city,they split up and looked around,Trip finding them both.

“C’mon boss.Let’s get these two,I’m in the west part of the city.”

“On it.Mix-Up?”

“On my way.”Dealing with the traffic,human or otherwise became a problem,and Roadkill felt ready to go back to his namesake.It wouldn’t have been the first time his hood had been stained red with both human blood and black with autobot oil.Honking his horn loudly,he had to get past a checkpoint,and was waved through.He sighed with a hiss of his pistons,entering the battalions area,where Tripwire was leaning on a particularly large tank,easily more then half the size of an M-1 Abrams.Mix-Up was dragging up a large,heavily armored humvee that had instead of a machine gun on top,a small cannon.Autobots patrolled the perimiter,watching them with intent.

“Well,set to work.We need to see if we can still go gesalt.”

“Yes sir.”Trip smiled as he set to work,going to Chaos first.When he pulled his hook hand out,the tank began rumbling and spluttering,beeping coming from deep within him.

“Any time now.”Trip said.

Name :Chaos
Association: Decepticon
Occupation: Destroyer
Gesalt Name: Rage
Gesalt Grouping:
Roadkill: Online
Humgunner: Offline or Inert
Tripwire: Online
Geselt Body Function: Right Leg
Year: 2006
Last Year Functioning:
Planet: Earth
Position: Bahgdad,Iraq
Radar Search:
Roadkill: Bahgdad
Humgunner: Bahgdad
Mix-Up: Bahgdad
Trip Wire: Baghdad
One Inert
Contacts Needed:
Roadkill: Contact,Baghdad,Iraq
Scum Runner: Baghdad
Riptide: Baghdad
Ripto: Oregon
Carntrasaur: Oregon
Saw Maw: Contact: Oregon
Shield: Oregon
Iscias: Oregon
Engine: Starting
Destination: Where’s the Fight??
Most Conservative Route: Loaded
First Thought Now Online:
On To Battle!To Arms!
System Recording.....Now loading

The large tank shook and rumbled,creating a large amount of noise.Couphing and spluttering,Chaos transformed.His trasformation had always been far more complicated then the rest,the large cannon slipping off to the right shoulder,a covering going over the bottom of his tracks and the tracks splitting,the front to become his arms,the bottom his legs.He stood slowly, his gattling gun going to his left shoulder.Dusting himself off was a pointless activity,as no one could even see his sigil.

“Boss!Your back!By Primus!”His low rumble of a voice caught everyones attention.

“Yeah,I am.Where was I exactly?”The large tank considered.

“Not here.Hey doc,Mix-Up.Where’s Hummer?”

“Right beside ya.A tweak here,and,got it.”Trip pulled himself out of Humgunners hood. “Give him a minute you slag maker.”

Name: Humgunner
Association: Decepticon
Occupation: Destroyer
Gesalt Name: Rage
Gesalt Grouping:
Roadkill: Online
Mix-Up: Online
Tripwire: Online
Geselt Body Function: Left Arm
Year: 2006
Last Year Functioning:
Planet: Earth
Position: Baghdad,Iraq
Radar Search:
Roadkill: Baghdad
Mix-Up: Baghdad
Chaos: Baghdad
Trip Wire: Baghdad
None Inert
Contacts Needed:
Roadkill: Contact: Baghdad
Scum Runner: Baghdad
Riptide: Baghdad
Ripto: Oregon
Carntrasaur: Oregon
Saw Maw: Contact: Oregon
Shield: Oregon
Iscias: Oregon
Engine: Starting
Destination: Huh?Destination?Where’s the Boss at?
Most Conservative Route: Loaded
First Thought Now Online:
I need an Autobot to shoot.Where the hell is Iraq?
System Recording.....Now loading

With a roar,Humgunner came to life.He transformed within seconds,standing tall and looking around,his cannon folding and forming into his gun.His doors became his shoulders,and his bed his legs.He was the other in the group who had a visored face,with a faceplate over with mouth.

“Helloo.Ouch.”He rubbed his head and looked around. “What’cha y’all starin’ at aye?”

“You.”Chaos answered.Roadkill nodded.

“Oh.Am I supposed be a questioning why I’m here?I know.Wheeljacks bomb,I’ve been inert for seventeen years.My question is,what the hell is Iraq?”

“Where we are now.Some new human nation.Scums waitin’ for us back at a human army encampment.”Humgunner shrugged and made a noticble yawn,faceplate seperating from his visor for a few minutes.Hitching his gun on his back he nodded foward.

“Well,c’mon,lets go.”It was quick way of putting things,and Roadkill only shrugged.They could try thier gesalt,after they got back in America,he transformed,and the team rolled on,Chaos taking the top at the front,where he was securely locked in place.His cannon rocked around, always moving.

“Why do seem to not care at all Hummer?I mean,your like the biggest autobot fighter of the team.”Trip asked.

“I don’t care anymore,to be frank.Sure,I’d like to shoot an autobot,but the wars over isn’t it?We lost,I can tell.Autobots all over,you laying lower then you’ve ever layed.The dino team not with us,Scum,at a human base,of all things.Truth be told,I’m glad it’s over.I don’t have to worry about someone sneaking up behind me and shooting me in the back.”

“I don’t like that view.But we’re Decep’s!We were made to fight!”Chaos bellowed.

“Like it or not Chaos,it’s mine.Aren’t you tired of fighting?”

“Not really.”They passed through the war torn city,many people looking in wonder,and an autobot chopper flew over,keeping tabs on them.Roadkill went on,not really caring.He wasn’t new to war,or the front lines,or even being behind them.But being inert had dullled his senses.It dulled all thier senses.When the attack came,they reacted slowly.A car bomb detonated right on them,sending them flying and the chopper spiraling through the air and into a building.

“What in the hell!”Chaos swore,transforming,seeing Roadkill sprawled out,half transformed.He finished after all the others,looking around dazed.

“Rage.”He growled and flew up.The others followed,taking thier assambled places without a glitch,the monstrosity that was Rage looked around.Inside his head was another matter.

“I say left!”Trip/Rage argued.

“No it was right!”Chaos/Rage yelled.



“Stupid leg!It’s lef...”He was cut off.

“SHUT UP!”Roadkill/Rage yelled. “We’re a team!A damn team!No fighting!”

“Yes boss!”All replied.

“Good.”Roadkill/Rage. “Was it just a bomb that hit us?”

“Don’t know.I think so.”Hummer/Rage thought.

“Has to be.What about that chopper?Help it out?”Trip/Rage asked.Looking through the optics,the five stared intently.Roadkill was mad.They became Rage perfectly,but they no longer worked so perfectly,and were just standing there.They needed focus.

“Why would we?”Mix-Up/Rage asked. “I mean,it’s an autobot for Primus’ sake.”

“I am the doc,and I help those in trouble.”Trip/Rage answered.Roadkill growled.Hummer was quiet,thinking,and Chaos and Trip had started off fighting.Mix-Up was just curious.

“We help.”Hummer/Rage said.

“What??”Chaos/Rage rumbled. “NO!”

“Look you idiot!Does it look like the autobot is in any shape to do any damage to us? Could it in the first place?”Hummer/Rage shot back.

“Fine.”Things did work out eventually,now,if the idiots could move this body.That was the only problem with being the chest,you had to make the rest of them move.

“Then lets go.One leg at a time.Baby steps.”Chaos and Trip moved foward, growling at him.They stopped,bending over the ‘bot.It was a female.Roadkill would’ve smacked his head if he had the ability to.Humgunner hit it for him.Mix-Up sighed,picking up the autobot and setting her on the ground.Her eyes lit up,and they tried speaking.Geselts never had the greatest vocaders.

“I do the talking,okay.”He forced it on them.

“Yes boss.”They said dejectadly.So he tried.

I am Rage.He thought.It came out differently. “I Rage.”He rolled his optics and went on any way. “You hurt.I help.”

“Get away!Stay away!”She yelled,shoulder mounted howitzers popping up and blasting into his face.He reeled back onto the ground,landing with a thud on his tail.The autobot transformed,still firing and flying backwards.He stood,completely Rage.

“STOP!I TRY HELP!”He waved his arms around,bullets glancing off of him uselessly. Then missles flew at him.He took off,all acting in cordination.Shooting the missles out of the way,he came at her and she flew off farther,going out of the city at her highest speed. “STOP!I RAGE!I HELP!”

“More speed!”Roadkill shouted.

“Aye!”The other four yelled.They kept a close watch on her,following the smoke trail. With a burst of speed,they quickly covered the ground between them.Then she fell out of the air. They covered it,and it was Mix-Up who split suddenly,making the rest of them tumble out of the air into the desert sand.Mix-Up caught the autobot,traveling with such impact the two devestated a sand dune.Roadkill rolled and transformed,slamming into a dune,Trip and Chaos slamming into him and Hummer flipping into his cab.

“We need to work on the landings.”Hummer rubbed his head.Turning,they saw Mix-Up lift the autobot,setting her back down on the ground.

“Well doc,you wanted to help her,get your ass over here.Damn,”He rubbed his chin.“I’ll be damned if she ain’t the prettiest ‘bot I’ve ever seen.”

“She just tried to kill us....”Chaos thought a minute. “And you think she’s pretty?Are you off your axles?”Mix-Up laughed out loud,watching the doc work.

“Do I have to answer?”No one answered that.The autobot came to with a groan and sat up,her red body shining dully in the sun. She looked around,stunned at the sight of the ‘cons.

“What do you want?Your the ones who set off the bomb aren’t you?”Standing,she pushed Mix-Up out of the way,and shoved Trip.

“No.”Roadkill answered.Her sudden boldness made her a definate autobot. “We got hit by the bomb...”He got no further,as he found her blade at his neck.What was wrong with her?

“She’s as off her rotors as you are your axles Mix-Up.”Hummer commented,and stood up,the others slowly surrounding her.

“I’m off my rotors?The gesalts are dead,history,so what in Primus’ name are you doing being a gesalt?”

“We’d be the last gesalt then.”Trip answered. “No thanks for fixing you?”

“The last decepticon gesalt.”She hissed. “And why would you fix your enemies?”She trained one of her shoulder mounted guns at him,and another at Mix-Up.

“Payment,to Siren.She made it possible for me to fix up everyone else,so to pay her back, I’ll fix up an autobot or three.”The autobot turned her head to look at him.

“Why doesn’t Siren leave well enough alone?She fixed you?”

“Put me online.Who’re you?And how do you know her?”

“I’m Switchblade,and I would be Outlaws sister.Outlaw is one of Sirens friends.”

“Don’t know him.”Roadkill said in an offhand voice.

“Outlaw is my sister.”

“Oh.”They said in unison.Roadkill felt stupid,and wasn’t the only one.

“Now,why did you try to kill me?”

“We didn’t!”Mix-Up protested.

“You did!”

“Did not!It was a human made bomb!”Hummer yelled.She turned on him,a blade slipping out of her other hand and facing the others.

“How do you know?”

“Look,you can still see the smoke from the city.”He pointed out. “Besides,our bombs and weapons would level a city block easily.We are trying to get back to the U.S.,and if you want to follow us back to the base,you can.”

“I’ll follow,keep you idiots out of trouble.”

“Idiots!We ain’t idiots!”Mix-Up protested loudly,putting a hand on her shoulder.She quickly whirled back to him and with her blade,sliced off the hand that had taken her by the shoulder,and unloaded on him.Mix-Up dropped in a smoking heap.

“YOU!”Chaos roared,catching her before she could fly off and putting his cannon against her head.

“Trip!”Roadkill yelled, “Hummer!Stop him!”

