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NAME: Ironhide
FUNCTION: Security
ALT MODE: Minivan
WEAPONS: 2 Blaster pistols, 1 Missile launcher, 1 Particle projection cannon, Built in 'Water Gun' liquid weapon system
Voice Actor: Peter Cullen
Design: Hot Soldiers Irontin
Motto: “High tech circuitry ain’t no replacement for guts!”

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 6
Endurance: 7
Rank: 5
Courage: 10
Firepower: 9
Skill: 7

PROFILE: With the cessation of the war, most Autobots gladly underwent the Titan Master process. However, there was one Autobot who wanted nothing to do with it. Ironhide wanted no part of having some little guy in his head, or being the little guy as someone else's head. His only recourse, then, was reduction. A complete and total rebuild to improve both his fuel efficiency and speed. And it's not something he's happy about. The trithyllium-steel alloy that was his skin, the source of his nigh-invulnerability has been replaced with a flintsteel armor coated with an durachrome alloy. The result being a much lighter armor, but also less endurance. Hits that he used to shrug off with no problem can now be debilitating. Also, the downsizing has rendered him less imposing than he used to be. This can be kind of an advantage, as he tends to be overlooked now.

ABILITIES: While he retains his built in liquid sprayers, he also has two blaster pistols, a missile launcher that mounts on his back in robot mode, and a particle projection cannon. He also has a combat deck that he can deploy while in robot mode that can vary it's loadout, but the default mode has the missile launcher and particle projection cannon mounted on it. He also has advanced sonodar and radio wave detectors.

WEAKNESSES: Ironhide hasn't yet accepted mentally that he's not nearly as durable or imposing as he once was, leading him to go charging into situations that he can't handle alone anymore.
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