DW Armada / G1 availability in the UK!

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Hey guys sorry we forgot to let you all know

Post by TF @ The Moon » Thu May 30, 2002 8:25 am

Sorry we forget to post this here what with work, study, holiday, the site and of course the drinking (oh the drinking).

We have got the diamond license now with Steve Bax so we both (him and us) are offering Armada (from issue 1) and all the normal gen1 stuff now. We will also continue with just Armada and then pick up the furman story later in the year as well.

So if you're in the UK or europe both Steve Bax's site and ours are probably handy places to order those items.

We still have some Armada Issue 1s left and Gen1 issue 4 stuff, its listed on our site.

Anyway you said we should let you know if we did get the deal, well we have so we are really happy.

Now, to see what else we can get through them
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