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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)

US 'Generation One' Transformers (1984-1990)

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Leaders | Autobot Cars | Decepticon Jets | Minibots | Cassettes | Powerdashers | Omnibots


Optimus Prime was based on the Diaclone Battle Convoy figure; Megatron on the Microchange Walther P-38 'UNCLE Special' GunRobo.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Optimus Prime Red/blue Freightliner Cabover Engine truck with trailer Also includes Roller, scout vehicle. Trailer turns into base.
Megatron Silver/black Walther P38 'Uncle Special' pistol Extra handgun parts form artillery piece.

Autobot Cars

All taken from Takara's Diaclone Car Robo range.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Bluestreak Grey/black Datsun 280Z Fairlady-Z Same base as Prowl
Hound Green Mitsubishi J59 Jeep -
Ironhide Red Cherry Onebox Vanette Same base as Ratchet
Jazz White/black Martini Porsche 935 -
Mirage Blue/white Ligier JS17 -
Prowl White/black Datsun 280Z police cruiser Same base as Bluestreak
Ratchet White/red Cherry Onebox ambulance Same base as Ironhide
Sideswipe Red Lamborghini Countach LP500S -
Sunstreaker Yellow/black Lamborghini Countach LP500S Super Tuning -
Trailbreaker Black Toyota 4WD Hilux -
Wheeljack White/black Lancia Stratos Turbo -

Decepticon Jets

Taken from Takara's Diaclone JetRobo line.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Skywarp Black/purple F-15 Eagle -
Starscream Grey/blue F-15 Eagle -
Thundercracker Blue/black F-15 Eagle -


Taken from Takara's Microchange Micro Robot range. The vehicle modes were 'super-deformed'. One figure from the Micro Robot range, modelled on a Mazda Familiar 1500XG, was packaged on some Cliffjumper cards, but was not named as a Transformer. The character has since become part of the Transformers universe, being used as the character Bumper in Dreamwave's Generation 1 comic series. Red versions of Bumblebee and yellow versions of Cliffjumper (not to be confused with the 1986 Minibot Hubcap) also appeared.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Brawn Green Land Rover Defender -
Bumblebee Yellow/black Volkswagen Beetle -
Cliffjumper Red/black Porsche 924 -
Gears Blue/red 4x4 -
Huffer Orange/purple truck cab -
Windcharger Red/grey Pontiac Trans-Am -


Taken from Takara's Microchange Microcassette range. The cassettes were available in pairs, except Buzzsaw, who was only available with Soundwave.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Soundwave Blue/silver microcassette player Came packed with Buzzsaw
Buzzsaw Black/gold microcassette Robot mode modelled on a condor; came packed with Soundwave; same mould as Laserbeak
Frenzy Blue microcassette Came packed with Laserbeak; same mould as Rumble
Laserbeak Black/red microcassette Robot mode modelled on a condor; Came packed with Frenzy; same mould as Buzzsaw
Ravage Black microcassette Robot mode modelled on a jaguar; Came packed with Rumble
Rumble Black/red microcassette Came packed with Ravage; same mould as Frenzy


Friction-motor toys from Takaara's Diaclone Dasher range. Only available via mail. All three were unnamed, though fans refer to them as "F1/Car Dasher", "Jet Dasher" and "Drill Dasher".

Name Alternate Mode Notes
? Red/blue futuristic car -
? Black/red futuristic jet -
? Red/black futuristic drill tank -


Taken from Takaara's Diaclone Doublechanger range. Only available via mail. All three had very simple "flying car" third modes.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Camshaft Grey Celica XX Type -
Downshift White Mazda Savannah RX7 -
Overdrive Red Ferrari 512BB Type -


Air Guardian | Military Operations Officer | Insecticons | Dinobots | Constructicons | Autobot Cars | Decepticon Jets | Minibots | Defence Base | Scientist | Communications | Jumpstarters | Triplechangers | Deluxe Vehicles | Deluxe Insecticons

Air Guardian

To bolster the Transformers line, the Valkyrie VHF-1 figure from Macross was leased from Bandai, and packaged it as an Autobot.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Jetfire White/red futuristic jet -

Military Operations Officer

Another figure pressed into service for the Transformers line, with ToyCo's Astro Magnum figure given a new colour scheme. The figure was intended for release in 1984, but delayed.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Shockwave Purple laser pistol Features light and sound.


