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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


In 17000 B.C., a group of proto-human hunters encounter a group of Transformers building a gigantic machine on Earth. One of these Transformers approach the humans, and plucks one up to observe him.

Two years after the battle of Mission City, the Autobots have teamed up with human (mostly American) soldiers, including Lennox and Epps, to form a military strike team called NEST. During this time new Autobots have arrived on Earth as well. The governments keep the Transformers' existence a secret from the public with cover stories. NEST hunts down the remaining Decepticons on Earth, and their latest chase leads them to Shanghai, China. The gigantic Decepticon Demolishor transforms and wreaks havoc on the roadways, pursued by Ironhide. Meanwhile, the smaller Decepticon Sideways takes another route, pursued by Skids, Mudflap and Arcee. Sideways is bisected into two by Sideswipe, while Optimus Prime is air-dropped into Shanghai and takes out Demolishor after a fierce battle. Before Optimus Prime delivers the killing blow, Demolishor gives the cryptic warning: 'the Fallen shall rise again'.

In another part of the world, Sam Witwicky is preparing to move to college, and is packing up. While digging through his stuff, he finds a shard of the AllSpark. As he touches it he sees several images in his mind before the shard falls from his hand and burns its way into the kitchen, where it brings numerous kitchen appliances to life. These Appliancebots attack Sam and his family, but are destroyed by a rather overzealous Bumblebee. Sam hands over the AllSpark shard to Mikaela. Afterwards Sam tells Bumblebee that to rejoin the Autobots because both of them need to move on. After a goodbye, a toy truck in the lawn, in reality the Decepticon Wheelie, detects the AllSpark shard and contacts the Decepticon coordinator Soundwave, stationed in orbit around the Earth.

As NEST returns to their base in Diego Garcia, they are visited by Director Theodore Galloway (who isn't exactly very friendly with NEST), who has been dispatched to relay the President's concerns over casualties and the secrecy. The conversation takes place alongside a video conference with Admiral Morshower, enabling Soundwave, who latches on to a satellite, to obtain information as Galloway blurts out information about the location of Megatron's body, as well as the larger AllSpark shard left from its destruction. Galloway is convinced that the only reason the Decepticons remain on Earth is because of the Autobots. Optimus replies that they will leave if ordered to, but warns Galloway that he may be wrong.

Sam arrives at college and meets his new room-mate, Leo Spitz. Leo manages a government conspiracy website, and is convinced that alien robots are hiding on Earth. Sam feigns ignorance, and while walking around, he discovers that, to his horror, his mother has unwittingly purchased some marijuana-laced brownies, and is basically making a fool out of herself until Sam and his father drag her away.

Soundwave dispatches his minion, Ravage, to Earth. Ravage lands on the NEST base on Diego Garcia, and unleash a swarm of Microcons into a ventilation outlet. These marble-like Decepticons swarm into the chamber where the AllSpark shard is being held and combine into a reed-thin Decepticon. After stealing the shard, he rejoins with Ravage and escapes.

Meanwhile, Sam is dragged to a frat party by Leo and his friends. Out of a sudden the same flashes of images appear and he begin to see Cybertronian symbols, and unconsciously draws them on the table. He is approached by the blonde bombshell Alice, who expresses interest in him. Bumblebee suddenly shows up, and Sam gets in. However, Alice follows suit, and after several seductive hints, Bumblebee sprays her with antifreeze. After Alice leaves, Bumblebee takes Sam to a graveyard to meet Optimus Prime, who tells him about the theft of the AllSpark shard, and asks Sam to speak with the government on their behalf. Sam refuses, saying that he has his own problems. Meanwhile, Mikaela waits for Sam to respond to their 'webcam date', to which Sam had seemingly forgotten about.