“I know!”Trip was already working at a fevered pace and Hummer slowly eased Chaos’ cannon from against Switchblades head.Roadkill sat heavily.The autobot was acting like an unmerciless decepticon,and they were acting like the autobots.Hummer was straining with Chaos, trying to keep him off of Switchblade.

“Choas,stop.That’s an order.”The tank eased away,transforming and growling,letting her get off the ground.

“We do not want to fight,we didn’t in the first place.Now look what you’ve done.Damn autobot.”Hummer growled at her.She got an abashed look on her face,walking over and taking a knee near Mix-Up.

“He’ll be all right?”Trip shrugged.

“With any luck.Radioactive tips on the bullets?What do want?More damn destructive power?The pain this is causing him has to be huge.”

“Why isn’t he doing anything?Are sure he’ll live?”Roadkill stood up again,taking her in his powerful grip and moving her away from the doc and Mix-Up.

“You did the shooting,not us.They can upload our memory banks and see.Give the doc time.For right now,your staying with us,captive or otherwise.All we want is to get off this planet.”Switchblade felt utterly ashamed,she’d been in the peacekeeping force after the humans of the U.S. decided to make war here,and it hadn’t been so much of peacekeeping.War was supposed to be long done with.The badges had made the difference,and the fact they were running and a geselt.Roadkill was busy scratching at his badge,while Chaos sat in tank mode, refusing to look at her,and Hummer stood by Trip,helping where he could with Mix-Up.She was an autobot,and she had shot first,and maybe made her first decepticon kill.The thought did not much excite her when she saw how these ‘cons were.She had just been reacting to a percieved threat.She’d at this for two years now,and the humans had made her overly jumpy.Night had fallen when the doc finally pulled away,she was on her feet.

“Ooooww.”Mix-Up said as he got up,tapping his chest hesintently and flexing his hand. He turned to her,rolling his eyes. “You happy now?Get your digs in?”

“I’m sorry,I really am.I..I..”He walked over to her.

“It’s war.Let’s go ‘Kill.”The big robot nodded,and they all took off,she followed as they went back to the base.Switchblade followed slowly,unsure of the Decepticons,they weren’t called Decepticons for nothing.Amazingly,Mix-Up,the one she had thought would be avoiding her like a ‘con from cosmic rust,was watching her as they flew,he was also at the back of the group.Nerar her.When they landed,a robot stood beside the large spaceship and they all nodded.She hated being unable to get on the interlink they shared.

“You are?”Came a large rumbling voice,that literally shook the ground.She looked around, as did the soilders.

“Aaaah,Switchblade.”She answered,searching for the voice.

“Hhhhmmm,she’s not coming with us is she?My cargo capacity doesn’t normally allow for a manifestation of autobot’s.”She backed away,finding the source of the voice was the ship itself.Robots as ships was a rarity,because they were trouble,and used alot of energon.

“Doubtful.”Roadkill answered him.Then the autobot commander came up to them.He looked bold and confident,obviously with his tank form,but she saw one of knees shaking a little.Roadkill and his Crew noticed too.

“I see you succeeded.Rodimus expects you at the Autobot city in Oregon.He will meet you there.And the pred’s team too.”

“I have a report to make commander.”

“About what?You aren’t exactly allowed complaints,seeing as your alive and running, what more could you want?”

“One of my troops was shot,and didn’t do anything to deserve it.”

“By whom?The natives of this Primus forsaken desert?I don’t care.”He sneered,getting more confident since the lax team was doing nothing.Mix-Up watched only her from the shadows of one of the wings of the large spaceship ‘con.Large being an understatement.

“No.One of your troops.”Roadkill growled,a short burst of smoke coming from his chrome stacks.

“I..I..I shot him sir.”She volunteered quickly.

“Shot who?”

“Me.”Mix-Up snarled,green eyes glowing in the shadows.

“You seem fine to me.”At that,Mix-Up stepped out of the shadows,the metal from being repaired shining on his rusty form.He held out the hand she had decapitated,and what Trip had repaired.

“Huh,great.You had no orders to fight them Switchblade...damn.We know about the bombing,and they had nothing to do with it.You need a break...go back to the autobot base and see your sister.As my direct orders,you shuttle her to it.”

“WHAT!”The spaceship yelled,a nearby autobot,in a hummers form,was flipped.

“It’s my order.”

“But...Commander...I need..”

“You don’t need to be here if the first thing your going to do is shoot at someone who is not classified as your enemy.”He scowled.

“I am not taking an autobot in my cargohold,nor on my bridge.”

“What choice do we have Scum?Any?You going to blast the hell out of them? They’ll come down on us like Buzzsaw on the dead.”

“By Primus,I don’t like this.”Scum growled back,a low rumbling coming from his large engines.

“Me niether”,the robot leaning on the hatch door answered back.He looked like another transport,and a watercraft one at that.Two types of ships.

“I promise I won’t shoot anymore of you.”She pleaded,not knowing how badly she actually wanted to be surrounded by ‘cons.Or even whether or not going to see her sister was worth riding with them.

“You will do so....”The commander started.

“Make us.”Chaos challenged.Unfourtanatly for the commander,Chaos was both the larger of the two,and the more battle hardened.And the possibility that he could be quite merciless.

“Fine,I’ll get Prine online immidiatly and have him make the order.”Roadkill felt ready to blow the commander to space dust.The threat of a Prime normally meant nothing to him.It still didn’t have the desired affect,as he was obviously thinking.

“Damnit,if we must.Just to keep autobots happy.Primus!Come on,we’re leaving.” Roadkill stomped onto the ship,the rest following.The door closed in her face.

“Get in the back.”Scum said,and she went to the back hatch,and was closed into the large dark room.

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Post by slartibartfast » Fri Dec 01, 2006 12:46 pm

...I don't really want to interrupt.

this reminds me of nemesis and the ABC warriors... and that's probably one of the best compliments I can think of... ever.

Loads of funky ideas, and your style is getting clearer as it goes on.
"What goes on in the mind of Prime is unfathnoble" :afro:

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Post by zigzagger » Fri Dec 01, 2006 10:52 pm

Originally posted by 13thScorpio
He held out the hand she had decapitated,and what Trip had repaired.

If she is holding out a severed hand then I'm assuming you meant “amputate”, yes? (if decapitated she'd be holding out a severed head)

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originally posted by Rubicon
If she is holding out a severed hand then I'm assuming you meant “amputate”, yes? (if decapitated she'd be holding out a severed head)

That is more then likely what I meant.I have a bad habit of misspelling(thankyou slarti) and mixing up words.

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And we plunge onward again..

“Since when does anyone listen to classical music?”Disk Drop asked Deadeye.They sat in the shade of many trees,watching the dinobot preds.They had found a radio and fixed it up,and stood and sat around it.Cantra rocked lazily,Saw sat on a pine tree,sleeping,while Ripto waltzed by himself as Shield sunned himself and Isky lay under a tree,counting pine needles on the tree.

“I do not know.They seem harmless enough.”

“The deception part.Why are we spying on them in the first place?”

“Outlaw told us to.”

“Do you always listen to Outlaw Deadeye?”A female voice came from behind them,and they turned together.Siren stood with her arms crossed,foot tapping as she looked over the embarressed two.

“Not always.What’re you doing here?”Deadeye asked.

“Waiting for Outlaw.This is the rendeaveuz point.You two might want to get out of here if you don’t want to get caught.”

“Doesn’t explain why your here.”Siren glared flatly. “Just to see me?”

“Not in your lifetime.I’m here to see Trip and Switchblade.She got pulled off of duty for shooting Mix-Up.”

“Okay,we’ll just leave now.”Disk Drop slid past her,and Deadeye gave her a smile as he walked back to the road.She heard him squeal out as he left.Making as much noise as possible, she walked into the pred’s little clearing.Saw flew down,landing softly and transforming.

“You don’t need to do that.We heard the entire conversation.”

“You did?”

“Yeah...”Ripto said as he continued waltzing in circles with a holo that she could now see. “They aren’t exactly the silent type.”Cantra gave a low growl that sounded something like a laugh,tail tapping on a rock as he found the songs beat.

“What’re you listening to?I’ve never heard of it.”

“The 1812 Overture.”Isky said. “You know why we have to go to the Autobot city?”

“Yes.Your getting assigments,help rebuild the world.U.S. in general.”

“Damn.”Came the instantanious reply from them all.

“Well,all deceps get to do it,seeing as those who aren’t dead did most the destroying.”

“We didn’t!”Shield barked. “We got sucked into that timewarp thingy a little after the battle started!”

“Shield has a point.”Saw agreed. “I mean,we go in it,and then we come out,him and Isky nearly out of it,and maybe not even alive,new bodies,and after much discussion on the subject, have no idea where they came from.”

“Someone wiped our memories.”Ripto attoned.

“Except yours.”Cantra bared his teeth.

“I got lucky.”

“I don’t believe a word out of your little snout.”Shield snorted.

“Yes,his stories,ahhh,slightly skewed,and makes no sense.It is at least the same at every repetition.”Saw looked to the sky,as did the rest.A distinct low throbbing hum could be heard and felt,the trees vibrating and needles falling on them.“Time to fly.”

“I can’t.”

“Not a problem.”All the ‘cons took off,and she was suddenly lifted by Cantra.

“HEY!WAIT!”Outlaw burst from the woods,grabbing onto Sirens leg and pulling her and Cantra down.Saw flipped and masterfully plucked her off of them.

“Your late.”Siren said ruefully.

“I know,I had someone to talk to.”

“We know.If your going to send spies,send actual spies.”Saw told her matter of factly.

“Shutup you bloody ‘con.”Outlaw snarled back.Saw shook her head in frustration and suddenly shot up and dropped down into a barrel roll,letting go of Outlaw,who screamed loudly as she fell.Saw caught her again and flew back towards the large dot that was coming steadily towards them. “What was that for!?”

“You do not want to tick off the person who is holding your life in thier claws.”

“Your going to go to prison for doing that!”

“Shut up Outlaw!Your making a fool of yourself.”Siren said through link.

“She dropped me on purpose!”

“For a reason you idiot.”They continued onward,Siren embarressed by her friend.These ‘cons were nothing like any she had met,and she couldn’t find the predacon sigil anywhere on them.She sighed as they got closer to the ship.

“I am not an idiot.”

“I’d say otherwise.”Ripto countered,flying next to Outlaw and picking feathers out of his teeth.

“Hmmhgnmm....”Outlaw revved from her tailpipes madly.Siren chuckled,the ship finally within range and not registering as a ship,but rather as a decpticon.She was glad she wasn’t flying,otherwise she would have fallen out of the air.The large ‘con came to a hover,and opened up the side hatch,the ‘con’s tumbling into the air hatch.Siren sat on Cantra,who was upside down and under her,tail hanging over her shoulder.Ripto was hanging off of Outlaws door and slammed back against the wall.Isky and Shield had managed a fairly straight landing,while Saw landed with a short hovering burst.

“We have got to work on landings.”Cantra said in an annoyed voice.They all got up as the door into the bridge opened up,Roadkill and three of said crew there to greet them.

“More autobots?”The ship complained.


“Where’s the one called Mix-Up?Hey Trip,short time since we met huh?”Siren visibly brightened as the other ‘cons shook hands and greeted eachother,in an incredibly autobotian and earthen manner.Saw clambered up into Roadkills arm,much to his amazement,as he took a seat.

“Where’s my sister?”Outlaw asked impaitently.Siren had taken a seat next to Trip,who also seemed far more happy.