Taken from Takara's Diaclone Waruders line.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Bombshell Black/yellow/purple weevil -
Kickback Black/yellow/purple grasshopper -
Shrapnel Black/yellow/purple lamellicorn -


From Takara's Diaclone Dino Robo line.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Grimlock Grey/gold Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinobot Leader
Slag Grey/silver Triceratops -
Sludge Grey/silver Brontosaurus -
Snarl Grey/red Stegosaurus -
Swoop Silver/red Pterodactyl -


Taken from Takara's Diaclone Construction Robo. The first Transformers combining team, all six combined to form Devastator.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Bonecrusher Green/black bulldozer -
Hook Green mobile crane -
Long Haul Green/purple dumper truck -
Mixmaster Green/purple cement mixer -
Scavenger Green/purple excavator -
Scrapper Green/purple digger -
Devastator - Giftset containing all six Constructicons.

Autobot Cars

From Takara's Diaclone Car Robo line. While all the moulds were used for the Car Robo line, I have noted the Transformers they correspond to for simplicity's sake.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Grapple Orange Nissan Diesel crane Same base as Inferno
Hoist Green/orange Toyota 4WD Hilux tow-truck Remould of Trailbreaker
Inferno Red Nissan Diesel fire engine Same base as Grapple
Red Alert White/red Lamborghini Countach LP500S fire chief's car Remould of Sideswipe
Skids Blue Honda City Car Turbo -
Smokescreen Red/blue Datsun ZX280 Fairlady-Z Remould of Bluestreak/Prowl
Tracks Blue Corvette Stingray Simple "flying car" third mode

Decepticon Jets

Reuses of the Diaclone Jet Robo figures, with new wings.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Dirge Blue/tan double delta jet -
Ramjet White/maroon delta jet -
Thrust Maroon/grey VTOL jet -


Previously unreleased figures, though they have have been intended for Takara's Microchange line.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Beachcomber Grey/blue beach buggy -
Cosmos Green/yellow flying saucer -
Powerglide Red/grey A10 Thunderbolt -
Seaspray Blue/white/yellow hovercraft -
Warpath Maroon/grey M551 Sheridan -

Defence Base

Designed by ToyBox, Omega Supreme had a motorised train component in base mode.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Omega Supreme Grey/red/yellow defence base -


Another Microchange mould, Perceptor had a working, if weak, magnifying mechanism.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Perceptor Red/blue/black microscope Simple 'tank' third mode.


Blaster was based on another Microchange figure.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Blaster Red/yellow/grey cassette player -


The Jumpstarters had friction motors and simple spring-loaded mechanisms that allowed the vehicles to 'jump' into robot mode. Taken from the Diaclone Attack Robo range.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Topspin White/blue spaceship -
Twintwist Blue/white drill tank -


Figures with two alternate modes, taken from the Diaclone range, though the mould for Astrotrain had not been released beforehand.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Astrotrain White/purple Shuttle/train -
Blitzwing Purple/cream MiG-25/tank -

Deluxe Vehicles

In order to meet the demand for new Transformer figures, Hasbro continued to lease moulds from other manufacturers. The Deluxe Vehicles came from Takatoku's Special Armored Batalion Dorvack series, leased from Bandai.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Roadbuster Brown/orange armoured car -
Whirl Blue AH-1 Cobra -

Deluxe Insecticons

Another Takatoku line, Beetras, provided four more figures, again leased from Bandai.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Barrage Green/yellow beetle -
Chop Shop Brown/orange lamellicorn -
Ransack Yellow/black locust -
Venom Green/orange tsetse fly -


