Full-Tilt and Necro

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Full-Tilt and Necro

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Name: Full-Tilt
Titan Master: Necro
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Mnemonecropsist
Alternate Mode(s): Scout buggy
Weapons/Equipment: Laser carbine
Motto: "Death isn't an end, it's an inconvenience."

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 6
Endurance: 3
Rank: 6
Courage: 2
Firepower: 4
Skill: 10
Teamwork: N/A
Cooperation: N/A

Profile: When he's not combined with Necro, Full-Tilt is complaint and obedient, doing exactly what he's told with no back-talk or independent thought. His fellow Decepticons don't think he's got much of a personality, but that's probably because he's been dead for at least eighty years.

Before the Combiner Wars, Necro was one of Cybertron's best-known forensic investigators. He graduated with a degree in mnemosurgury and worked as a therapist for several years before a consulting job on a police investigation led him into the darker end of his speciality. He quickly became a renowned expert at the art of extracting memories from the dead, but found himself growing obsessed with it. He began to take memories not just from the corpses that the police needed read, but every one he could get his hands on when he passed through the morgue. And when that wasn't enough, he began to create his own corpses. The Kalis police were hot on the tail of the "memory thief killer" when the city was caught in the crossfire of a battle between Scorponok and six Autobot combiners.

After the dust had settled, Kalis's new Decepticon government sought Necro out, looking for someone who could "interrogate" the bodies of seveal dead Autobot officers. They'd expected to have to force him into service, but Necro not only jumped at the chance, he signed up as a full-time Decepticon interrogator. He's extracted memories from both the living and the dead, but he prefers working on corpses because he's free to plunder their deepest selves without any resistance. Unlike many Decepticons, he was eager to be converted to a Titan Master, knowing that the new technology would be yet another avenue for him to dig into the minds of his victims. Although he can bond with living Titans, he prefers to exert his dominance over a once-living vessel.

No one, not even Necro, has any idea who Full-Tilt was in life. He'd been dead for many years before Necro found him, and his memory chips had decayed so thoroughly that there wasn't much left for the Titan Master to read. But his body was intact save for the neatly removed head, which makes suicide a likely cause of death. The rest of the body was intact, unlike most of the wrecks that Necro works on, which led him to take Full-Tilt's remains as his own. Many other Decepticons find it disgusting, save for Mindwipe, who haughtily suggests that he's spoken with Full-Tilt's ghost and knows all the late Decepticon's secrets.

Abilities: Full-Tilt was a fairly average specimen in life. His strength, speed and durability are unimpressive, and he carries only a simple double-barrelled laser as a sidearm. Full-Tilt is equipped with a camouflage grid built into his armour, but because of his current state of death, it only functions intermittently. He is also equipped with nitrous-oxide injectors that give him an intense short-term speed boost. He also has a long range passive sensor suite, radar, laser range finders, directional communications equipment and high-speed flare launchers, all of which are in varying states of disrepair at any given time.

Weaknesses: Since Full-Tilt is basically a zombie, his body does not maintain itself to the same standards as a normal Titan. Necro's own life force provides some semblance of animation to his Titan's self-repair systems when they are combined, but he heals from injury much more slowly than a living being (and not at all when they are separated).

Necro is extremely cautious and skittish, which often causes him to duck out of combat when his team needs him. He's slightly more bold when he's controlling Full-Tilt, since he can always find a new corpse (often on the same battlefield!) if his ride is destroyed, but is still loathe to take any action that would put Necro himself in even the slightest danger.