Ravage flies and lands on a cargo ship near the Laurentian Abyss, meeting up with the Constructicons Rampage, Scrapper, Mixmaster and Long Haul. They dive down to the bottom of the ocean. Ravage ejects a tiny spiderlike Decepticon named the Doctor, who uses the shard and parts forcibly donated from Scrapper to revive Megatron. Not exactly thrilled, Megatron rises from the depths, followed by his minions, destroying a military submarine in the process. Megatron flies into space, to one of Saturn's moons, where a crashed Decepticon warship is used as a makeshift base by the Decepticon. Starscream, having taken command of the Decepticon army and is overseeing the spawning of a new army of Decepticons, greets him. Megatron berates Starscream for leaving him to die.

Megatron then walks up to his master, the Fallen. Megatron apologizes to the ancient Decepticon for his failure, but Fallen reveals that when the AllSpark Cube was destroyed, the knowledge had been transferred to Sam, and within it is the means to locate a device able to create vast amounts of energon. Starscream informs Fallen and Megatron that he had been keeping tabs on Sam, and tells them that without Energon, their new hatchlings will die. The Decepticons head off to get Sam and destroy Optimus, the last of the Primes and the only one who can defeat the Fallen.

In an astronomy class, Sam reads through the entire textbook in seconds, and interrupts the lecture and begin to deliver some gibberish about higher physics, as if possessed. Again, he scrawls Cybertronian glyphs on the blackboard. After the professor throws him out, Sam realizes that it's the effect of the AllSpark shard, and calls Mikaela to warn her about it. While Mikaela is on the phone, Wheelie tries to steal the shard from the mechanical safe in Mikaela's workshop, but fails miserably and is dumped by Mikaela in a metal transport case. Mikaela heads off to talk to Sam, AllSpark shard and Wheelie in tow. Meanwhile, owing to multiple Decepticon contacts, the Autobots are mobilized, with NEST in tow.

Leo and Alice find Sam in the dorm room, seemingly possessed as he paints the walls with Cybertronian glyphs and spouting some nonsense. Alice pushes Leo away, and begins to aggresively push Sam onto the bed. Mikaela arrives, finding Sam and Alice in an intimate kiss. Alice then transforms, revealing herself to be a Decepticon. Sam, Mikaela and Leo escape as Alice hunts them. Mikaela manages to hotwire a car and run Alice down. However, they are accosted by the helicopter Decepticon Grindor, who harpoons the car and delivers them to Megatron and Starscream in an abandoned warehouse.

Megatron and Sam exchange some words, and Doctor inserts a worm-like Decepticon into Sam's nose, and they are able to glean images from Sam's brain. Doctor is about to remove Sam's brain out of his head to access more information when Optimus Prime bursts down of the warehouse roof. Bumblebee takes Leo and Mikaela to safety, while Optimus Prime takes Sam with him. The Decepticons pursue. Optimus and Sam find themselves outnumbered against three Decepticons in a forest, and Optimus Prime valiantly battles against Megatron, Starscream and Grindor like a berserker. Megatron and Optimus argue a bit about the price of a human life against the survival of their race. Optimus manages to dis-arm Starscream and rip Grindor's head into two, but while he searches for Sam, Megatron impales him from behind with his claw and shoots him. Optimus falls to the forest floor, telling Sam to run before he dies. The Autobot reinforcements arrive in time to save Sam, forcing Megatron and Starscream to retreat. Captain Lennox is informed about Optimus' death, while the Fallen reacts with joy as he rises from his throne.

Megatron and Starscream discuss their next move on top of a building, and decide that they could force the humans to turn Sam over by breaking disguise. Soundwave mobilizes the Decepticons, and at the same time tracks down Sam's parents in Paris. A large force of Decepticons then land on Earth in their Protoform forms, in Paris (where Sam's parents are kidnapped) as well as sinking a naval carrier in the Atlantic ocean. Megatron hijacks a TV antenna and broadcasts footage of the Fallen around the world. Fallen reveals his existance to the human hive, and demands Sam to be surrendered to the Decepticons. A worldwide manhunt for Sam is launched.