“In the back.Mix-Up’s ‘gaurding’ her.”Outlaw didn’t get the reference to gaurding,as another large robot backed away from where he was standing and smiling.Outlaw shuddered,the team was not only big,it was also large in size.All battle vehicles and Transports,and the pred’s. She went through the door into the dimly lit manifest.
“How are you guys doing?Hummer?Chaos?”

“Fine.We saw action we weren’t supposed to.”Hummer chimed.

“Just great.”Chaos grumbled,half his head hiding behind a hand. “Damnit,autobots everywhere.And I can’t shoot them.”Siren backed in her seat. “An’ who is she?”

“I’m Siren.An autobot doctor.”

“Without her,none of you would be online.”Trip added.

“Ahhhh...”Hummer nodded. “The doc that Doc’s been so intent on seeing again.”

“Really?”Siren smiled,and a small emberressed one crossed Trip’s face.

“And who would the ship be,and you?”Siren asked,keeping one eye on Trip.

“I’m Scum Runner.”The large voice came over the comm.

“Riptide.”She studied the other one,and saw his resemblence to his ship form,but he seemed to bulky and square to be anything other then a barge.He seemed more intent to be talking to Isky.Roadkill seemed a little alienated by the snuggling of Saw,who was content on his large arm.It was all pretty much silence as Cantra took a chair next to the annoyed Chaos and Ripto sat in the captains chair.Shield and Hummer had started a holo game,talking in mute tones.Music filled the ship.It sounded like human bluegrass,and it faded in and out of other channels.

“Get off my channels!I control the music!”Scum suddenly shouted,breaking the silence and throwing Ripto out of the captains chair.He rolled and lay sprawled out,face nearly colliding with Riptides foot.He stood up and crossed his arms.

“I want to listen to Beehtoven!”The raptor complained.

“I don’t!I want country!I’m flying us,I control the music!”Ripto reached to his back and pulled out his tail,which was now a sword.

“I’ll rearrange your mainframe to my spec’s.”Ripto growled.

“Not on my watch.”The floor shifted a little,and suddenly shot up.Ripto clacked onto the cieling magnetically and held on as he ran foward.He ran headlong into Roadkills arm and crumpled to the floor with a hiss.

“Settle down.I don’t want anymore bickering.”Roadkill growled.A hushed silence fell afterwords.

“Fine.”Ripto walked back,putting his tail on his back again and taking the co-pilots chair with a hiss.

When the hatch door opened,Mix-Up looked up from the floor,where he had actually been examining Switchblades feet.The begining of the trip,they had spoken a little,but it was now just an eery silence.He was sitting in Scum,with an autobot femnbot,who was niether captive or wounded,but had orders to go with them.And he was enjoying it.So many had cowered in fear of him,and she had actually loaded him with lead.Radioactive lead.He was about to not enjoy it anymore.

“Who’re you?”An annoyed voice asked. “Another one of them ‘cons?”Standing wearily, he looked over the shiny red robot that stood framed in the light,until the hatch closed.


“None other sis.Who’s this?”Mix-Up was still sorting through her words.Another one of them ‘cons?What other ‘cons?

“He’s Mix-Up.”Switchblade answered for him.

“Looks that way.Pretty damn beat up.”At that,Mix-Up snapped out of it.

“I’m supposed to be!”He exclaimed. “I’m camoflauge and subterfage!”

“Camo?How could you be camo?”Switchblade nearly hit her sister.She had not been in any sort of war situation,and didn’t relize just what this body form of Mix-Up’s could do. “Can he leave?”

“He’s gaurdin...”

“I’m gaurdin...”They stopped and looked at eachother.

“Stupid ‘con.I’m talking.”

“Better then shooting.Your sisters a good shot.”He pointed at his marred chest and missing headlight.Outlaw saw no real difference.

“Just go out to your friends you danm ‘con.”Outlaw pointed her finger to the door and Mix-Up looked pointedly confused.The autobots had no fear anymore,and she was a new one. He put his hands his hips and lifted his visor,showing his green optics and his crest lowered in annoyance.Normally no one ever saw his eyes,unless they were about to die.Too bad this shot up ‘bot wasn’t about to.

“Do not call me a damn ‘con.”

“I’m Scum Runner.”Came over comm.They all looked up.

“Who said that?”Mix-Up rolled his optics,threads of red coming into them.The ‘bot was ignorant.

“The ship you ignerent ‘bot.”

“I am not ignorant you bastard.”His visor slipped back down,and his crest was nearly into his head out of annoyance.

“You’re wearing my treads very thin.”

“Outlaw,please,don’t get yourself in trouble with Prime again.These ‘cons are....”She couldn’t find an adjetive to describe them.Normally that would be a grand gesture of a compliment.Now it just kind of stung.He had been awoken,and shot at not much longer,and now it had settled into a peaceful lull.Peaceful was not a word oft used in his vocabulary.

“Thier ‘cons.Primus!Why are you worrying?”

“They happen to be the ones transporting us.This ship...Scum...excuse me,could go off course and have all of us hostage.”

“Why would they?They’ve been defeated.What could a bunch of ‘cons do to us.”

“If desperate enough....”Mix-Up smiled as he said it.Switchblade was sensible enough to see his point,and Outlaw didn’t get it at all.She continued in her show of ignorance.

“Desperate?To get Megatron back?Or one of your other commanding officers? You’d have to be out of your minds!”

“Desperation ain’t nothin’ to do with bein’ out of our minds.”He continued on when she was about to say something.Switchblade nodded sagely,and kept her mouth shut and vocader off for now. “We are not exactly built to autobot standards.We are at best,not happy unless we are in some sort of danger or shooting at something.”

“Are you happy now?”Switchblade asked.

“Uhhh.”Not only caught with his wheels off the ground,he was completely dumbfounded by the question. “Not exactly.” He stopped.“But I ain’t unhappy niether.”He interjected before Swithchblade could speak.Switchblade only nodded with a smile on her face.He flicked at his rust idly,lost for anymore conversation.

“While seeing as you are niether,can you leave now?”

“Nope.”Mix-Up grinned at her.She punched him in the face with all the force she could muster.His visor broke in half and a spiderweb of cracks appeared on the other half.He caught his optic orb deftly in two fingers as the pieces of his visor tinkled on the ground at his feet.He looked at Outlaw,anger on his face,the half of his visible optic now red.

“What was that for?”He yelled.Outlaw only growled and Switchblades mouth hung open.

“We’re here.”Came the less then enthusastic voice of Scum over the comn. “Now where am I supposed to land?”He paused. “All right.Come out you three.”Outlaw sauntered out,leaving Switchblade and him alone.

“Come on...I’m sorry about my sister.”She helped him out and into the confused mechs.

“What happened to him?”Roadkill asked.

“I bet I know.”Chaos rumbled as he stood.

“I hit him for being insolent.”Outlaw answered.

“For being insolent!I wasn’t goin’ to leave because I wasn’t sp’osed too!Orders!”

“You don’t want his optics red.Not good.Mix-Up,did you do anything to provoke her?”

“No he didn’t!”Switchblade exclaimed.They all slipped a little as Scum landed.

“Why are you defending him?Do you feel bad because you shot him?”Outlaw scorned. Siren backed away from her friend.

“What has gotten into you sister?They have done nothing.”

“Not now.Didn’t you read up on thier past?What they have done,they are fully capable of doing again.”Ripto hopped out of the chair and walked up to her,tapping her knee. “What?”

“The past does not define the future Outlaw.It may be a good look...oof.”He dropped as she batted him down to the ground with her foot and tried to walk out.Scum resealed the door shut.

“Outlaw!”Her sister and Siren gasped.

“What?What part of Decepticon do you not get?The Deception part?Or the Con part?”

“So you think all of us are low down degenerates?”Roadkill boomed.The teams started surrounding her,Mix-Up staggering a little,but stayed on his feet.

“Yes I do.From what I’ve seen and heard,your lower then dirt.”

“Lower then dirt?”Chaos asked confused,and he stomped out one of his treads,sand falling to the floor.

“Yes.Why should you be living with how many you have killed?”

“Our functions not fullfilled yet you stupid ‘bot.”Ripto answered.Cantra hung over him,daring her to kick the raptor again. “Look at this,and tell me what you think.”He peeled the skin from his chest,which also was his head off,to show shiny metal and a particular badge.

“What?”Everyone shouted.Ripto put the skin back up.

“It’s begining.”He growled. “Open up Scum.”The ship did so,and the little robot pushed by Outlaw,running his claws along her legs and leaving three long lines on her shiny body.

“Hey!”She yelled.

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A new chapter.Finally.

Of Dinobots & Councils

The rest followed him out,the autobots came out last.Switchblade still trying to help Mix-Up,who took it but growled.Roadkill only sighed,and Saw patted his hand.

“I can’t believe it.Are you?The same?”

“I bear niether.I...don’t know what I am.He told us he had decided,but we didn’t know what we decided.”Shield backed away from the raptor. “He also said we had decided,but the time wasn’t coming yet.We’d know when you came back.Your back.And we’re still undecided.”They walked down the large city,stopping short at an incredibly large foot,which led up to a long leg and and a bigger waist.They stepped back to look up.

“I thought all the big autobots were dead.”

“I am Fortress Maximus.You may go on.”They edged passed him,Outlaw waving to the incredibly huge robot.He waved back.Roadkill shuddered.He was one of the giant ones.Like the ancient gaurdians.They moved on again until they were stopped again,by the best combat team on either Earth or Cybertron.Maybe not the brightest,but still the best.The dinobots.Grimlock, Swoop,Sludge,Snarl and Slag.Now it was Saw’s turn to be boss.

“Hello Grimlock.”

“No good to see you again Saw.I no say hello.”He crossed his arms and looked away from her.Swoop shook his head.

“He dissapointed you no dead Saw.Me am too.”Swoop said.

“I can not help your feelings against us.Are we allowed to pass?”

“Where you get brain from?Speak like you smart.”Sludge growled.

“We’ve been...around,you might say.”Ripto answered,leaning on Roadkill.

“Aroun’?You look like animals,no ‘bots.”Grimlock cast an eye over them.

“We are more natural.Can you let us pass to see Rodimus?And we got a man leakin’ lubricant from his eye.”Grimock looked to the back,and saw Mix-Up holding his optic with a hastily put metal patch over it,it still leaked a little.

“You teammates come above anything else?”Grimlock asked.

“Yes.You know as well as I do they are mine and I do not like them hurt.”

“Fine,see Prime.We no settled yet.Shield hurt Slag,Slag want rematch.”

“Shield?”Shield grinned widely and nodded.


“Good.Pass.You have friends waiting.”Swoop said.

“Thankyou.”Saw nodded and Swoop rubbed his head.

“Why thanks?They ‘cons.”Grimlock shook his head.

“They glad to see someone who friends.”

Roadkill and crew went onwards,jets streaked over and a chopper roared past.At the next crossroads,sitting in Deadeye,were Buzz and Skinner,and standing alongside a building.

“Fifty fifty!What in the hell are doing here?And Skinner?Buzz?”The two got out and Fifty fifty twirled his guns expertly,turning into a mobile gun platform,two large machine guns on either side.

“We never expected to see you damn ‘cons again!”Buzz and Skinner shook hands with them all,looking over Mix-Up.

“Fembots again bro?”Buzz asked.

“Yeah.This ones sis.”

“Outlaw?Did my main ‘con here deserve it?”

“Yes.”She said.

“No.”Came the overwhelming opinion.

“Well,seeing as even a war vets agrees,Outlaw,your in the wrong.”

“Am not.”

