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Name: Sunstorm
Titan Master: N/A
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Loose Cannon
Alternate Mode(s): F-35
Weapons/Equipment: Pair of Arm Cannons, Internally Generated Lightning, and Palm Focussed Energy Blasts
Motto: "Come unto The Cleansing Light, and prepare to meet your judgement."

Stats Normal/Powered Up
Strength: 6/9
Intelligence: 7/4
Speed: 7/9
Endurance: 6/3
Rank: 7
Courage: 9
Firepower: 7/9
Skill: 8/5


Profile: Sunstorm used to be a mid-ranked member of the Seekers. He was a skilled and powerful warrior, a capable squad commander. He was quite well off, even if he was overshadowed by his more famous colleagues within the group. Towards the end of the war the combiners ravaged Cybertron and the factions found themselves scattered among the stars, with an Energon crisis looming on the horizon. Before they went with the downsizing and Titan Mastering process, there were many experiments to try and decrease fuel consumption, or cut the dependency on Energon entirely. Sunstorm became the subject of one such experiment.

Fusion energy had long powered many of Cybertron's starships, as the raw materials were practically limitless, and had a tremendous power output. The problem was in the difficulty in miniaturizing the generators. Doing so safely and effectively was extraordinarily difficult, even for a civilization as advanced as Cybertron. Even Megatron's infamous fusion cannon took years of development, and can only fire in short bursts without blowing itself, and everything else within several miles, into atoms.

Sunstorm was the guinea pig for the fusion energy experiment. Low enough on the totem pole that if he died he wouldn't be missed, but important enough that if it worked, there hadn't been a fortune wasted on a nobody.

Miraculously, it worked. Sort of. Sunstorm is fully powered by fusion energy, but not from an internal generator. Instead, his fuel consumption unit was replaced by a device, based on an early failed attempt at miniaturizing Space Bridge technology, that siphons power from a star in Decepticon space territory, directly into Sunstorm's power conduits.

For the most part, the process hasn't had an enormous impact on Sunstorm's day to day life. He's still a feared soldier and skilled pilot. He's become significantly unhinged and zealous, so he doesn't get assigned command roles as often as he once did. Being one of the last "bulks" who still has their own head is a little weird nowadays, but he's gotten accustomed to it. Certainly no Titan Master is champing at the bit to meld minds with him, anyhow.

If the chips are down, however, and he doesn't have another way out of a tight spot, Sunstorm has an ace up the proverbial sleeve: a super mode.

Normally his reactor is calibrated to only let through what energy he needs to power the garish temple that is his body, but, when the need arises, he can open the floodgates, and let the raw power overflow his veins. He becomes stronger and faster than any Cybertronian outside the top tier heavyweights. Lighting crackles through the air around him. Panels open across his body, venting excess heat and leaking radiation into the air around him. He becomes capable of putting out massive amounts of firepower.

The form has a drawback, however. It wreaks havoc on his internal structure, frying circuitry and welding together mechanics. He can only maintain the power-up for minutes at a time without doing serious, permanent damage to his mind and body.

In the end, due to the potential side effects, and the significant expense of both the modification itself and the safeguards necessary to prevent a radiation breach and explosion, the fusion reactor project was shelved in favor of the Titan Master process. Sunstorm doesn't mind, and in fact, is happy to be only one of his kind.

Abilities: In normal form, Sunstorm stats are impressive, but not extraordinary. Capable of Mach 5 in jet mode, limited space flight, precise maneuvering. In robot mode, he's a skilled close combatant, and a capable marksman with his arm cannons. He also has the ability to build up radiation and fire it as a continuous beam or as magnetially contained spheres of energy, directed through his palm.

In super form, his physical capabilities are temporarily boosted to the maximum of Cybertronian capability, allowing him to out run, out punch, or out gun, whatever situation he's gotten into that requires such drastic measures. Not to mention the lighting, radiation, and heat his body puts out in this form, making it painful for enemies to even get close to him.

Weaknesses: The process has not left Sunstorm entirely stable. He's prone to quoting ancient religious texts (or just speaking in a manner that emulates them. no one's quite sure which it is.) and has started referring to himself as "The Cleansing Light" and "The Flame of The Fallen". He's prone to unpredictably lash out, both verbally and physically.

While in his super form, his durabilty drops significantly. With his armor opened up to vent, and his internals overheated and melting, if an enemy can get a good shot in, it's liable to take him down with hardly a fight. Also while in this form, his brain module overheats, and he's forced to fall back to his bare instincts, leaving him unable to form complex plans and leaving him vulnerable to being out-maneuvered.

[OOC: I can't attach images, but for his super form, look up Unicorn Gundam in its 'unicorn' and 'destroy' modes and that'll give you the general idea.]