Sam, Mikaela, Leo, Bumblebee, Skids and Mudflap hide out in an abandoned area, where they plan their next move. They decide not to give up. Well, most of them, anyway—Leo freaks out. Meanwhile, the Autobots return to NEST base with Optimus' body but are surrounded by the military. Galloway tells them that NEST has been ordered to stand down while the military draws up a coordinated strategy, even considering negotiation with the Decepticons. Lennox, Epps and Ironhide tries to argue but Galloway pulls rank. Ratchet suggests leaving Earth, but Ironhide decides against it.

Skids, Mudflap and Bumblebee are unable to decipher the Cybertronian glyphs. Leo suggests they hunt down the owner of a competing website, 'Robo-warrior', for help. Without any other leads, they go with Leo's plan, and find out that Robo-warrior turns out to be Seymour Simmons, former Sector Seven agent. After a confrontation Simmons agrees to help and takes the trio to his basement, revealing that the Transformers were on Earth for quite some time, since Cybertronian glyphs similar to those Sam wrote have been found on several excavation sites and some vehicles. However, Simmons was denied the funds to pursue them during his career. However, they need a Decepticon to decipher the glyphs, and Mikaela interrogates Wheelie. Wheelie identifies the glyphs as the language of the Primes, and suggest they track down one of the ancient Seekers, old Transformers on Earth. Wheelie pinpoints that the nearest Seeker is in Washington D.C.

At the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum, they accidentally reactivate an ancient Decepticon named Jetfire, disguised as an SR71 Blackbird, with Sam's AllSpark shard. The confused Jetfire wanders around and finally explains that he had defected to the Autobots. Wheelie follows suit, hugging Mikaela's leg in joy. Sam writes down the glyphs, and Jetfire says that they were part of the Seekers' mission. Jetfire opens a space bridge and teleports the humans and Autobots to Egypt. He explains that thousands of years ago, the Transformers had arrived on Earth along their original leaders, the Seven Primes. They had came to build a Solar Harvested, a device that creates Energon by destroying suns. However, seeing that Earth has life in it, the Primes decided against destroying the Sun according to their rules. However, one of the Primes, forevermore known as the Fallen, despised the humans and tried to activate the machine anyway. Unable to defeat their strongest brother, the other Primes stole the Matrix of Leadership, the key needed to activate the Harvester, and gave their lives to seal it in an tomb in an unknown location. Jetfire explains that only a Prime can ever hope to defeat the Fallen, and gives them a riddle, the only clue about the location of the Tomb. With Optimus' death, Jetfire tells them that they are doomed. Sam and Jetfire theorize that if they are able to find the Matrix, they may be able to revive Optimus Prime. Jetfire urges the humans to go before the Decepticons find him.

After dodging Egyptian custom officials and police, Simmons contacts Lennox to tell him secretly about their quest and the coordinates where they can air-drop Optimus Prime's body. Lennox, Epps and the Autobots decide to trust them. Lennox tricks Galloway into parachuting out of the NEST airplane, and then contacts Admiral Morshower to supply them with military assets. Meanwhile, Sam manages to decipher Jetfire's riddle when they set up camp in the Pyramids, and they head off to Petra, Jordan. However Soundwave manages to pinpoint their location when Sam's face gets captured by a security camera.

Sam's team arrive in Petra, and after the Twins bicker, they discover the Tomb of the Primes within one of the ruins. Sam finds the Matrix, but it instantly crumbles into dust upon touch. Not willing to give up hope, Sam collects the Matrix dust in his sock. Simmons, meanwhile, spots the NEST team parachuting down near the Pyramids, along with Optimus' body. Sam's team then head towards Lennox's group, but the Decepticons start their attack. Starscream bombards Sam's team, and the Twins, Simmons and Leo split off to distract the Decepticon. The NEST team, meanwhile, is met by a Protoform army. Simmons' party arrives in a quarry, where a second team of Constructicons (not the same with the one that revived Megatron) combine to form the gigantic Decepticon Devastator. Devastator uses his suction ability, and swallows everything in sight, including Mudflap. Mudflap, however, is able to punch his way out of Devastator's face, and together with Skids, harass the Constructicon gestalt and try to slow him down. Their efforts were thwarted, however, when Mudflap shot Skids in the face. Simmons' group then stays under Devastator, where the gestalt can't suck them.

