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Transformers: Power Core Combiners Checklist

The Power Core Combiners are one of the three lines that ran concurrently in 2010, alongside Generations and the gold-packaging Transformers line (sometimes known as Hunt for the Decepticons/Reveal the Shield). It consists mostly of combination as a gimmick, and the toyline saw no release in Takara’s line, though the moulds are repainted in 2012’s United EX line. Each figure can form a center piece with any of the limbs in the five-packs.

Power Core Combiners:

Commander 2-Packs: Each 2-pack contains a Scout-sized figure and a Minicon.
Wave 1:
  • Huffer with Caliburst
  • Searchlight with Backwind
  • Smolder with Chopster

Wave 2:
  • Icepick with Chainclaw
  • Leadfoot with Pinpoint
  • Sledge with Throttler

Wave 3:
  • Windburn with Darkray (Windburn is repainted from Searchlight; Darkray is repainted from Caliburst)
  • Darkstream with Razorbeam (Darkstream is repainted from Skyburst; Razorbeam is repainted from Chopster)
  • Steelshot with Beacon (Steelshot is repainted from Bombshock; Beacon is repainted from Backwind)

Wave 4:
  • Heavytread with Groundspike
  • Skyhammer with Airlift

Wave 5:
  • Undertow with Waterlog
  • Salvage with Bomb-Burst (Salvage is repainted from Mudslinger; Bomb-Burst is repainted from Chainclaw)

Five-Packs: Each 5-pack contains a Scout-sized figure and four drones that can form limbs of a combiner.

Wave 1:
  • Bombshock with Combaticon drones
  • Skyburst with Aerialbot drones

Wave 2:
  • Double Clutch with Rallybot drones
  • Mudslinger with Destructicon drones

Wave 3:
  • Stakeout with Protectobot drones (Stakeout is repainted from Smolder; two of the Protectobots are repainted from Skyburst’s Aerialbots and the other two from Bombshock’s Combaticons)
  • Crankcase with Destron drones (Crankcase is repainted from Huffer; two of the Destron drones are repainted from Skyburst’s Aerialbots and the other two from Bombshock’s Combaticons)

Wave 4:
  • Steamhammer with Constructicon drones
  • Grimstone with Dinobot drones

Wave 5:
  • Over-Run with Stunticon drones (Over-Run is a repaint of Leadfoot; two of the Stunticon drones are repainted from Mudslinger’s Destructicons and the other two from Double Clutch’s Rallybots. Over-Run was initially solicited as ‘Spastic’ before the name was changed)

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