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Work in progress

Name : Weirdwolf
Function : Tracker

"My pleasure with my enemy's pain comes."

Cruel, viscious, but apparently built with a few wires crossed. Talks to himself in a sing-song backward way: "Destroy the Autobots I shall. Tear them to scrap metal I will."
In robot mode, uses photon pistol and thermal sword. In wolf mode, nose module is equipped with various tracking sensors. Can leap .8 miles.

His Titan Master partner is Monzo, a brutish, former profesional hyperwrestler-. Years of wrestling have taken their toll and Monzo is constant nagging pain . Fortunately he has found a solution . However that solution may come with a price . Only time will tell if Monzo can continue to afford to feed his gradually worsening addictions.

Strength 8
Intelligence 8
Speed 9
Endurance 8
Rank 9
Courage 9
Firepower 7
Skill 7