Combiner Teams | City Commanders | Autobot Cars | Decepticon Jets | Heroes | Triple Changers | Sharkticon | Cities | Minibots | Battlechargers | Predacons | Cassettes | Lieutenant Commander | Spy

Combiner Teams

Each faction received two combining teams. These included one larger figure (the leader) and four smaller 'limb' members, which could easily be interchanged. Informally referred to as the 'Scramble City' teams.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Silverbolt Cream/black Concorde Aerialbot Leader; also had Jet Launcher third mode.
Air Raid Black/white F-15 Eagle Aerialbot
Fireflight Red/white F4 Phantom Aerialbot
Skydive Grey/black F16 Falcon Aerialbot
Slingshot White/red Harrier Aerialbot
Superion - Giftset containing all five Aerialbots
Motormaster Black/grey Kenworth COE & Trailer Stunticon Leader; also had Car Launcher third mode.
Breakdown White/purple Lamborghini Countach Stunticon
Dead End Maroon/black Porsche 928 Stunticon
Dragstrip Yellow Tyrrell P34 Stunticon
Wildrider Grey/red Ferrari 308GTO Stunticon
Menasor - Giftset containing all five Stunticons
Hotspot Blue fire engine Protectobot Leader; also had Repair Bay third mode.
Blades Red/white UH-1 Iroquois fire helicopter Protectobot
First Aid White/red Toyota Previa Ambulance Protectobot
Groove White/silver Honda Goldwing police interceptor Protectobot
Streetwise White/black Nissan 300ZX police cruiser Protectobot
Defensor - Giftset containing all five Protectobots
Onslaught Green/black missile truck Combaticon Leader; also had Missile Launcher third mode.
Blast Off Green/black Shuttle Combaticon
Brawl Green/grey tank Combaticon
Swindle Tan/purple jeep Combaticon
Vortex Grey/purple helicopter Combaticon
Bruticus - Giftset containing all five Combaticons; may not have been released

City Commanders

The first of a number of toys linking into Transformers The Movie, the new leaders were promoted as 'City Commanders' to preserve the surprise. Ultra Magnus was the final American release to be taken from the Diaclone line.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Ultra Magnus Blue/white/red car carrier Cab is a repaint of Optimus Prime.
Galvatron Grey/purple cannon/laser pistol Features light and sound.

Autobot Cars

Three more Movie designs.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Blurr Blue/white hovercar -
Hot Rod Red/yellow futuristic car -
Kup Blue/white/grey futuristic truck -

Decepticon Jets

And two for the Decepticons...

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Cyclonus Purple/grey futuristic jet -
Scourge Blue/white spaceship -


Two Autobot figures from TF:TM. Rodimus Prime had a deliberately vague tech spec to avoid blowing the end of the film; Wreck-Gar appeared in the movie as a Junkion, but was marketed as an Autobot in the toyline.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Rodimus Prime Red/yellow futuristic van Rear section forms battle-platform.
Wreck-Gar Orange/tan/brown futuristic motorcycle -


Four more Triple Changers were issued. One, Springer, was a prominent character in TF:TM.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Broadside Grey/red aircraft carrier/futuristic jet -
Octane White/purple/silver fuel tanker/jet -
Sandstorm Orange/black dune buggy/Sea King -
Springer Green/grey/yellow futuristic helicopter/car -


This figure was modelled on the Sharkticon guards from TF:TM, but marketed as a Decepticon character for the toyline.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Gnaw Grey/aqua monster -


Each side received a large 'base' figure.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Metroplex Cream/black battle station Mobile fortress third mode; also includes Scamper, black car/robot; Slammer, cream tank; weapons combine to form Sixgun; 'Scramble City' limb figures can attach to robot mode.
Trypticon Grey/purple battle station Robot mode modelled on Tyrannosaurus Rex; also includes Full-Tilt, purple car/robot; Brunt, purple tank. Robot mode features motorised walking action. Onslaught and Motormaster's base modes can attach to the battle station mode.