“Shut up.”Skinner told her. “You don’t punch anyone for doing nothing.Now my home boys,let’s roll out and see the boss.We’re here to put in a good word for you.Saw,a council is here on your behalf,of autobot’s you have saved.”

“Your kidding!”She gasped. “That’s good right?”

“Naw.Prime asked if there would be anyone who would put in a good word for Roadkill and Crew.You got a full council.A full council.No decepticon has ever had a full council.They normally don’t even have one.There was still a line standing out back when we left.Others heard you came back and are out for oil.”

“Figures.Let’s go.”He transformed and the others followed suit,except Mix-Up,who held his optic close.He went and sat on Roadkills trailer.The road to Prime’s court was still fifteen minutes away.The autobot’s and ‘cons that had gathered for them was a bit overwhelming.It did not help that around a hundred holo’s were going on and on with thier war offenses.

“****.”Cantra growled as he stomped by.Coppers strode out of the crowd,creating a perimiter to let them by the cheering ‘cons and slandering autobot’s. “We must be the biggest buzz they got for now.I hate this.”

“Put on a brave face.”They transformed together at the doors,Outlaw,Switchblade and Siren waiting outside respectfully.

“Here goes nothing.”Ripto said to no one in particular as the doors opened and they strode into the dimly lit court room.

“Time to get hung.”Roadkill looked around,watching as Buzz,Skinner and Fifty Fifty went to take thier seats with the robotic and amazingly human council.

“How many people between you and Cantra did you help Trip?”He shrugged.

“Whoever needed it.Unnessacary war casualties they could have became.” Rodimus stood up in his seat,and all the others stood,on the right side of the room,’bots who had close friends or family members of the ones they killed.Among them,a shuddering Tank Trax,who was rumbling enough to shake the steel benches.There were no humans on that side.

“Are all from Roadkill and Crew present?”Prime asked.

“No sir.”Roadkill felt very uncomfortable calling Rodimus ‘sir’.

“Who is not among you?”

“Scum Runner sir.He...uh...couldn’t fit.”

“What class is Scum Runner?”

“Transport sir.”Rodimus nodded.

“Now,I know I told you you would be getting jobs...”

“So what’s with the judge and jury sir?”Chaos asked,impolitely interrupting Prime.

“It was convened,on the fact,that you are the first full team of any ‘cons we have caught. Many feel you are still a silent threat,and others say you are good,for ‘cons.Some want you on the roads and skies,others want to see you behind bars.And others not present for this hearing want to fight you again.”Shield chuckled.Rodimus rolled his optics.

“So have them place thier cases.Not the first tribunal I’ve been in.”Hummer said,taking a seat on the steel floor.The others followed suit,and even Roadkill sat.

“I see your not the greatest at following rules,and I didn’t think Decepticons held tribunals.”

“They do.With guns.You either end up with your minds in the rebel cells,or else dead.” Saw answered.

“And you would know this how?”An autobot on the right asked.

“First hand expierence.”Saw and Roadkill answered together.That brought about much confusion. “Put our sparks and minds in a little energon box for norishment and stuff us in a cell. They normally destroy our bodies,and keep us there.We all were in there for a matter of a million years.On three offenses that normally would have cost us our sparks termination.”

“So,you cost yourselves allies?”

“Yes.They’d take us out when they needed a job done that they either didn’t have time for or needed done right and make it look like one of the top ‘cons done it.”Mix-Up continued.

“How if you are rebels,did you still fight for them?”

“Simple.You have so much time to do this,you have a bomb in your head.Go. That’s about it.Until we were sent to Earth.”Roadkill spoke.

“Then what?”

“We were free to do as we wished,and make a decepticon impact known to the autobots. Megatron was tired of constantly being thrwarted,so he sent us in to do dirty,dirty work.So,we made said impact,and I’m surprised there aren’t more humans on that side.”

“Many wanted to come,but more autobot’s had reason.The humans mostly wanted compensation for destroyed homes and vehicles and other things that sat in your path.You never did kill a human did you?”

“Not purposfully no.”Saw answered. “Puny little punks they might be,but good in a pinch and clever if put up to it.Plus,small size does things our disguises don’t.”That got a little laugh from both sides.

“And your crimes?”

“War is war is it not?”Cantra started.Boos came from the right side and a throaty growl ushered from his throat.They stopped. “We believed it important to us.Peace through tyranny right?Besides,you try being at it for four million years,while three and the occasional fight over a million.It gets very old.”Very few of the present autobots could yet think on that timeline,and none of the humans could actually comprehend it.Hummer nodded in agreement.Chaos shrugged, cannon drooping to the floor,while Mix-Up’s crest got a little higher.Roadkill scratched at his visible sigil.The other dinocon’s looked between eachother,Saw nodding too.Ripto smiled widely. Trip crossed his arms and consented his agreement with the barest of a smile.

“So you wipe out most of my entire team and say it was for peace?”Tank Trax threw back at them.Cantra rubbed his chin and looked directly at the ‘bot.

“At the time.”

“Disallusioned S.O.B.”Another autobot agreed to Tank Trax.

“If we were human,yes.Disallusioned?How can you be sure Megs wasn’t right huh?He said the Cybertronian race needed a strong leader to push and expand deeper into known territories. To you who believe otherwise,your only a listening to a talking trash heap.”

“Agreed.”Someone said from the back.Roadkill stood up and took a stand beside the dinocon.

“And Trax,you can not say you have never killed.You fought as hard as any of us if I remember.I saw you kill many,many who had stood beside me.”

“They were decepticons,low grade scum.”Tank Trax growled.Prime looked at the ‘bot and shook his head.

“Optimus Prime taught forgiveness...”He got inturrepted.

“Excuse me,Prime.”Fifty Fifty raised his hand.

“You have something to say?”

“Yes.”Fifty Fifty stood up and walked out.

“I am Fifty Fifty.In all technicality I am a part of thier team.In all truth,I am Chaos.” The tank ushered a growl but did not deny what he had said.

“You are?”Fifty Fifty shook his head.

“Yes.His concsience in all terms.I have been kicked out of him by his own and Megatrons regards.Too...‘autobotish’ they say.We used to be a scientist on Cybertron,which is how I came about,as some of the things needed done with his mind and body seperate.I have,like him,became more or less an entirely seperate entity.”

“And what is the point?”Prime asked.

“Me.If I am pretty much an autobot,then why could they not change?”

“Or have.”Ripto said,stepping foward and peeling his raptor heads skin down showing the maximal badge.The assembly gasped.

“He’s a lying sack of ****!They can change thier damn badge!”Tank Trax yelled.

“No we can’t.The badge only changes if you have truly changed sides.”He showed his own scratched one. “Or unless your Counterpunch.”Prime nodded. “Show your badges preds.” They all did,the rest revealing a blank slate on shoulders and chests.

“So you were saying?”Ripto put his skin back up. “Just so you know Prime,we don’t give a **** about forgiveness,we just want to get out of here.Prefrebly off Earth and if Buzz and Skinner wish to come,they can.”

“You may be able to.No forgiveness?”

“None.We are Decpticons,no one will give it to us anyway.”Roadkill said.

“Not all are.”

“Ripto is an exception.”Roadkill answered.

“Your objections?”He turned to the one who were against them.Tank Trax mumbled something and the others spoke quickly.

“If they want off this planet,let them.We don’t want them here either.Or on Cybertron.We want an exile and shot on site if they disobey the exile.”

“Even Ripto?”

“Even the lying raptor.”One of them said.

“Anything to say?”The oppisate side,who were supposed to defend them,didn’t say anything.Roadkill rolled his optics.Primus he hated his fellow ‘cons.Probably more then the autobots.

“If they go,we’re coming with you.Fifty Fifty too.”Skinner finally voiced.

“I am sorry,but as my descision,I will exile you and your signals will be put in our database.You will be given two warnings,and the third you will be shot.”

“Better then what we could have had.”Cantra said,trasforming into his dino mode again.

“Question.”Saw said quickly.


“Slag wants a rematch with Shield.May they be allowed to the fight?”

“Yes.”Shield slapped his tail happily and transformed.Him and Slag had always fought furisoly but loved the fights.The wreckage afterwords went on for miles. “There is an arena within the city for training.You will be escorted there,and afterwords,you must leave. Have your ship ready.”

“Scum is.”

“Then we are adjourned here.Your sentence begins after the fight.”Skinner and Buzz came down,getting up on Fifty Fifty as he trasformed.

“Well,we’ll go with you.No point in staying on.Siren’s not gonna like this.”Buzz said.

“Trip,fix up Mix-Up.He can get a bay to do so?”

“At the Arena ‘con.”A heavy hummer of a copper growled heavily.Roadkill closed his eyes and restrained himself from hitting him.The autobots had became so uniform,as they all had once been.Individuality was being lost,something the ‘cons were never short on.Or outright attitude.Siren walked up to Trip,her face unreadable.Saw transformed and took a seat on his shoulder as Deadeye took up one of the sides as the escort.

“So...you have to go?”

“Yeah.”He growled. “Exile.”Outlaw roared away from them,dissatisfied with the verdict. Switchblade helped Mix-Up along until Roadkill became smaller and had his trailer to lay it on him.Saw shrank herself to stay on the shoulder.

“If you had stayed...I wanted to be apprenticed to you.”

“Why?I’m a ‘con.And you know your stuff.”

“You have a millions of years of expierence.I have ten and training progams.I could barely keep up when we were working on Isky and Shield.”The Arena was the easiest thing to find,built like the humans ancient roman and modern football arenas.That and the Dinobots were waiting for them.They all walked into the arena,the few robots gathering.Grimlock stood in the middle of the arena as Slag lumbered out,the triceratops he used as his form moving slower.Shield laughed.

“Your outdated Slag.”

“You stupid.”Slag growled back,smoke puffing from his nostrils.

“Now..”Grimlock began. “This a rematch.Slag verse Shield.Slag,you win this time.Okay?”

“Okay.”Slag said.

“Begin.”Grim was quick to get his lumbering bulk out of the way as Slag shot a steady stream of fire right at Shield.Shield transformed,his shell coming over him and blocking the stream.His huge tail became a mace and he stepped foward,blocking the fire still.Slag saw it wasn’t going to work and fired a laser beam at him.His shell took the heat easily.Then Slag transformed and ran at him,his horns doubling as his swords.They clashed,his mace hitting the swords.Shield had an entire bag tricks,and the tail wrapped around the swords and he jerked them away.Slag seemed to have been expecting and threw his full force into his hit,throwing him to the ground.He rolled away and came up and was hammered into the ground by Slags foot.Though outdated,the other mech was both heavier and well armored.Using all the strength in his legs,he catapulted Slag to the other end of the arena and moved with all speed towards the fallen dinobot. His tail curled up and rolled after him,spikes popped up,allowing it to move faster.Slag got up slowly,hand turning into flamethrower and striking at Shield with a red hot fist.

Shield backpedelded at the hit,part of his face becoming molten metal.He still directed his tail around,and it shot up,taking Slag to the back of the head.Trip grimaced at the wound of Shields face.The sudden cascade of sparks from Slag’s neck made him wince more.He didn’t like a hurt any robot hurt.A clean kill or no kill.He couldn’t do that with a gun either,so he had became a doc.His true calling.That didn’t mean he had not killed.Then he and Siren gasped.Shields face was hardening and healing,as if he were a biological.Even Slag stopped and it was enough to allow the tail to wrap around him,holding his arms together.Slag fought on and with all his strength,but the tail held him in.Shield then puched him so hard he reeled back.The next threw him near his swords,and he rolled to grab them.Hitting the tail reapetedly,and his own head mutliple times in the process,the tail left him,and with a final good blow,struck him in the face.Shield grinned as his tail rolled back to him,becoming the mace again.Slag was slow to get up,but he did.Shield charged foward,suddenly trasforming and rolling into a ball,as if he were Armordillo,and smashed into Slag,who managed to stick a sword through the rolling ball.Roadkill shook his head.

