Titans Return RPG Rules

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Titans Return RPG Rules

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These rules are essentially the same as what we used in previous games, so if you're familiar with how we do things you shouldn't find anything surprising in here.

Part One: General Rules
  • The TFArchive RPG is open to the public. Anyone interested in playing can join.
  • Players cannot start their own threads without permission from RPG staff.
  • Players that cannot/do not follow the rules will lose their right to play the game.
Part Two: Claiming Characters
  • You may claim up to three total characters.
  • Characters from the Hasbro 'Titans Return' line (including all Takara variants, and redecos/retools of TR figures used in other lines that maintain the functionality) are considered acceptable characters. A list of these characters can be found here (insert link to roll call thread)
    • Although they are a part of the Titans Return line, Fortress Maximus and Trypticon will not be treated as playable characters because they're more of a setting and a plot device. However, Cerebros (and whichever smaller partner(s) Trypticon is packed with) will be playable.
  • Characters from other lines (including but not limited to the original series, Generation 2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Universe, Robots in Disguise, Armada, Energon, Cybertron, the 2007 Movie and TF:Animated) are generally not allowed. However, characters from those lines may be accepted if they are adapted into a form that fits with the theme of the Titans Return line. Generally this would entail becoming a Headmaster, including a Titan Master partner with a fleshed-out personality of their own. However, we'll at least consider any TR-compatible idea you can come up with. Some examples of adapted characters may be:
    • Legends Class Glyph, based on the Titans Return Bumblebee figure.
    • Headmaster Armada Cyclonus, with Crumplezone as his Titan Master.
    • Headmaster Doubledealer, with Knok and Skar Titan Masters for his robot and beast modes respectively
    • Titan Master Ironhide, driving around in a minivehicle based on his G1 toy.
  • Fan-created characters would likewise be considered, providing they're TR-compatible.
  • Due to the theme of the game, combiner teams are generally not allowed.
  • Please consult the Roll Call thread to avoid claiming a character who's already taken.
  • Please post a profile for your character in the Character Profiles subforum so that other players know which version of them you're using, what their personality is and what powers/abilities they have.
Part Three: Non-Player Characters
  • Non-player characters (NPCs) are defined as characters that aren't claimed as part of a given player's roster, but are active within the game. They can be used as plot devices, background characters or 'faces in the crowd' when there aren't enough player characters around to fill those roles. However, previous games have gotten entirely too NPC-heavy and as such they should be used sparingly and for unimportant roles in the Titans Return game.
  • All NPCs will controlled by members of the RPG staff, unless special permission is given to a player to do so.
  • Unless it is required on an emergency basis, characters who appear in the Titans Return toyline should not be used as NPCs. There are simply too few toy-based characters to tie them up in such a way. Background roles should be filled primarily by staff-created generics.
Part Four: Other Character Rules
  • If a character has not been used in over two months, the previous player's claim to that character has expired and it will be available for a new player to claim. However, if you contact staff before your absence your characters can be kept on hold for you until you get back.
  • If a player claims a character but never plays with them, that claim will be treated as expired in one month.
  • Posting as Primus, Unicron, Liege Maximo, Vector Sigma, the Oracle, the Vok, The Fallen is strictly forbidden.
  • Only one version of any character can be active in the game at any one time (there can't be more than one Optimus or Jazz running around at once).
  • Characters with alternate-universe origins are forbidden. Any character introduced into the Titans Return RPG must be introduced in a way that fits with the history we've established for the universe.
  • If you would like to drop a character, please edit your Roll Call post and make an OOC note of it whichever thread he's involved in so other players know not to try and interact with him. Don't drop a character in the middle of a conversation, a mission or especially a battle unless you've found someone else to play him. That's just rude.
  • No new Transformer factions are allowed. Your characters must be either Autobots or Decepticons.
  • Non-Transformer characters are currently not allowed.
Part Five: General Posting Guidelines
  • Please make sure your posts are substantial enough to give other players something to respond to. In general, posts shorter than four or five lines are frowned upon.
  • When posting messages, remember to stay in character. Your messages should, for the most part, fall within your character's statistics.
  • Refrain from having your characters swear. You are a giant robot from another planet and most likely would not use Earthen slangs and profanities. In general, try to keep things PG.
  • When your character is speaking, separate this from the main action text and break it off using “quotation marks”. Separate thoughts by writing them in italics. This will make it easier to read and follow the posts. If you want a certain character to respond to your post, put their name in bold to attract their attention. Keep OOC comments in the game thread to a minimum, and preferably in the 'subject' section when replying.
  • Develop your characters so that others are more familiar with their abilities and personalities. We can not stress this enough. One well thought out, developed character is preferable to a slew of drones!
  • Private Messages: USE THEM! They are a great way to set up battles and discuss plans for characters, develop stories, etc. Talk to players in your story for ideas! All the RPG staffers are available via PM.
  • Give others a chance to respond to the posts and stay with the story. Your characters are important, but not more so than anyone else's or their storylines. As well, please read all the responses in a thread to keep the story coherent.
Part Six: Combat Guidelines
  • You control ONLY your OWN character! If you have prior contact with a player about using their character, you may use them within agreed reason.
  • When in combat, always use 'attempts' rather than 'definite hits' -- you can shoot at another player's character, but it's up to them whether it hits.
  • You can't force damage on other players' characters, but nor can you simply ignore attacks made on your own characters. No matter how speedy or agile your character is, he's probably not faster than light. Getting hit happens.
  • You decide the damage your character will take in combat. However, use common sense when assessing the damage and likelihood of the attack's success. When a character gets shot, clawed, sliced, torched, rent, blown up, or maimed, he's going to hurt. We don't expect you to lay down and croak with one hit, but realism is a good thing. Continually shrugging off damage will not be tolerated. Likewise, powergaming - calling in big guns for the heck of it - is also not allowed.
  • One reason the Character Profiles forum exists is so that you can learn your enemy's and your own strengths and weaknesses. If your character's SPD and END are 3 and 7 and he's fighting someone whose FRP and SKL are 5 and 9 respectively, chances are you'll get hurt, at least a bit. Stats are very important in combat and should be referenced frequently.
  • Be reasonable about your skills. If a good sniper takes time to aim and fires at your head, he'll probably hit your head. If a missile is fired at you, you might be able to jump out of the way, but you'll probably get shrapnel and burns from the explosion. If someone kicks your knee, it might break a servo. Proper physics are crucial in combat, and they set up backfire scenarios that can be tons of fun. Paint a mental (or real, if you're bored and artistic enough) picture of the combatants and choose your next action as something your character, being who he is, could reasonably do in his situation.
  • Be reasonable about your characters. Everyone has an emotional attachment to the characters they're playing, so odds are they probably won't let you kill them. Yes, if your character is vastly more powerful than the character you're fighting, you could probably crush him easily. But you wouldn't be happy if someone tried to kill your Titan Master with a Leader-sized character, either.
  • Be reasonable about your actions. If you're ever unsure of what move to make, whether what you're doing may not be feasible, whether you're heading toward the right outcome - PM the other player and talk it over. Organized battle can turn out just as much fun as impromptu. As well, never be afraid to PM the staff when you have a concern.
  • Sometimes these rules can be bent if you have permission from the player who's character you're fighting with (or if two characters you control are fighting one another). Use your common sense and consult a staff member if you're not sure whether something you'd like to do is acceptable.
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"Riot" is the second single by American recording artist Mandy Rain. Riot was written by Mandy Rain, Abram Dean, Brandyn Burnette, Danny “DJ” Score, and Isaac Hasson[1] and produced by Isaac Hansson. Riot was released on iTunes on January 23, 2014[2] and to all other digital retailers on January 31, 2014[3][4] under Empire Records.