The final batch of Minibot figures were all remoulds of those released in 1984, except Wheelie, who was modelled on the TF:TM character.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Hubcap Yellow/black Porsche 924 Retooling of Cliffjumper
Outback Tan/brown Landrover Defender Retooling of Brawn
Pipes Blue/white truck cab Retooling of Huffer
Swerve Maroon/white 4x4 Retooling of Gears
Tailgate White/blue Pontiac Trans-Am Retooling of Windcharger
Wheelie Orange/white futuristic car -


The Battlechargers followed the same concept as the Jumpstarters.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Runabout Black/red Trans-Am -
Runamuck Cream/black Trans-Am -


A much larger set of combining robots.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Razorclaw Yellow/black/red lion Predacon Leader
Divebomb Black/red condor Predacon
Headstrong Red/black/yellow rhinoceros Predacon
Rampage Red/black panther Predacon
Tantrum Red/black bull Predacon
Predaking - Giftset containing all five Predacons


Four new Autobot cassettes and one new Decepticon cassette were made. All could still fit in Soundwave or Blaster. Frenzy was reissued, to be packed with Ratbat - all were sold in pairs.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Eject Black/grey microcassette Packed with Ramhorn; same mould as Rewind.
Frenzy Blue microcassette Packed with Ratbat.
Ramhorn Maroon microcassette Robot mode modelled on a rhinoceros; packed with Eject.
Ratbat Purple/black microcassette Robot mode modelled on a bat; packed with Frenzy.
Rewind Blue/grey microcassette Packed with Steeljaw; same mould as Eject.
Steeljaw Yellow microcassette Robot mode modelled on a lion; packed with Rewind.

Lieutenant Commander

Subcontracted to Toy Box, Sky Lynx was the last US release not to be designed by Hasbro/Takara.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Sky Lynx White/blue/red Shuttle with external tank Shuttle transforms into large dragon-like 'robot mode'; external tank turns into lynx, with motorised legs.


The final Microchange mould used for the series, Reflector was, despite having appeared throughout the first season of the cartoon, dropped from the first lines by Hasbro. As it was, the toy only emerged in 1986, as a mail-away.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Reflector Grey/black/blue SLR camera Three robot modules - Spyglass, Viewfinder and Spectro - combine to form the camera.


Throttlebots | Combiner Teams | Headmasters | Targetmasters | Horrorcons | Bases | Six-Changer | Clones | Doublespy | Monstercons | Duocons | Cassettes


All Throttlebots had a friction motor that worked in both modes. Goldbug was an intentional reincarnation of Bumblebee.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Chase Red/blue Ferrari Testarossa -
Freeway Blue/grey Corvette Stingray -
Goldbug Gold/blue Volkswagen Beetle -
Rollbar Green/grey Jeep CR1 -
Searchlight White/blue Ford RS200 -
Wideload Orange/blue dumper truck -

Combiner Teams

Both sides received another combining team, following the same pattern as the 1986 'Scramble City' figures. The Technobots formed Computron, and the Terrorcons formed Abominus.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Scattershot Maroon/cream spaceship Technobot Leader; also had Cannon third mode.
Afterburner Orange/cream/grey futuristic motorcycle Technobot
Lightspeed Red/white futuristic car Technobot
Nosecone Brown/cream drill tank Technobot
Strafe Red/white futuristic jet Technobot
Hun-Grr Cream/purple two-headed monster Terrorcon Leader
Blot Purple monster Terrorcon
Cutthroat Cream/green flying monster Terrorcon
Rippersnapper Grey/blue monster Terrorcon
Sinnertwin Yellow/green two-headed monster Terrorcon


These were new figures, which featured Nebulan companions who transformed into a head for the robot.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Brainstorm Aqua/grey futuristic jet With Headmaster companion Arcana.
Chromedome Brown/cream futuristic car With Headmaster companion Stylor.
Hardhead Green/grey futuristic tank With Headmaster companion Duros.
Highbrow Blue/grey futuristic helicopter With Headmaster companion Gort.
Mindwipe Black/purple bat With Headmaster companion Vorath.
Skullcruncher Green/purple crocodile With Headmaster companion Grax.
Weirdwolf Yellow/cream wolf With Headmaster companion Monzo.