“Ask them if you can aquire a full med kit and see if they’ll let us get emergency supplies too doc.”

“I will.”Trip said.He doubted Scum still had the full compliment needed.

“If you can’t get them I will.”Siren said.Shield pulled the sword from him and decked Slag across the head with it and tripped him with his mace.He stomped on Slags stomach and the triceratops shot off a heavy burst of flames,trying to melt Shield,but his armor held better then his face had.Using his tail,he boxed the flamethrowing hand to the ground,breaking it and sending the entire arm up into flames.The resulting explosion threw Shield across the arena and into a wall,were he folded into a ball again.Slag stood,holding his shoulder,where it was smoking.The rest had been blown off.He unrolled and stood up,his right arm cooling and healing as his head had.The armor was not near as strong as he had thought it was.Then it seemed to warp and meld, making his arm whole again.His face stayed the same.

“You yield yet?”He shouted from across the arena.

“No yield.You get hurted more before I do that.”Slag yelled back.He transformed back into his triceratops mode and Shield shook his head,rolling into the ball and as the flames shot out.His tail was right beside him,and they split,suddenly becoming two.One a holo the other not. They went in cirlces around slag,confusing him even more,then the real one hit Slag.The dinobot collapsed in a heap as Shield stood,victor again in the second fight.He helped Slag up as Trip and Siren ran foward to help them,his tail rolling around him like a puppy.

“Now I can go to the repair bay?”Mix-Up growled unhappily.

“You’ll be fine.”Switchblade said. “You haven’t complained until now.”

“That’s becuase I haven’t had to do this for seventeen years.”They followed the others into the repair bay,where Trip and Siren had already set to work on Slag and Shield.Other docs were coming in to help too.Slag was of course the first to be put up on and autobot doctors began immidiatly while Trip took Shield on one of the the other beds.

“Well Shield,you aren’t gonna lose the eye.”Trip said,chuckling.

“Speaking of eyes.”Mix-Up grumbled and sat on one of the tables.Switchblade patted his rusty back and he looked across at her.An autobot doctor walked over.

“Great.”He said.“I want Trip workin’ on me.Not you.”

“Shut up and lay down.Give me your eye.”Mix-Up handed off his optic orb uneasily and lay down.

“Siren could do this too.”He continued mumbling.Switchblade hung over his head and shook hers.

“Shut up you rusty ‘con and let the doc do the work.”

“Fine.”He said,looking up at the smiling Switchblade.The doctor began quickly and he went blind for nearly a half hour.He shut down and continued waiting until he was tapped on his visor.He came back online to have Switchblade in his face again.He got up slowly and shook his head.Shield stood with his arms crossed and a long metal scar on his face where he had been melted.Slag was operating his new arm with a massive grin on his face.He lifted his visor and closed it again.

“Late sleeper.C’mon,we gotta go.”

“Dammit.”He dropped himself off the bench,leaving a trail of footprints as he walked,the last of his rust and dirt falling off of him.Switchbade followed him,hand on her blades,but not in an offensive way.Riptide sat outside,standing as the team came out,Roadkill with Saw still on his shoulder.Siren nearly got a giggling fit looking at the two robots,but lost it when she saw thier downcast look.They all transformed.and drove to the spaceport were the earthquake like rumblings of Scum could be heard.

“Our last look at Earths gonna be an autobot city.”Riptide grumbled as he got off of Roadkills carrier.Thier escort transformed with them,all glaring heavily and evily at them.Prime shook his head and Outlaw squealed up behind her sister.Siren gave a downcast look to Trip,who didn’t look any happier then her.A transport truck walked up to Prime,saluting to him and giving the ‘cons a nasty look.

“All loaded sir.”Scum gave his answer in a deep,mountainus monotone.

“Now I can’t transorm.There had better not be bombs in there.”The ‘bot turned back to Scum and glared at him.

“You looked over the damn cargo five times.It’s fine.”

“Boss,this sendoff party is the dullest I’ve been to in a long while.”Isky said,looking around and picking out the femm ‘cons and giving them winks.They didn’t encourage him nor did they reject him.

“You expect too much Isky.”Saw answered and dropped off Roadkill, transforming.The Crew stood before the ship,Roadkill noting that Fifty Fifty was not with them.The squeal of tires and they all looked down the road.Fifty Fifty came to a sudden halt,inches from Roadkills feet.Both Buzz and Skinner were slammed into his gun platforms with an oomph.

“You ain’t leavin’ without us!”Buzz yelled as and he Skinner started to get off of Fifty Fifty. A blaring siren echoed down the steel corridors and a speeding pink motorcycle flew into the spaceport and transformed.Saw immidiatly hit Roadkill,who was not the only one staring at the fembot.Trip was so engaged in conversation with Siren he didn’t give her a second look.

“What was the meaning of that!You could have gotten someone killed!”Mix-Up elbowed Switchblade.

“Who in’ ‘ell is she?”

“Arcee.”She growled.Her optics narrowed and she watched Arcee.Outlaw was doing the same and Mix-Up laughed to himself.He stopped when he saw her hand rubbing along her blades hilt.

“Sorry ‘Cree.We woulda’ been late otherwise.”Skinner said.She crossed her arms as Fifty Fifty transformed,walking into the shadow of his counterpart.She walked foward and stopped at the large tanks massive form.

“Who are you?”She demended,poking him.He brushed her away.

“I am Chaos.He is me and I am him.You won’t touch him.”She nodded in relization.

“Rodimus?”She asked.

“Leave them be.They are leaving.”She looked very dissapointed.Chaos chuckled, his frame shaking.Arcee tapped her gun and Rodimus shook his head.

“Dammit.Hey Switch,Siren,Outlaw.”

“Hello.”Switchblade said through a clenched vocader.Outlaw didn’t even voice a greeting.Siren didn’t either,but she had an excuse.Her and Trip were getting into the fine points of being a doctor.

“Arcee.”Rodimus said in a deep undertone.

“Fine.”She transformed and left slowly.

“You get used to her.Well Roadkill,I now formally exile you and your crew.I’d rather have you here to watch,but the council decided.You have five minutes.”

“Trip.”Humgunner nudged him. “We’re going.At least we got off of here.”Trip’s entire body lowered in dissapointment with a hiss.Mix-Up raised his visor,looking at Switch.His eyes had turned green.

“Well,thanks for the action.Your a damn good shot,just use it wiser please.”He smiled at her and walked onboard.Roadkill and all but Trip got onto Scum.With a final heavy goodbye,he stomped onto Scum.Outlaw beamed,Tank Trax behind her,looking very grim and Monster patting his back.An escort of jets hung over Scum,awaiting his departure.Other ‘bots awaited him.Switchblade tranformed and joined the escort.Siren silently wished she could join the chopper.

“Get your asses off the planet you stupid ‘cons!”Outlaw yelled suddenly.Siren sighed.She’d met many ‘cons,and Outlaw would have made a good one.A rousing cheer was taken up by hundreds of other autobots.Scum gave them a parting gift with a roar of his huge engines,which flattened many of the autobots and decepticons on the spaceport. Siren left with the squeal of tires and Outlaw shook her head.Siren could be such...an autobot at times.

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and bookmarked!

started up top, working down.

Good stuff so far!

like a lil spacing, but beggars can't be choosers
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This'll be the last bit for a while.Enjoy.

Exile Cancelled

Beneath a sprawling oak tree in the park,Siren sat,slowly hitting the back of her head against it.It seemed to help humans when they were confused,but was not helping her.Not only had the mysterious Roadkill and Crew been exiled,and all thier history with them.And Trip.Buzz and Skinner had left with them.And Fifty Fifty.She hadn’t even known he was actually a Decetpticon.Not that he had spoken much.She heard the familar rumble that was Tank Trax.She didn’t bother looking as he transformed and walked up to her,his face a hard slate that would be unreadable to anything but a Cybertronian.

“Have you seen Outlaw?”He asked,breaking her peaceful silence.She turned her head to him and narrowed her optics.If she had ever held a weapon,now she would be pointing it at his head.She wondered if Trip used weapons like the others on his team.She took her time before answering the wanna be avenger.

“Even if I knew where she was,I don’t want to talk to her.”He was taken aback by the fire in her voice and she went back to tapping her head on the tree.

“The ‘cons are gone,what the hell is your problem?”She turned back to him,growling silently to herself before answering hiim.

“So are Buzz and Skinner.”She hissed.True,she knew her human friends were somewhat safer jumping around in space with the team.It covered her worry for Trip too.He was just a doctor on a team of killers.

“Yeah,I’m worried for them too.But what can we do?”

“You can start by leaving me alone.”He got up.

“Your wires are crossed.The ‘cons done something to you.Switch is acting exactly like you.”He sneered. “I’ll find her myself.”He rolled off to try to find his team leader.This park was really all she had left.The only place where Buzz and Skinner had been that she could actually fit into.Well into the night,she transformed and drove out of Portland,going to where she had first met Roadkill and Crew.She was not to be the only one there.Deadeye sat cleaning his gun.She rolled to a halt,she had been hoping to be alone tonight.Disk Drop was with him,in his boom box form.Seeing her,he turned on his lights that were on his head, picking her out on the road.

“What’re you doing here?”He drawled,smiling.She adjusted her windshields tint so she could look at him.

“Nothing.What about you?”She tried acting casual about it.Unfourtanatly failure as measured by humans and autobots was the same and she managed it spectacularly.Only a decepticon would have done better.Disk Drop gave a digital laugh that was reminisent of Soundwave.She wanted to roll over and hit him.She finally transformed and stalked over to the two and took a seat by them.

“We were looking for Outlaw.She’s gone missing.”

“Probably found a party.”She said.

“No.She would’ve told us.”Disk Drop answered her. “That and I haven’t been able raise Tank Trax or Monster on the interal comm.”She didn’t worry about too badly about Monster,he was probably with Outlaw,being her gaurd.It was Tank Trax that worried her,he did not hide his hate for Roadkill and Crew.In particular the dinocons.

“Did you check the space bridges?Trax might’ve headed to Cybertron.Monsters likely wherever Outlaw is.”

“I had Goldbug run up all the people who had used the bridges,Trax wasn’t on them.Nor had he been signed on any ship.His signal just dissapeared like Outlaw and Monster.”Deadeye answered.

“I haven’t bothered checking.”

“Niether has Switchblade.”Deadeye said,pointing the gun at the sky and adjusting his sights with a few thoughts.

“And your here because...?”She figured she could guess but wanted the answer from him.Disk Drop raised and lowered the front of his speakers as a human would thier eyebrows. Some of human gestures she got,some,like what he had just done,made no sense.His alt mode was a damn radio.Which he loved to refer to as a boom box.

“To see if the ‘cons came back.”Deadeye answered her,breaking her line of thought.

“Thier not going to.”She came to the conclusion as she looked at the clearing the dinocons had used.Feelings were the realm of humans supposadly,but she was certainly having mixed ones.Unlike most ’cons who had fought on regardless,they had just seemed to give up.They’d been deafeted before they could do anything.Deadeye got up and sat beside her,putting a hand on her shoulder.She wiped it away with a glare.

“Thier ‘cons,why the hell are you worrying?”


