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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)

Transformers: Masterpiece Checklist

The Masterpiece line is a high-end, collector-oriented toyline with larger, expensive toys, usually extremely detailed and having several additional accessories. It’s mainly developed by TakaraTomy for the Japanese market, but is also distributed by Hasbro mainly as store exclusives, mostly as part of other lines, though starting from 2013 and MP-01 Acid Storm, Hasbro has been releasing Masterpiece as its own store-exclusive line.

Since 2011, the line has done a soft reboot of sorts with a new, smaller Masterpiece Convoy mould and the line has seen a more consistent scale that’s significantly smaller than its larger predecessors. Toys purchased from generally come with additional accessories, such as piledrivers for Lambor or toy-accurate missile launchers for Prowl.


Masterpiece Main Line:

  • MP-01 Convoy (2003)
  • MP-02 Ultra Magnus (2005, white repaint of Convoy)
  • MP-03 Starscream (2006)
  • MP-04 Convoy Perfect Edition (2006, Convoy with trailer, Roller and additional accessories)
  • MP-05 Megatron (2007)
  • MP-06 Skywarp (2007, repaint of Starscream)
  • MP-07 Thundercracker (2008, repaint of Starscream)
  • MP-08 Grimlock (2009)
  • MP-09 Rodimus Convoy/Hot Rod (2011)
  • MP-10 Convoy (2011, new mould)
  • MP-11 Starscream (2012, extensive G1-accurate retool of MP-03 Starscream)
  • MP-12 Lambor (2012)
  • MP-13 Soundwave with Condor (2013)
  • MP-14 Alert (2012, repaint of Lambor)
  • MP-15 Rumble & Jaguar (2013)
  • MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw (2013, Frenzy is a repaint of Rumble and Buzzsaw a repaint of Condor)
  • MP-17 Prowl (2013)
  • MP-18 Streak (2013, retool of Prowl)
  • MP-19 Smokescreen (2013, retool of Prowl with G1-accurate robot details)
  • MP-20 Wheeljack (2014)
  • MP-21 Bumble (2014)
  • MP-22 Ultra Magnus (2014)
  • MP-23 Exhaust (2015, retool of Wheeljack based on Diaclone colours)
  • MP-24 Star Saber (2015)
  • MP-25 Tracks (2015)
  • MP-26 Road Rage (2015, retool of Tracks)
  • MP-27 Ironhide (2016)
  • MP-28 Hot Rodimus (2016)
  • MP-29 Laserwave (2016)
  • MP-30 Ratchet (2016, retool of Ironhide)
  • MP-31 Delta Magnus (2016, repaint of Ultra Magnus)
  • MP-32 Beast Convoy [Optimus Primal] (2016)
  • MP-33 Inferno (2016, retool of Inferno)
  • MP-34 Cheetus (2017)
  • MP-35 Grapple (2017)
  • MP-36 Megatron (2017)
  • MP-37 Artfire (2017, retool of Inferno)

Special Editions:

  • MP-01B Convoy Black Ver. (2009, Nemesis Prime-themed repaint of MP01 Convoy)
  • MP-08X King Grimlock (2009, Marvel comics themed repaint of MP08 Grimlock with crown)
  • MP-03G Starscream Ghost Ver. (2010, G1-accurate repaint of MP03 Starscream in clear plastic)
  • MP-04S Convoy Sleep Mode (2010, repaint of MP04 Convoy Perfect Edition in black with a clear trailer to represent his death in TFTM)
  • MPM-01 Starscream (2010, Takara release of 2010 Transformers leader class movie Starscram)
  • MPM-02 Bumblebee (2010, Takara release of 2010 Transformers leader class movie Battle Ops Bumblebee)
  • MP-01L Convoy Last Production (2011, special reissue of MP01 Convoy before the mould is retired)
  • MP-09B Black Rodimus Convoy (2011, evil repaint of MP-09 Rodimus Convoy)
  • MP-11S Sunstorm (2012, repaint of MP11 Starscream in orange as Sunstorm)
  • MP-10B Black Convoy (2013, repaint of MP10 Convoy in black as Black Convoy)
  • MP-12T Tigertrack (2013, repaint of MP12 Lambor in yellow as Tigertrack)
  • MP-11A Acid Storm (2013, repaint of MP11 Starscream in green as Acid Storm)
  • MP-12G Lambor G2 Ver. (2014, retool of MP12 Lambor with additional guns, sword, spiky wheels and a new head to resemble his look in the G2 comics)
  • MP-13B Soundblaster w/ Ratbat (2014, repaint of MP13 Soundwave in Soundblaster colours; Ratbat is a brand-new mould)
  • MP-18S Silverstreak (2014; repaint of MP18 Bluestreak with more silver inspired by the G1 toy)
  • MP-10A Convoy BAPE ver. (2014, repaint of MP10 Convoy)
  • MP-10 Convoy Mode "Eva" (2014, repaint of MP10 Convoy as a crossover with Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • MP-05G 30th Anniversary Megatron (2014, repaint of MP05 Megatron in gold)
  • MP-11SW Skywarp (2015, repaint of MP11 Starscream)
  • MP-21G Bumble G2 Ver. (2015, repaint of MP21 Bumble in G2 colours)
  • MP-18B Bluestreak (2015, repaint of MP18 Streak in the 'Blue Bluestreak' colours)
  • MP-11T Thundercracker (2015, repaint of MP11 Starscream)
  • MP-10R Convoy BAPE Red Camo Ver. (2015, repaint of MP10 Convoy)
  • MP-21R Bumble Red Body (2015, repaint of MP21 Bumblebee in red)
  • MP-14C Clampdown (2015, repaint of MP14 Alert)
  • MP-11NR Ramjet (2016, retool of MP11 Starscream)
  • MP-14+ Alert Anime Color Edition (2016, repaint of MP14 Alert)
  • MP-25L Loudpedal (2016, repaint of MP25 Tracks)
  • MP-11NT Thrust (2016, retool of MP11 Starscream)
  • MP-11ND Dirge (2017, retool of MP11 Starscream)


Hasbro Releases:

  • 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime (2003/2004, release of MP01 Convoy)
  • 20th Anniversary DVD Optimus Prime (2006, release of MP01 Convoy as part of the Classics line)
  • Masterpiece Starscream (2007, release of MP03 Starscream in G1 colours as part of the Classics line)
  • Masterpiece Skywarp (2009, release of MP06 Skywarp as part of the Universe 2.0 line)
  • Masterpiece Grimlock (2010, release of MP08 Grimlock as part of the 2010 Transformers line)
  • Masterpiece Rodimus Prime (2011, release of MP09 Rodimus Convoy as part of the 2010 Transformers line; includes new Targetmaster figure Offshoot)
  • Masterpiece Optimus Prime (2012, release of MP10 Convoy as part of the 2010 Transformers line)
  • Masterpiece Thundercracker (2012, repaint of the retooled MP11 Starscream as part of the 2010 Transformers line)
  • MP-01 Acid Storm (2013, release of MP11A Acid Storm)
  • MP-02 Soundwave (2013, release of MP13 Soundwave, packed in a set with the MP15 and MP16 cassettes: Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, Frenzy and Rumble)
  • Year of the Horse Optimus Prime (2014, red-and-gold repaint of MP10 Convoy with a clear trailer, omitting the Roller and Spike accessories)
  • MP-03 Grimlock (2014, release of MP08 Grimlock)
  • MP-04 Prowl (2014, release of MP17 Prowl)
  • MP-05 Sunstorm (2014, release of MP11S Sunstorm)
  • Year of the Goat Soundwave (2015, repaint of Soundwave in white and gold, comes with the five tapes included in Hasbro's MP02 Soundwave)
  • MP-06 Bluestreak (2015, release of MP18 Streak)
  • MP-07 Starscream (2015, release of MP11 Starscream)
  • MP-08 Bumblebee & Spike Witwicky (2016, release of MP21 Bumble)
  • MP-10SG Shattered Glass Optimus Prime (2016, repaint of MP10 Convoy in BotCon's Shattered Glass colours)

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