Another new idea, the Nebulan companions for these figures formed the robot's gun. Five TF:TM toys were modified slightly and issued alongside the six new figures in the range.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Blurr Blue/white hovercar With Targetmaster companion Haywire; modified 1986 mould.
Crosshairs Blue/red futuristic 4x4 With Targetmaster companion Peacemaker.
Cyclonus Purple/grey futuristic jet With Targetmaster companion Nightstick; modified 1986 mould.
Hot Rod Red/yellow futuristic car With Targetmaster companion Firebolt; modified 1986 mould.
Kup Blue/white/grey futuristic truck With Targetmaster companion Recoil; modified 1986 mould.
Misfire Magenta/black futuristic jet With Targetmaster companion Aimless.
Pointblank Red/blue futuristic car With Targetmaster companion Pinpointer.
Scourge Blue/white spaceship With Targetmaster companion Fracas; modified 1986 mould.
Slugslinger Grey/aqua futuristic jet With Targetmaster companion Caliburst.
Sureshot Yellow/orange futuristic dune buggy With Targetmaster companion Spoilsport.
Triggerhappy Blue/grey futuristic jet. With Targetmaster companion Blowpipe.


Horrorcons were Headmasters with two alternate modes.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Apeface Cream/purple/black futuristic jet/ape With Headmaster companion Krunk.
Snapdragon Cream/black/purple SR71 Blackbird/dragon With Headmaster companion Spasma.


Each faction received a Headmaster base, though Fortress Maximus was far larger than Scorponok.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Fortress Maximus Grey/blue/red battle station Also includes Cerebros, Fortress Maximus head/robot; Headmaster companion Spike; Gasket, vehicle/robot and Grommett, vehicle/robot.
Scorponok Green/purple scorpion With Base third mode; also includes Fasttrack, vehicle/robot


A large figure, with five alternate modes.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Sixshot White/green/purple futuristic tank/futuristic car/laser gun/futuristic jet/winged wolf -


Each pair of Clones had matching robot modes, but different alternate modes.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Cloudraker Red/white futuristic jet Packed with Fastlane.
Fastlane Red/white futuristic car Packed with Cloudraker.
Pounce White/aqua/purple cat Packed with Wingspan.
Wingspan White/aqua/purple bird Packed with Pounce.


This figure was an Autobot (Punch), but could disguise itself as a Decepticon (Counterpunch).

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Punch-Counterpunch Blue/orange Pontiac Fiero -


Two more cassettes were also issued.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Overkill White/blue microcassette Robot mode modelled on a Tyrannosaurus Rex; packed with Slugfest.
Slugfest Green/maroon microcassette Robot mode modelled on a Stegosaurus; packed with Overkill.


Powermaster Leader | Powermasters | Pretenders | Pretender Beasts | Pretender Vehicles | Headmasters | Targetmasters | Six-Changer | Triggerbots | Triggercons | Sparkabots | Firecons | Combiner Team | Cassettes

Powermaster Leader

Optimus Prime was remade for the 1988 line, incorporating a new gimmick. Powermasters had Nebulan companions who formed engines, also 'unlocking' the robot mode for the toys. The new Prime had two robot modes - a smaller one formed from the cab, and a larger one incorporating the trailer.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Optimus Prime Red/blue/grey articulated truck With Powermaster companion Hi-Q; trailer also forms battle station.


Six other Powermasters were issued. While the Autobot characters simply had Powermaster companions, the Decepticon figures all had extra features - Darkwing and Dreadwind could combine to form a larger jet, Dreadwing, while Doubledealer came with two engines, functioning as a spy - each engine activated a different mode.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Darkwing Grey/purple/aqua Panavia Tornado With Powermaster companion Throttle.
Doubledealer Green/grey/aqua missile truck/bird With Powermaster companions Knok and Skar.
Dreadwind Grey/aqua/purple F-16 Falcon With Powermaster companion Hi-Test.
Getaway White/red/grey sportscar With Powermaster companion Rev.
Joyride Green/purple/grey dune buggy With Powermaster companion Hotwire.
Slapdash Blue/yellow Indycar With Powermaster companion Lube.