“I think the decpticon doc gave her a jump.”She didn’t hold back when she hit him.He transformed as he flew into a tree.

“He was nice...that’s it.”She growled.He gave her a malicious grin as he turned himself on and found a song on his huge database.It was ‘In The Air Tonight’.He crooned along with it and she opened her own database and shut herself off to the two and internal interlinks,listening to the selection she had gotton from Buzz and Skinner.Then she shutoff her optics so she wouldn’t have to see him in front of her.In doing that,she failed to notice the two snap out of existense,both being pulled as if a black hole had appeared behind them.

“Where should we go?”Skinner said as he twirled arond in the captains chair on Scum.Buzz leaned back in the co-pilots,eating a sandwich.Scum had a holo of himself standing among the circle on the bridge.The circle consisted of Roadkill,Saw Maw,Ripto, Riptide,Isky,Humgunner and Fifty Fifty.Chaos and Shield were arm wrestling,Trip had gone below decks to the repair bay and Mix-Up had dissapeared to his cabin which doubled as a lab for his camoflage expierments and other,more dangerous things.Cantra was examaning the intergalactic map,finding all the autobot territories and helping Scum update it as they ran through it.Riptide and Isky had gone down to the cargo hold to take a full listing of what they had and what the autobots had given them.Scum himself was in orbit over Pluto,which had an autobot warning system on it and gun platforms.Other turrets hung in space,bypassing the ship.Pluto was the bounds of the territory,and in little over a week they had came to it.It was also far enough out no one would bother them.

“What happened to that one planet,the gambling one?We could go there couldn’t we?”Roadkill volunteered.It was a ‘con planet last he knew,and it was also out of the way. Cantra found it and brought it up on holo.

“I can make it easily.Did they give me as much energon as they said they did?” Scum answered and asked.

“Yeah they did.Thier autobot’s,thier not going to go back on thier word.”Riptide answered.”Got enough food here for the boys too.They could last years on it.”

“If it’s just sandwiches,I’d rather eat energon.This thing tastes like cardboard.”Buzz said,scraping off his tounge.

“Ripto can cook for you if you want.”Saw smiled at him.Buzz and Skinner looked at eachother with apprehension.


“I have an entire database of recipes.I’ll check the hold and see what they gave us. I’ve never done it before,and I don’t think we have a galley onboard either.You can fix that can’t you Scum?”Ripto beamed,his metal teeth glowing.

“Yeah,I’ll have one installed at the nearest space dock.”He said sarcastically.

“You may need them.Thier here for good.”Fifty Fifty said. “And besides,I can cook too.”

“Yeah...um...that happened to be the worst hamburger I’ve ever had.”Skinner said. “You took the grease right out of it.And the fries.Yuuuck.He can’t even use an oven.”

“They were cooked.”Fifty Fifty protested.

“They were burnt.Black.”

“You said well done.”

“I said crispy.”Skinner answered.

“Same thing.”

“And you guys lived together?”Scum laughed,his holo moving around his bridge.

“Yeah.”Buzz answered.Chaos finally beat Shield in the arm wrestling match and turned to his counterpart.

“You put up with that?”

“Thier humans,what do you expect?”

“I expected something....”He was cut off as Scum’s comm came to life.

“This is Cosmos calling Scumrunner,Scumrunner,please answer.”

“Should I answer boss?”Roadkill thought as the message was repeated.

“Yeah,but ask why?”

“I read you Cosmos,what do you want?”

“Thank Primus.Are you still in the solar system?”

“Yes.Why do want me?”

“Not you Scumrunner.Can you put Roadkill on your channels?”Roadkill walked over with the holo and got onto the interlink network.

“I’m here,now answer the damn question.Why do you want me?”

“Your wanted back on Earth.ASAP.”

“We just got exiled from there.What does Prime want and what is it?I want the damn truth ‘bot.”

“How do you know it’s Rodimus who wants you?”Cosmos asked,suspicion in his voice.

“Who else would?Now what’s going on?”Roadkill demended.

“Autobots have been going missing and you and your crew have been cited.You will come peacefully or we will trace your signal and take you forcefully.”Roadkill looked back at his Crew,the others coming into the bridge.They could not escape the damn autobots. He wanted to just have Scum start his engines and jump to the farthest system they could find.That’d make them automattically guilty.A first time they hadn’t been.That and they’d have to fight it out in the end.Saw was in a hurried whispered conversaition with Ripto,and when they finished,she walked up,putting a hand on his.

“You take too much from the humans.”He said.

“Maybe you should too.Never hurt me.Just go back.We’re innocent,they’ll send us back into exile immidiatly after.”

“Fine.Cosmos,this is Scum,we’re heading back to Earth.”

“An escort will be waiting.”Roadkill and Scums holo walked back to the circle,Saw leaning on Scums instruments.

“We’ll be out of this soon enough.”It wasn’t enthusastic,and he wasn’t happy about the desicion.Mix-Up and Trip were the only two who looked happy.Chaos was crestfallen and Ripto sighed heavily.

Scum landed at the spaceport,the escorts flying off as land units aimed thier guns at him.He did not respond,instead,opening his hatch and letting the team off.They walked out and transformed,the lead escort a massive tank with four cannons and monsterous treads.It was easily twice the size of Chaos.But none were detered.These weren’t exactly serious odds.Scum had hidden his guns and appeared to be the normal transport he was meant to be.They were taken outside of Autobot city.It immidiatly felt like an ambush to him.Ripto flew overhead,also on watch.The armed escort was followed by jets and choppers,each doing flybyes.They arrived at a small town,that was well populated with both humans and autobots,among them,Siren,Switchblade and Deadeye.It was an autobot town,with defensive measures.Rodimus awaited them inside what looked like a government building.

“You and your crew seem to abound with problems.”Roadkill stood tall,Siren shadowing Trip and Switchblade shadowing Mix-Up.

“We’re innocent,you do know this right?”

“Did Cosmos inform you of what happened?”

“Yes.”Rodimus slapped his head.

“That idiot,I told him not too.”

“I wouldn’t have came if I didn’t know the charges Prime.Search Scum,we have nothing.Besides,why would we take them?”

“Trax comes to mind.”The dinocons looked between eachother.

“If we still had anything to settle with him,we would’ve before we left.”Cantra said.

“Of course...but you are..”An explosion interrupted Prime,shaking them.They ran out of the building,guns and weapons bared.Roadkill and Chaos couldn’t get to the door,so they ran out of the wall.What met them was something out of thier memories.The autobots were fighting against a force that seemed to have just appeared there.And the inexpierenced autobots were being blown to peices.Explosions rocked across the town and the sound of firearms would be deafening to human ears.They just turned down the sound on thier audio recievers.

“Who the hell are they?”Saw asked,taking to the sky.It was a giant geselt.There were others fighting at it’s feet.Defensor came trying to defend the fleeing humans as the army wreaked havoc.Then the gesalt divided,flying at them,a one large red army vehicle.A four barreled monstrosity that looked like how Shield had used too,just smaller.Switchblade flew at it,and it transformed running full into her and slamming her into the ground.Mix-Up ran at it,but it glanced up and a hummer flew over,transforming,sirens blaring to such a degree it irratated him.Roadkill batted the robot away and was hit full on with a missle from the large red robot.Mix-Up was fighting with the hummer,slugging it foot to foot.

“You sided wrong sister.You’re a stupid ‘con.”

“Sister?I wouldn’t be your sister in your liftime.”She struggled against the mech,and suddenly snapped out of existense.The mech gasped in confusion and launched herself at Roadkill,who also snapped as he got ready to punch her.Tripwire was defending himself and Siren with his hook hand.Then they both dissapeared.Choas roared into battle,guns blazing,Fifty Fifty transforming onto him and shooting at the mechs.A large monster truck, which before Chaos was snapped out,thought it looked like Monster.Only uglier.The monster truck shot off a slavo of missles at Humgunner,who rolled away,shooting.Then a large,almost futuristic half track roared foward,firing quickly shot at him.Then he too snapped out of existense.Rodimus looked around,fighting hard as he could beside the dinocons,Riptide and other autobots.The last vehicle came from the gesalt came foward,a large semi that was a sound system on tracks.It transformed, it’s four huge speakers becoming arms and legs and the chest becoming more like that of a digital radio. The windshield even had the decibals measurement,currently in green.Then they went red and a massive sonic boom hit them all,tearing the very roads apart.Riptide winked out before it hit him.

Where are we?

Roadkill flew out of the portal he had been sucked into,fist out in front of his face.He smashed into a metal wall with a massive thud.His body crumpled and he retransformed into his truck and trailer mode and went into emergency shutdown.He awoke again with Siren and Tripwire hanging over him.

“You all right boss?”

“Been better.Am I okay to transform?”

“You’ll be fine.”He then transformed.He was in a steel room with the rest of his team. The dinocons were nowhere in it.A hole appeared in the cieling and Riptide fell from it on his back,landing near Mix-Up,who hung over a very beat up Switchblade.Siren and Trip turned thier attention to her as Hummer knocked on the steel walls.There was no exit.Chaos and Fifty Fifty stood still,both very shocked.Siren sighed as she worked on Switchblade. The big red mech had done much damage just holding her.

“She will make it,won’t she?”Siren asked Trip.Chaos transformed and rolled over,Fifty Fifty taking a place on his tread covers.

“Trust Doc.He’s pulled us out of worse.”

“No offense Siren,but I wish Cantra was here.He can refabricate her skin in no time.”

“None taken.C’mon,pull through this.Can you feel her spark?”

“No.Hummer,you?”Humgunner nodded.

“She’s stronger then you think.Mix-Up,stop pacing,your irratating me.”Mix-Up did, transforming so he could stop himself from pacing.He did stop to consider why he was worrying about the ‘bot who had shot him and taken off his hand.In all truth,he didn’t care why he was worrying.It was her.Didn’t know why,and he didn’t bother with that either.The hours passed,Roadkill tranforming into truck and trailer mode and shutting down.Mix-Up and the doctors didn’t,while the others did.Trip and Siren finished and stood up and then shut down to conserve energy too.Mix-Up held his vigil over her.When she awoke,her optics glowing off and on as if she were blinking.When she sat up,he helped her.

“What happened?”She shook her head with ferocity.

“A very big,very red and mech tried to crush you.”She nodded.

“I remember.She said I had chosen wrong and called me sister.Said I had gone with the ‘cons.”

“Look around the room.You have gone to the ‘cons.”She did.

“Is that like the human saying ‘things have gone to the dogs’?And where are we?”

“Don’t know the answer to either of questions.I guess we wait.”She leaned on the wall,holding her knees and shutting down as he did.

“Bossss.Bossss.Get up.”Roadkill came out of his shutdown mode,headlights crossing as he searched for the familar voice and the annoying metal tapping.Standing and flicking a clawed hand on his grill was Ripto.He transformed and looked down.

“What the hell happened to you?Your old again.”The mech in question was a shiny steel and red robot,still small,and oddly formed.His tail came down and covered his clawed feet,the raptors killer claw sticking outward.His head was his chest and his arms looked like they were once parts of his back.His other pair had folded to create his back.Two bike wheels were on his back too,for his motor cycle mode.One of the smallest triple changers ever.His body was striped in green and the ‘con badge was on the shoulder.

“Old again Boss?I am same.Wall open and we dino’s find you shutdown in here with ‘bots.”Roadkill cocked his head.

“When did you get here?”

“Hours ago.Saw and others still shutdown.I think it best to get you out of shutdown first.”

