Dalek and Warcry's Endless Star Trek Thread

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Re: Dalek and Warcry's Endless Star Trek Thread

Post by Cyberstrike nTo » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:09 pm

Scotimus Prime wrote:
Fri Oct 11, 2019 3:15 pm
anyone watched the new Short Treks(Q&A, The Trouble With Edward) yet?

Yeah, so I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to CBS All Access and watched the second season of Discovery and it was much better than the first season even if the main arc felt like Star Trek: Discovery meets The Terminator and I do like the idea that season 3 will push the crew 930 years into the future so the show is no longer another damn prequel. Honestly why not do that from season 1 and save yourself a headaches.

I also felt season 2 was more relaxed and a was having more a little more fun the goofier aspects of season 1 and bringing Captain Pike as the Captain this season really fleshed out him a lot and made him a heroically tragic character since out of all the captains he's the least established. I do wished that they developed the character of Airrim more before killing her off that was my biggest problem with season 1 was characters like Airrim, Demeter (the girl with cybernetic eye patch) and Owo they were there and had interesting looks but were seldom if ever named and did anything outside of saying "Yes sir." in season 1. Then when they tried to build up sympathy for Airrim in the same episode where they were going to kill her off and make me care about her and have the crew say how wonderful she was, well I didn't see it or know her or anything about her to really give much of a damn outside well that sucks. This is IMHO is part of the small number of episodes of streaming shows like these has and even Star Trek: Short Treks which out of the first 4 only 1 had any really bearing on season 2 with Calypso feels like an interlude between seasons 2 and 3. The other two felt like just offbeat stories. The new one, The Trouble With Edward was OK and so was Q&A both trying to be very hard to be funny and cute. I will give The Trouble with Edward credit for making the Tribbles come off as a real threat and why the Klingon Empire had to finally wipe them out.

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Re: Dalek and Warcry's Endless Star Trek Thread

Post by Scotimus Prime » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:29 am

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Re: Dalek and Warcry's Endless Star Trek Thread

Post by Warcry » Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:49 pm

Anyone else find that the sequestering of Discovery and Picard onto obscure subscription services has really killed your interest in it? If it was available on Netflix in Canada (as I understand it is in most of the rest of the non-US world?) I'd probably have watched all of Discovery and be very excited for Picard. but instead it's on some third-rate local streaming platform, and I find that I really don't care enough to bother. Out of sight, out of mind? I'm sure I'll catch it one day but I really feel zero motivation to tune in.

I have been watching TNG on Netflix, though. I guess they're streaming the HD remastered version of the show now, because damn, the Enterprise-D looks beautiful even in the mostly do-nothing effects shots of the first season. It's really amazing how much detail they put into the model, considering how blurry and grainy this all looked on TV in the 80s and 90s. I'm curious if I'll be able to tell the difference when they start using the less-detailed four-foot shooting model a couple seasons in.

Maybe it's the improved visuals or maybe it's just nostalgia (I haven't watched the bulk of TNG season one in probably fifteen years, since I jumped in somewhere in season two for my last watch six or seven years ago) but I'm enjoying the early episodes more than I expected. The tone is definitely bizarre considering what the show eventually became, some of the scripts are dreadful and most of the cast seem uncomfortable with their characters, but the episodes usually manage to be more than the sum of their mediocre parts. Even if just because they're accidentally hilarious. Having just watched Skin of Evil, I'm very curious how the show would have turned out if Denise Crosby had stayed. Tasha kinda sucked, but everyone kinda sucked in the first season, so I'm assuming she'd have improved as time went on. After all, even Troi managed not to suck sometimes in the last couple seasons.

My son has been watching with me (sometimes) and he's now borrowed a bunch of my old Playmates TNG toys. This weekend mostly consisted of him running around the house phasering everyone and scanning everything with a tricorder, swooshing the Generations Enterprise-D around and repeatedly beaming poor Barclay around in the transporter playset. He didn't understand why I found his choice of victim for the transporter so hilarious. I adored those toys when I was a kid and it really makes me happy to see them getting enjoyed again.

(And it reminds me that I really should track down replacement figures for all my well-used main characters, since the Playmates Trek stuff really isn't all that expensive nowadays. I keep saying that but I only got as far as replacing Geordi.)

He's also VERY insistent in reminding people that Picard has no hair, which reminds me that I thought Patrick Stewart was older than dirt when I first watched the show as a kid. I'm pretty sure that young me thought that he was 80 even though he didn't even turn fifty until half-way though the series.

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Re: Dalek and Warcry's Endless Star Trek Thread

Post by Denyer » Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:00 pm

Warcry wrote:
Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:49 pm
Anyone else find that the sequestering of Discovery and Picard onto obscure subscription services has really killed your interest in it?
Don't really keep up with any TV or films whilst they're "hot" for the most part. DVD or downloads long after the fact -- not much justifies buying on physical media or re-watching. Apart from forum and social media mentions, wouldn't know most of it exists. Do generally enjoy comedy panel shows, but following the fake vicar thing recently I wouldn't be upset if most of the BBC was cut.

Faced with massive fragmentation, it seems the main thing keeping the industries going is cheap CGI.

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