Pretenders were small transforming robots with larger moulded humanoid outer shells.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Bomb-Burst Blue/grey futuristic jet With white/grey bat-monster shell.
Bugly Purple/grey futuristic jet With black/blue insect-monster shell.
Cloudburst Red/black futuristic jet With red/white human shell.
Finback Grey/maroon futuristic ship With grey/yellow/maroon shark-monster shell.
Groundbreaker Grey/black futuristic tank With orange/grey human shell.
Iguanus Purple/maroon futuristic motorcycle With purple/black lizard-monster shell.
Landmine Grey/black/red futuristic car With yellow/grey human shell.
Skullgrin Grey/purple futuristic tank With grey/purple ram-monster shell.
Sky High Grey/black/red futuristic helicopter With grey/red human shell.
Splashdown Red/grey futuristic submarine With aqua/grey human shell.
Submarauder Purple/aqua futuristic submarine With aqua/grey fish-monster shell.
Waverider Grey/white futuristic ship With grey/black human shell.

Pretender Beasts

Pretender beasts followed the same concept, except the shells were for the toys' animal modes.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Carnivac Purple/brown wolf With grey wolf shell.
Catilla Grey/yellow sabretoothed tiger With yellow sabretoothed tiger shell.
Chainclaw Yellow/grey bear With brown bear shell.
Snarler Brown/purple boar With green boar shell.

Pretender Vehicles

Pretender vehicles were again the same thing, but with vehicle shells.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Gunrunner Yellow/black futuristic jet With red/grey futuristic car shell.
Roadgrabber Purple futuristic jet With purple/aqua futuristic car shell.


The 1988 Headmasters were slightly smaller - the range is often informally referred to as 'Headmaster Juniors', though this was only officially used in Japan.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Fangry Purple/grey winged wolf With Headmaster companion Brisko.
Horri-Bull Blue/grey bull With Headmaster companion Kreb.
Hosehead Red/grey fire engine With Headmaster companion Lug.
Nightbeat Blue/yellow Porsche 959 With Headmaster companion Muzzle.
Siren Grey/red Fire Chief Toyota Supra With Headmaster companion Quig.
Squeezeplay Blue/purple crab monster With Headmaster companion Lokos.


The 1988 Targetmasters were also smaller than the 1987 versions, but came with two Nebulan figures, which could either form two seperate guns, or one larger weapon. Informally known as 'Double Targetmasters' in some circles.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Landfill Cream/brown dumper truck With Targetmaster companions Flintlock and Silencer.
Needlenose Grey/blue/purple Dassault Mirage With Targetmaster companions Sunbeam and Zigzag.
Quake Maroon/grey/blue tank With Targetmaster companions Heater and Tiptop.
Quickmix Red/white cement mixer With Targetmaster companions Boomer and Ricochet.
Scoop Orange/yellow digger With Targetmaster companions Holepunch and Tracer.
Spinister Purple/blue AH-64 Apache With Targetmaster companions Hairsplitter and Singe.


The Autobots received a smaller Six-Changer.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Quickswitch Aqua/grey/red hovercraft/gun/puma/drill tank/jet -


Triggerbots had springloaded weapons that popped up at the touch of a button.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Backstreet Orange/grey Porsche 956 -
Dogfight Blue Grumman X29 -
Override Blue/red motorcycle -


Triggercons were the Decepticon equivalent of Triggerbots.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Crankcase Grey/blue 4x4 -
Ruckus Purple/yellow dune buggy -
Windsweeper Grey/maroon B-1 Lancer -