“Thanks.”He looked across the room,two of the walls gone on either side,and it seemed to go on and on.The entire dino team were in shutdown,Shield nearly inside his steel shell,Cantra stood in his dino mode,Saw was laying peacefully as if she was a relexing human.Even seventeen years ago she had adopted to the humans way of doing things far faster then he had.That and even being a dinocon,could get anyone to trust her. Isky as always was in his robot form.He got onto interlink and gave a short signal that would come out to them as an irratable screech to the others.The ‘cons practically leapt up,Fifty Fifty the only one who actually did.Ripto had shut off his just for the screech and it came back on.Shield popped out of his shell and sent himself spinning and ran into Chaos.Who bellowed and woke up the autobots who came up with a start,Switchblade taking out her blade and a gun.The robots on the other side were also awoken by the noise.Saw walked over to him and smacked his waist.

“I was sleep ‘Kill!Where are we?”She looked around as the other robots stumbled over to him.The one oppisate of the Crew were none other then Deadeye,Outlaw and others.Tank Trax almost immidiatly threw himself at the dinocon team,but Chaos and Mix-Up held him off.

“I don’t know.Cantra shuddup!”He yelled at the dinocon who was roaring at the yelling Tank Trax.Unlike Trax,he shut up and tranformed into robot mode.Saw looked at the ‘bots,her less then sleek form making her look a little blocky.

“Why are ‘bots here?They know us?I not know them.”She huffed.Questions were rolling through his head too.The main one was where the hell were they?Why came next, why were the dinocons the way they were?Thier chassis’ were seventeen years old. Maybe.They looked brand new,if a little scuffed and beat up.

“Yeah,we know them.You don’t,yet.I think.”Siren arrived at the conclusion far faster then he did.She didn’t get to speak her mind though.

“Not yet?”Ripto asked.“This not a trick sensi make?Or one of story he tell?”

“No it’s not.”A large voice cut in.All the robots turned as the wall behind Roadkill dropped into the floor.Out rolled the largest,possibly most beat up,rusted and creaky vehicle any of the autobot’s had ever seen.It was a convoy,a large decepticon convoy.It seemed as old as the war.The sleekness had been lost and the large guns lacked luster.Roadkill immidiatly took a knee and the other ‘cons on his Crew did too.The large convoy transformed,keeping his eyes on the autobots.

“Who’re you?”Switchblade asked,undetered.

“I am Shadowkill.Their sensi.”Outlaw looked very unimpressed by his massive bulk and guns.He looked ancient. “Stand up.”They did and he cast an eye on his former students.

“You dissapeared years ago.Hundreds of thousands of years ago.”Roadkill said.

“So I did.My ship was sucked into a time portal.I’ve been here,wherever here is,for that long,at least I think.I have been shutdown for most of the time.Stuck in the same room with my team.Something is begining,something big.”

“We were sucked in a time portal?”Siren asked,curiousness overcoming her fear of the large mech.

“Yes.Not a random portal.A controlled time fluctuation.”

“Controlled?No one control time.Except Primus.”Saw said.Shadowkill shook his head.

“When did the pretty little jet turn into a...what are you?”She shrugged.

“I think I called a Ceryadactle.Earth animal.”

“They have odd...things,animals,on this Earth.Your bodies are....different.Earth animals too?”Roadkill laughed.

“And what is so funny Overkill?”

“Sorry sensi,we are Earthen vehicles.My name is also now Roadkill.”Shadowkill rubbed his chin.

“So they are animals.”He pointed to the dinocons, “And your vehicles?From the same planet?”

“Yes.The natives are called humans and they created them for transport and other things.”He gave a holo of Skinner and Buzz to give him an idea.

“Fleshies eh?”The most deragative term the ‘cons had ever thought of for any being not made of metal.Humans may not have been made of metal,but they could be quite destructive.Buzz and Skinner had proved that on many campaigns.

“Yeah.Fleshies good in a fight.”Saw answered with a grin.Shield gave an uneeded nodded.

“You’ve been long among them Slizer?”Saw stopped in a confused manner as he used her old name.Then she nodded quickly.The old dinosaur bodies seemed to inhibit the brilliant tacticain’s thinking speed.It had been the same of all of them.

“Yes.But my name Saw Maw now.”To give the reason,she transformed and opened her mouth,showing the many rows of metal teeth.

“Have you all changed your names?”He asked madly.

“I didn’t.”Shield said. “I still Shield.”

“You’ve shrunk.”Shield shrugged.

“It not matter.I still wreck good.”He slapped his tail and shook the room.It echoed down the massive halls,creating the toll of a bell.He continued on oblivious,liking the sound it created.

“Will you stop!”Outlaw yelled,flipping her gun out and pointing it at his head.Other weapons came out,pointing at her.He stopped calmly and took a bite out of the gun,eating it with a smile.

“Let him be or I kill you.”A gun easily the size of an artillery cannon nearly swallowed her head.She turned from Shield,all the weapons still on her head.She moved the gun aside and put her broken weapon back,taking out another and pointing at him.A low rumbling laugh came from him. “You’d make a good decepticon,except your far braver then most.”

“Ha!Decepticon!I hate them.”

“Then why are you with them?Is the war already over?”

“Yeah.”Roadkill answered unenthusiastically.The dinocons all looked him.

“No it not.”Cantra said.

“Yes it is.”Tank Trax smiled wickedly. “You lost.”

“Did not!”Ripto growled harshly.“We still fight!”Switchblade kept calm as the ‘bots and ‘cons began arguing about who and why they had won the war.

“SHUT UP!”A large roar ripped across the hall.A technoraganic cheetah walked up to them,transforming.His body still resembled the animal,with a near human head.Roadkill flicked Saw and she gave him a cross look.

“Who by Primus are you?”Shadowkill asked,mad that the mech in question had inturrupted the best arguement that wasn’t with his teammates in years.The mech crossed his arms and didn’t even bother wasting his time with Shadowkill.

“I am Cheetor.Maximal Commander.I want to know where by Primus I am.” Cheetor glared at them all.

“We could be in hell for all we know.”Disk Drop said.Shield shook his head angrily.

“Hell?That is a human word no?”

“Yeah.”Humgunner said. “Ever been there?”

“Not when the humans had inhabited it,but yes,I have been.This must be a first, Autobots and Decepticons in the same place,and not shooting at eachother.”

“No point.”Roadkill said. “We lost the war.”

“No...”Cheetor gave a harsh growl and raised his lips,showing his metal fangs.Ripto stepped back with an oath.

“How come we’ve never seen you or heard of you?”Fifty Fifty asked.

“What human year are you in?”

“2006.”He answered.

“I am from the future.I was pulled straight from Cybertron.”

“What year?”Chaos asked,now curious.

“I don’t really know.But I know a time warp when I see one.Megatron has been defeated and so has Unicron.But,this just doesn’t feel right.”He tapped the floor with his metal claws. “Too alive you might say.”

“Unicron?Who is Unicron?”Outlaw asked.

“You haven’t heard of him?He...ah..he is the oppisate of Primus.In fact,he is Primus’ greatest foe,according to myth.He said he is as big as a moon”

“Very good Cheetor.Very good.”They all searched for the voice.Hearing it everywhere at once,even thier internal comms and wavelengths.A holo suddenly appeared before them of a small laughing robot.He resembled an earthen motorcycle and bore the colors of the decepticons.His head looked as if Primus had slapped a longhorns head on it with little slits for eyes. “You have an impressive mind.I am your guide, Sideways.”

“Where are we?”Monster was quick to ask,rushing foward and screeching to a halt before the holo.The small mech smiled in such a way,even though many times bigger then the holo,Roadkill shuddered.Monster backed away,nearly running into Chaos.

“Why,Cheetor has already told you.”He paused to let it sink in,but not long enough. “I would like to welcome you to the new and improved Unicron.Welcome,to the Tournements of Time.”

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Okay,I was wrong.Truly the last chapter.Then the tournements begin.Enjoy.

The Tournements of Time

“The Tournements of Time?”The question came from everyones mouth,except Shadowkill.

“The Tournements of Time.Massive enternainment that will further the technologies on you.Even you Cheetor,even you.”The Maximal clenched his mouth shut.”You will face off with another in battle,only to the point of shutdown,no one will be killed.”

“That sounds nothing like Unicron to me.”Cheetor would not be put out of this conversation.Roadkill let the maximal do what he wished,better his head then his own.

“Unicron has changed.Defeat after defeat can make one very upset.As the humans say,if you can’t beat them,join them.Primus defeated him this last time,leaving him crippled and in the flux of time.He was allowed out and changed after inumberable more millions of years in his unending prison.”

“He can control time though.”Sideways shook his head.

“He didn’t then.Primus took it from him and besides leaving his body crippled,left his powers crippled too.That can do much to one.”

“And he didn’t want revenge?”Outlaw asked.“’Cause I sure as hell would.”

“Of course he did.Imprisoment changed that.He wishes only to further the cause of all Cybertronians.Be they Decepticons,Autobots,Maximals,Predicons,Minicons,Xenobots, Junkions and Nebulons.And any other robotic race.”Sideways finished his proud speech with a flourish.Siren gave Tripwire a hesitent look.

“And where exactly are is these taking place?”Sideways smiled.

“Right through there.”His holo pointed to the wall behind Shadowkill.A large door opened in it and his silent team was immidiatly up in arms.All of Roadkill’s team did the same,himself included, taking out his large rifle.Switchblade was the only autobot who actually managed to quickly, Deadeye seconds later.

“Put your weapons away.You have hours,if not days before you fight.There are many to go through.”A shadow in the doorway said.They all moved cautiously to the doorway,where Sideways stood in person,or rather,in mech.He had gotten too used to the human speech patterns.They walked into the largest hodge podge of machines and mechs all in one.Isky put his gun back in awe.

“I like this party.Find mo’ ‘cons boss.”He walked happily into the room.Ripto eyed up Sideways,not liking the mech.He scratched his teeth and walked on into the room, casually looking around the room,if such it could be called.Outlaw stopped dead,hitching her gun back.Two large tanks rolled by,stopping to back up and look at them.One had his head pop out of his cannon mount.

“Hey Chaos!Long time no see!”

“Hello Chainmaul.”The tank grunted.

“What crossed your wires?”The tank growled crossly,rolling off.His buddy followed him without another look.

“What crossed my wires?What jumped thier mainframes?I said hello.”

“Maybe you didn’t say it happily enough.”Fifty Fifty suggested.Chaos almost brushed him off his shoulder.

“Well it’s not that I’m not happy to see him.But I’m not.I haven’t fought beside him for ages.”He searched for an unfilled table,could not find one,so walking foward and throwing Sideways out his way,he forced a trio of small decepticons from a large table they were hogging.

“Hey!What was that for?”One snapped into a small animal mode.It was a small eagle,who flew up into his face.He batted the robot out of the air and sat down,the crew following his lead,the autobots after them.Shadowkill rolled up beside them,knocking away any robot stupid enough to stand in his way.His trailer split itself and allowed for his teams seating and then he transformed.

“Roadkill,what about what is happening on earth?”Siren asked him.

“Do not worry about what is happening.You will be sent back to your proper times, exactly when you left them.”Sideways said,taking his own seat and putting his feet up. Cheetor growled something that resembled an earthen swearword.

“You don’t like your time Cheetor?”

“I like it well enough.My times just a little sparse on things like other mechs.I haven’t seen this many quite litterally millions of years.”

“Niether have we.”Hummer commented,decking a ‘con who was trying to steal his gun.The hovercraft sulked off dissapointed. “You do know with this many ‘bots and ‘cons theres liable to be a war opening up in this place.”