Starscream leads Scrapper, Long Haul and several other Decepticons to search for Sam. After an Insecticon pinpoints their location, Starscream tells Rampage and Ravage to use Sam's parents as hostages for a trap. Sam offers to hand over the Matrix to Rampage, but it's only to stall time until Bumblebee is able to attack the Decepticons. Bumblebee savagely tears both Rampage and Ravage apart with his bare hands. Sam orders Bumblebee to get his parents to safety while he and Mikaela run for Optimus' body.

Meanwhile, Admiral Morshower, who can't contact Lennox's team due to Starscream and Soundwave's interference, launches a Predator drone. Seeing the life-feed, Morshower sends everything they can muster to Egypt.

Devastator climbs on top of the Pyramid and began to tear it apart, revealing the Solar Harvester underneath. Jordanian helicopters arrive, but are shot down by Megatron. Simmons uses one of the Jordanians' radio to contact one of the navy ship off the coast, telling them to use the railgun that Sector Seven has developed. The railgun is fired, tearing through Devastator's head and killing the gestalt. Sam and Mikaela meet up with Ironhide, Lennox, Epps and Arcee, but are pinned down by massed Decepticon fire. Arcee is killed in the firefight, while the humans are trapped behind some ruins by Mixmaster. Jetfire arrives and kills Mixmaster, but Scorponok bursts out of the ground, mortally wounding Jetfire before being killed himself. An air strike arrives, killing Scrapper, Long Haul and the rest of the Protoform Decepticons, but Megatron emerges from the smokes, opening fire at Sam before being driven off by Autobot and NEST's massed fire. Sam falls to the ground, dying, as Lennox and the paramedics try to revive him.

As the world blurs around him, the Matrix dust spills from his hand, and Sam finds himself in a vision with the long-dead Primes. The Primes tell him that he was destined to find the Matrix and save the life of Optimus Prime, and with that, Sam is returned to life. Having proven his leadership, the Matrix dust reforms back into the Matrix of Leadership, and Sam stabs it into Optimus Prime's chest, bringing him back to life.

Just as Optimus Prime recovers, the Fallen teleports down, knocking aside the Autobots and grabs the Matrix. Fallen teleports himself on top of the uncovered Solar Harvester, and alongside Megatron he activates the Harvester. The soldiers and tanks called into action by Morshower begin firing on the pyramid, but the Fallen easily dispatches them with his telekinetic powers. The dying Jetfire offers his parts to Optimus Prime, before ripping out his own spark. Under Ratchet's instructions, Jolt turns Jetfire's remains into a battle armour for Optimus Prime. Gifted with the ability of flight, Optimus Prime takes to the air.

Optimus Prime blows up the Harvester, and faces both Megatron and the Fallen in battle. Optimus defeats Megatron after a brutal showdown, damaging the Decepticon leader, before facing the Fallen himself. The Fallen and Optimus Prime engage in a bloody duel, but Optimus Prime gets the upper hand, tearing the Fallen's face off and crushing his spark.

Seeing their master fall, Starscream suggests to Megatron that they retreat in order to survive, a suggestion that Megatron follows.

With the battle won, the Autobots, NEST, Sam and his friends return aboard an aircraft carrier. Optimus Prime sends another message into space, rallying more Autobots, detailing recent events so the shared past of humanity and Autobots will not be forgotten as before. Upon his return, Sam attends college again.

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