1 Background and development
2 Reception
3 Music video
4 Track listing
5 Credits and personnel
6 References

Background and development

When Rain was 13 years old, she auditioned for the Nickelodeon series "Star Camp". Rain was chosen along with seven other kids to be in a musical group called "The Giggle Club".[5] Shortly after season one was finished up filming, the Giggle Club had broken up so all the members could focus on their solo careers. After the series ended, Nick Cannon decided to groom Rain for a solo career. Cannon brought Rain to several record producers to record solo tracks. After hearing one of Rain's songs "Detention", Canon started girl group School Gyrls which went on to record two albums, star in several movies on Nickelodeon, and also tour in Asia and North America. After Rain and fellow School Gyrls' member Jacque Pyles decided to leave the group, they both started pursuing solo careers.

After the disbandment of the School Gyrls, Rain started working with producers Rock City and G-Production on new solo music. Rain released her debut single "Boogie" in 2011. During the three years after Boogie was released, Rain had signed with Empire Records[6] and had begun work on writing and recording new material.

"Riot" received positive reception from music critics. Ultimate Music called Riot a "beautiful and compelling pop-dance production"[7]
Music video

In an episode of the podcast, Fancalls, Rain stated how she was currently in the middle of production for the music video for "Riot".[8]
Track listing

Digital download – Main Single

"Riot" – 3:08

Credits and personnel


Amanda Moseley – songwriter
Isaac Hasson – songwriter, producer
Abram Dean – songwriter
Brandyn Burnette – songwriter
Danny “DJ” Score – songwriter


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