“Unicron has gaurds to enforce them if they do decide to open up on eachother.Let me show you.”He gave a simple three code beep that Roadkill recognised immidiatly.One of the many square containers that seemed to haphazardly spread about suddenly transformed.Many of the mechs who were using them to sit jumped up in suprise,taking aim at them,the boxes aiming right back.One walked up to Sideways,putting his gun back.Roadkill stared intently,optics focusing and refocusing.

“Shirk?Is that you?”The humanoid mech looked up at Roadkill,face much like Choas’. It was sleek and angled and had red eyes along the side.Aside from that,the body was blocky and not so sleekly designed.

“It is I.Drone Commander SH-RK 23100T reporting to Overkill.And as you have always said,I still look like a box.Still feel like a box and still turn into a box.”

“Have you finally attained sentinence?”Shirk nodded.As Overkill he had worked with Shirk and his drones on many undercover missions,and had adjusted to his teams odd ways.

“As much as can be said.I am concise of myself.”

“Congrat...congrad..conu...”Saw mumbled.”..I know word,it not coming.Good for you.”She finally got out.

“Something go wrong in head Saw?You have a speech impediment.” Shadowkill mocked her.She glared at him.

“Stop that.It’s the bodies fault,it’s primative.”Roadkill said in anger.Siren rotated one of her optics over to Trip.He nodded to her and Hummer rocked his head.Ripto put his head in his hands and shook it.

“You no need to do that ‘Kill.I defend myself.”

“See.She’s capable of doing it herself.She always has been.”Shadowkill said.Saw patted his hand.

“Yeah I am.”

“I know.But there’s no need to knock how she talks.”He had always thought it funny too,but he’d never be that mean to her.She had been his first battle partner and one of the strongest fighters he had ever known.Her smaller stature had never stopped her from being fierce either.Shadowkill shrugged.

“So be it.”Shirk started wandering around,three other drones following him.

“When is this going to get started...I’m bored.”Chaos held his head in hands,and finally took his cannon off,it doubled as sniper rifle and he began cleaning it.Roadkill sighed. Chaos and boredom were never a good mix.

“You’ll just have to learn pateince.”Sideways said.Shadowkill chuckled.

“That was never one of his good points.”

“No it wasn’t.”Roadkill agreed.Saw was tired of sitting in the chair,so transforming she flew onto Roadkills shoulder and put herself into shutdown.He patted her large beak that dropped over his chest with affection.

“What is there to do while we wait?”Ripto asked,tapping his fingers on the table.

“We got bars,entertainment and holo games.Do as you wish,just when you hear your name,a squad will come to get you.”Sideways got up and transformed,his head turning into a small robotic rider and drove off.

“Do they have a shooting gallery?”Chaos asked,putting his cannon back on his shoulder.

“That we do.Entertainment district.”The holo record of Sidways said.

“And where is that?”

“Walk or roll for about a mile straight behind you and take a left.”He got up.

“I’m headin’ there Boss.”

“Keep in touch.”He saluted and transformed,Fifty Fifty hopping onto his cannon and laying in the sights.Hummer was quick to follow,wheels squealing as he took off.Trip extended his hook hand,letting the hook roll out and he started swinging it back and forth. Ripto’s eyes followed it and he smiled.Roadkill got up,Saw’s talons automattically gripped him.

“Where’s the bar?”Swithblade looked happily and stood up.

“Straight ahead.Follow the crowd.”Shirk answered as he happened by on his patrol. A sudden argument between a dragonfly transformer and an old tapedeck broke out.The tapedeck was a ‘con and the dragonfly a ‘bot.As soon the ‘con threw a punch,the drones started shooting.Both dropped in a heap of smoking metal.Then they both dissapeared as a green grid went over them.

“Are they gone for good?”The surprised Siren asked.All the dinocons had transfromed and had taken out thier weapons.

“No.They’ll be back.Hopefully this time the wiser.C’mon,I’ll show you to the bar.”He waved them on,Mix-up and the other Dinocons and Autobots following.Siren looked at Trip,who was back to swinging his hook hand.Shadowkill looked at the two as she turned in her chair and leaned on him,using him as a back support and putting her feet up on a recently vacated one.Shadowkills team took thier places,each a weaponized mech that looked like an earthen warrior from the medival era.Ripto’s attack came out of nowhere,but without even bothering to move,he wrapped the little raptor up in his tow line and jerked him up as if he were fishing.He struggled pointlessly and he extanded his arm,smiling.He started twirling the raptor around.He stopped and let Ripto hang.

“Why are you doing that?”Siren sighed,holding her head.They weren’t even worried about what was happening on Earth.She was terribly worried.

“It’s our practice session.If we ever get back to Earth,we’re going to need it against those mechs.”

“What mechs?”Shadowkill asked.

“Someone started a fight down on earth and we got mixed up in it.We really need to get back back there.”Ripto finally popped out of the cables and he rolled it back up, shooting it across the room.Ripto bounded after it,catching it in mid-air with his mouth and landing,wagging his tail happily.He jerked it back and Ripto took to the air with it.

“’Bots get after you?”

“Don’t know,they fired indiscreminatly.’Con or ‘bot,made no difference.”Ripto scratched the table with his claws as he was drug along,tugging furiously and happily.He let go of the hook and transformed,sitting cross legged on the table.

“Then why you need get back?”Ripto asked,looking at Siren.

“It’s the only place I know.I’m not going to lose it.”

“Said with pride autobot.You wanna go back Trip?”He shrugged.

“There might be a reason or two worth staying.Not exactly the best memories on it.”

“If memories problem,wipe ‘em.”Ripto tapped his head.

“I’m not you Ripto.Memories are valuable.Good and bad.”Siren tapped her head against his shoulder,still wishing she could be fighting beside Buzz and Skinner.Or at least helping the ones who would be hurt.She didn’t even have basic combat training.

“What you name autobot?An’ why you so close to my buddy Trip?”He leaned foward,disengaging a gun from his waist and looking over it,making sure it was in shape.

“My name’s Siren.Remember it.As for being close to Trip,we’re doctors.”

“Oh.I remember name.Siren.You a cute autobot,maybe that why he not fight you.” She would’ve gone red if she were a human.She closed her medical visor over her face so no one could see her reaction,hiding behind the steel mask.Trip didn’t move for lack of anything better to say to the raptor.

“You know he’s not just a doctor.He does fight.Not a brave fighter mind you.He’s always hidden in the shadows.”Shadowkill smiled.She merely turned her head,letting the mask slip back.

“Isn’t that what a search and destroy team does?I’ve got all thier records and video on them.If you intend to scare me off of him,you’ll have to try harder.I know what his name signifies.He’s an explosive expert.”

“Impressive.A smart autobot.Be careful Trip.C’mon boys,lets go to the range.”He transformed and his impressively barbaric crew did too.Thier alternate forms were sharp, pointed war machinations that looked like they were from someones twisted mind.Then that left the four,Ripto looked at the two,rubbing his chin and then back at Cheetor.

“You two boring.You know how to fight Siren?’Caused that be big problem if you not know how to fight.”Cheetor looked at them,walking up onto the table and transforming so he could curl up and wait for his name.

“I don’t even know basic combat manuvers.”Trip had been defending her with moves that he had probably made over the years.Cheetor sat up and glanced between Ripto and Trip.

“Do you have any weapons?Firearms?”He asked as Ripto got up.

“My fists.And I don’t use those well unless I’m fixing someone.I’ve never wanted to fight anyways.I’m a doctor.”

“I am too.Use your skills.You can dismantle a robot as easy as fix them.That,and you have a weapon too.”He got up and she followed in her seat.He hit her leg which was the back of her ambulance form and the door popped open.He took out her blowtorch. “This is your weapon.And likely most powerful you can ever use.Adust the setting to the highest and you have a heated knife.”He turned it on and the clear flame shot out as he smiled.

“Next time...”She plucked her blowtorch back from him,it going out automattically and put it in her leg. “Tell me when your going to hit me.That is a tool for surgery.Not a weapon.And stay out of my personal compartments.”Ripto and Cheetor gave each other glances before turning back to the two.

“Anything is if you use it right.”Cheetor yawned,flicking his tail idly.

“I don’t want to fight.”He cocked an eyebrow and gave a creepy smile.A smiling cheetah just didn’t fit any of the pictures of things established on Earth that Siren had seen.

“I don’t you have much of a choice.Unicron doesn’t give you choices.We can teach you,but that is it.”

“She autobot.”Ripto cocked his head to Cheetor. “You teach her.We ‘cons probably too brutal.And Trip can’t make things go boom.Not without gettin’ shot.”To demonstrate his brutality,his wheels were suddenly turned into saws.Trip rolled his optics. He could rend and tear easily with his hook hand.

“I gotta talk to Roadkill before we practice.Be back in a few.”She transformed and hurried through the robotic masses to find the bar.Trip shrugged and took back his chair and leaned back on the table.Ripto turned back into a raptor and started stalking around Cheetor,who ignored him while flicking his tail around.

Siren found Roadkill sitting at the bar,Saw Maw awake and beside him,both drinking energon slowly.The others sat with them,taking up much of the bar space.She tapped him hesintantly and he turned in his seat.

“I need to talk to you.Privately.”She whispered.

“If it’s about Trip,you can gladly stay with him.If it’s about the Earth,we’ll get there when we get there.”She was immidiatly upset at him naming Trip as one of her problems but ignored it for the time being.

“It’s about the current situation.”She hissed.

“What about it?”He growled.

“We may be in deep trouble.”He sat up at that and got out of his seat.Taking her by the shoulder he walked her out.They found a reletivly private place and he faced her.

“What kind of trouble?”He asked,optics narrowing.

“The facts speak for us.The dinocons for one.They’ve talked about the time warp many times.Ripto,who doesn’t know me now,knows me...then...or now.I think.Thier bodies as you’ve noticed look nothing like how we’ve seen them.”

“I’ve seen them that way...this way...whatever the hell.”

“They came back from a time warp.Saw the only one awake.Ripto the only with a memory of it.Isky and Shield hurt,not physically,but when I was working on them,something had corroded thier inernal structure.Ripto happens to know what is going on.He said something was begining when we left Scum and showed the Maximal badge.”Roadkill thought very carefully on it.

“Keep an eye out and don’t act suspicous,and be careful.We are fighting in arena’s and I don’t exactly trust Shirk anymore.”He turned away,then caught her before she could leave. “Keep an eye on Ripto too,he might get into trouble.Anyways,thanks for keeping Trip company.He needs it.”And he walked off again.

Once back,her fighting lessons began in earnest,and names of robots started getting called.The voice that came over the comn was an assualt on the audio receptors.That and it blasted through their comms and wavelengths.Every time it did name them,it sounded as if the mechs in question were already dead.

“Roadkill.”When his name came over comm,he looked up from the bar.He had hardly drank from his cup,and his crew that was with him followed his caution.Unlike some other mechs.A great example stumbled by,singly loudly and raucuasly about himself. Mix-Up shook his head at the futuristic tanks bad example.He got up,Shirk and five other drones walked up,guns pointing at him.

“We must be going Boss.”The small mech urged him on with his gun,and he sent out a transimission.They put thier guns back and Shirk shook his head.

“I’m going,and remember that I don’t like guns pointed at me.”He transformed and Shirk and his drones clambered on.He took off,going where the drones told him to. Swithblade had taken note on how the ‘cons were acting,and had not drank much.Outlaw was making a bad example of herself,laying on Monster and telling him how charmed she was by his bulky form.Tank Trax sat and mulled,keeping one optic on the dinocons.

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