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Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:00 pm
by Warcry

Megatron gave Sixshot a sidelong glance, making sure that his fellow Decepticon was holding position, but ready for action, before he addressed Liokaiser again.

"What help does one such as you need from us?"

Misfire sat on the ground in jet mode, not wanting to take to the air and draw the combiner's attention, but also really not wanting to return to robot mode and combine with Aimless until his Titan Master partner had recovered from the painful stings.

"Oh, I bet Triggerhappy never has to put up with this..." he muttered.

"I -- ow! -- I heard that!" Aimless shouted back in between itching.

Underground Chamber

Hardhead fired again at the lurching Centurion, trying to knock it down and out of the fight.

"Careful!" Furos told him. "Chromedome is practically in your line of fire!"

"Do NOT question my aim," Hardhead responded icily as his autoloader set another round in the chamber.

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:06 pm
by Blackjack

Sixshot gave a brief nod to Megatron, acknowledging the Decepticon leader's glance, but kept his attention solely focused on Liokaiser.

This was not something he knew how to handle. Not really -- a Combiner that was able to... think? Highly interesting, Sixshot thought privately to himself. It seemed highly illogical, but so was a Transformer with more than a single alternate form, not too long ago, and yet here he stood.

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:45 pm
by Heinrad

Liokaiser continued to hover, his optics locked onto Megatron. "Fffffffiiixxxxxxxxx uussssssssssssss........"

Underground Cavern:

Chromedome rolled to the side as the shells from Hardhead slammed into the Centurion he was fighting, pulling his carbines, aiming them at two more Centurions.....

Only to see them knocked flat by the flying body of the one Ginrai had just pile driven into the floor.

The unexpected reprieve gave him a few seconds to look at how things were going. They were winning, in the sense that more drones were disabled, but even the disabled ones were dangerous. He watched Hot Rod blast the head of another one with that funny looking rifle he had, which was in and of itself odd as Hot Rod seemed to prefer his arm cannons, and all the blast seemed to do was blacken the sensors. The drone didn't stop, but it did seem to lose target lock. Chromedome turned and examined the door, then reached out and touched the panel next to it.


Ginrai strode over to the heap of drones, who were struggling to rise, when a loud chime rang through the chamber.

All the drones stopped, locked into whatever position they'd been in when the chime sounded.

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:07 pm
by Warcry

Megatron looked at Leozack with an expression that bordered on bafflement. Not only could this combiner think, not only could it communicate, it seemed to have an understanding of its predicament, and wanted it to be rectified. That was amazing...or it would have been, if he'd had any idea of how to help it.

Before he could say anything, though, he saw Mindwipe (who had evidently finished with Weirdwolf) flutter up in the corner of his field of view.

"Blah, Mightly Megatron, I beliewe this vould be our field of expertise. Vith your permission, beliewe that Worath and I may be able to help."

"What are you talking about?" Vorath hissed from his perch on the bat's shoulder. "Cybertron's best minds tried to fix the combiner plague before the evacuation. We are just two people! One of whom is insane!"

"Ah, ah, that is untwue," Mindwipe corrected him. "How could Cybertron's best minds hawe vurked on curing combiners vhen ve vhere not there, hmmm?"

"Very well," Megatron rumbled. Then he looked back up at the combiner. "My science officers have volunteered to help you out." Speaking over the objections from Vorath, he continued. "Do you have a name?"

Then he whispered to Sixshot, "Stay with Mindwipe, and do try to make sure he doesn't get himself killed."

Underground Chamber

Hardhead tried to roll towards the source of the chime, but Furos slammed both feet down on the cockpit's brake pedal.

"No," he told his Titan. "Not until we know what we're heading into."

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:13 am
by Heinrad
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Liokaiser started to shudder slightly, not as if he was about to fly apart or fly into a destructive rage, but as if he was being held back.

"Mmmyy nnaaaammmeeeeee..... Is Liokaiser......."

Underground Chamber:

Ironhide looked at the pile of drones. "Okay..... Ah don`t get it." He walked over to the pile of drones, his battle deck detaching from his back and transforming, rolling along next to him, chirping to itself.

Chromedome slowly pulled his hand away from the panel, turning to look at the shut down drones. "What the heck just happened?"

Ginrai dropped to one knee, staring at the pile of disabled drones. "I`m not completely sure. But if I had to guess....." He stood, turning to walk over to the doorway and the panel that Chromedome had touched. "If the drones were here to prevent, with great violence, access to what we`re looking for, it could be that hitting that panel showed we were supposed to be here." He shrugged. "I guess?"

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:37 pm
by Warcry

"Liokaiser?" Megatron frowned slightly. "That name does sound familiar. Welcome back to the Decepticons, my friend. Mindwipe, Vorath, if you will..."

"It is vunderful to make your acquaintance, blah," Mindwipe told the combiner. "Worath and I vill do our best to assist you. If you vill allow, ve vill start vith a session of hypnosis..."

Underground Chamber

"I don't trust this," Hardhead grumbled. "We should destroy them anyway, just in case this is a trap!"

Furos scowled. "I think not," he told his Titan counterpart. "These machines don't show any sign of such guile. Robot mode?"

The duo transformed, with Furos taking his place atop Hardhead's shoulders. The combined robot looked around at the other Autobots, he said, "Where do we go from here? Is the doorway unlocked, or do we need to make our own way?"