MIB Armada Powerlink Optimus & Unicron available

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MIB Armada Powerlink Optimus & Unicron available

Post by nmathew »

Hi all,

I used to be a pretty regular forum contributor for a few years starting back around 2000. Damn I'm getting old... The really old timers like Denyer will remember me. Long story short, I'm moving and the two items above never made it out of the box since the last move. Might as well find someone who will enjoy them.

Both boxes have some dust and shelf wear. The Unicron box has a small red discount sticker on the upper right corner. I will provide pics if anyone is interested in the merchandise.

I'm looking to sell, not trade, with a minimum of fuss. If I don't get any takers, I'm guessing Brian's Toys is a sane outfit?
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Re: MIB Armada Powerlink Optimus & Unicron available

Post by Denyer »

We're all getting old. Hope things are okay with you. :)
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