Black Shadow

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Black Shadow

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Name: Ominus
Titan Body: "Black Shadow" Multi-Front Assault System
Allegiance: Decepticon (off the books)
Function: Space Gangster
Alternate Mode(s): Spaceplane and Spacetank, microbase
Weapons/Equipment: Heavy plasma rifle
Motto: "If I can't get it, it can't be got!"

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 7
Endurance: 8
Rank: n/a
Courage: 4
Firepower: 9
Skill: 6
Teamwork: n/a
Cooperation: n/a



Prior to the war, Ominus made a name for himself with his pan-galactic trade business, exporting Cybertronian goods to the galaxy at large, and acquiring and importing the finest off-world goods for the Cybertronian elite. Ominus had a seemingly supernatural knack for tracking down even the rarest of astronimical treasures, for an equally astronimical price, of course. He was aware of the connotations of his name, and would often joke about it with his customers, saying "The only things ominous here are the tariffs!" It barely made sense, but that only added to his character of an eccentric merchant.

Of course, the eccentric merchant was just that; a character. Ominus was, in reality, the infamous criminal kingpin, Black Shadow. Known throughout the galaxy, Black Shadow controlled an army of alien criminals and possessed wealth and a military force rivaling many planets. To keep his identity a secret, Ominus donned a form-fitting exo-suit when operating as Black Shadow, concealing his own body so completely that one wouldn't know that Black Shadow was wearing armor at all.

During the war, Black Shadow found his more-than-considerable resources in the consistent employ of the Decepticons, acquiring off-world experimental weaponry, or lending some of his forces as mercenaries. Ominus, however, found himself in the employ of the Autobot government, shipping weapons and supplies to their troops on the front. Unfortunately, the Decepticons paid better, so logs of those shipments often found their way into Decepticon hands.

The duplicitousness turned out to be his undoing, however, when a shipment of much needed munitions was hijacked en-route by Decepticon raiders, the Autobot goverment grew suspicious. Sentinel Prime, never much for hesitation, immediately sent a police squad to search through Ominus's spaceport. Stripping it from top to bottom, the found more than enough contraband goods, along with the Black Shadow armor. Ominus was sent to an astroid prison to await trial before the Pangalactic Judiciary Council. Without their leader, Black Shadow's organization splintered into rival factions, dissolving their influence almost overnight.

Recently, in the chaos and confusion of the Combiner Wars, a small faction, still loyal to Black Shadow, managed to infiltrate the prison and break him out. He was taken to the Decepticons, who downsized him into a Titan Master, and used his old body to fake his death. Now outfitted with a new body, one better sized for the interplanetary business at which he excels, no less, and a band of criminals and his command once more, Black Shadow stands ready to rebuild, even bigger than before!


Titan Body

The "Black Shadow" Multi-front Assault System is the first step in Ominus's quest to rebuild. A cutting edge piece of weapons technology, the BSMAS is capable of limited inter-planetary travel, a top of the line stealth suite, and can transform from starship, to microbase and communications array, to massive Titan body. It's most advanced feature, however, is the ability to spilt into two independent vehicles, allowing him to strike simultaneously from land and air. Of course, the energy requirements make it very expensive to bring the full force of the weapon to bear, and Black Shadow is hardly as wealthy as he once was. He aims to be back on top one day, but for now, he must let the the fear of his new armor do most of his work.



Ominus has no true powers of his own. He's resourceful, conniving, and duplicitous, and that will have to be enough. That, and his massive suit of armor brimming with weaponry.


He's cautious, but the nature of his career means there's no such thing as 'cautious enough', so Black Shadow is always at risk of being exposed mid-scheme. His current lack or resources leave him unable to afford consistent use of his fancy new weapon system.