Sparkabots had flint motors which caused sparks to come out of the rear of the car mode.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Fizzle Blue dune buggy -
Guzzle Green/white Chieftain Mk. 3 -
Sizzle Black/red hot rod car -


Firercons were the Decepticon equivalent of Sparkabots, though in their case the sparks came out of the mouth of the monster mode.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Cindersaur Purple/yellow dinosaur monster -
Flamefeather Blue/white bird monster -
Sparkstalker Red/white bird monster -

Combiner Team

The final 'Scramble City'-style team had six members, with one of the team forming the gun of the larger robot.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Snaptrap Aqua/pink sea turtle Seacon Leader
Nautilator Green/black/grey lobster Seacon
Overbite Green/pink/purple shark Seacon
Seawing Aqua/grey/black manta ray Seacon
Skalor Green/pink/purple coelacant Seacon
Tentakil Pink/aqua/purple squid Seacon
Piranacon - Giftset containing all Seacons, bar Nautilator.


Two new cassettes were issued for each faction. Each pair combined to form a larger robot - the Autobots Slamdance, and the Decepticons Squawkbox.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Beastbox Maroon/grey microcassette Robot mode modelled on a gorilla; packed with Squawktalk.
Grandslam Red microcassette Robot mode modelled on a tank; packed with Raindance.
Raindance Blue microcassette Robot mode modelled on a jet; packed with Grandslam.
Squawktalk Purple/grey microcassette Robot mode modelled on a bird; packed with Beastbox.


Pretenders | Classic Pretenders | Ultra Pretenders | Mega Pretenders | Pretender Monsters | Micromasters | Micromaster Transports | Micromaster Stations | Micromaster Bases | Micromaster Jet Command | Micromaster Rocket Base | Classic Legends


Smaller than the 1988 assortment.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Bludgeon Green/maroon tank With yellow/maroon skeletal human shell.
Doubleheader Grey/red futuristic jet With blue/grey two-headed human shell.
Longtooth Red/grey/blue futuristic tank With yellow/grey humanoid walrus shell.
Octopunch Orange/maroon crab With maroon/aqua humanoid octopus shell.
Pincher Aqua/grey scorpion With orange/green human shell.
Strangehold Yellow/green rhinoceros With brown/flesh human shell.

Classic Pretenders

Around the same size as the other 1989 Pretenders, but based on existing characters.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Bumblebee Yellow/black Volkswagen Beetle With yellow/red human shell.
Grimlock Grey/gold Tyrannosaurus Rex With grey/red/blue human shell.
Jazz White/black Martini Porsche 935 With blue/grey human shell.
Starscream Grey/blue F-15 Eagle With blue/grey human shell.

Mega Pretenders

These slightly larger Pretenders [the "Mega" was meant to be more descriptive of their capabilities, rather than their size] could combine the inner robot with the outer shell to give a third mode.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Crossblades Orange/cream futuristic jet With cream/green human shell; shell and jet combine to form a helicopter.
Thunderwing White/purple futuristic jet With cream/blue/purple humanoid shell; shell and jet combine to form a super jet.
Vroom Red/black futuristic armoured car With white/black/red human shell; shell and tank combine to form a motorcyle & sidecar.

Ultra Pretenders

These came with two shells - one for the robot mode, and one for the vehicle mode.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Roadblock Gold/grey futuristic armoured car With black/purple humanoid shell, and aqua armoured car shell.
Skyhammer Gold/red/grey futuristic car With blue/red humanoid shell, and grey/gold/red assault helicopter shell.

Pretender Monsters

The Monsters were small figures with simple shells, but the inner robots could combine to form a larger robot, Monstructor. The inner robots were the same as those used for the Japanese-exclusive figure Dinoking.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Birdbrain Black/purple monster With black/white monster shell.
Bristleback Gold/aqua winged monster With green/cream monster shell.
Icepick Maroon/aqua monster With blue/orange monster shell.
Scowl Yellow/purple monster With blue/grey monster shell.
Slog Gold/black monster With red/yellow monster shell.
Wildfly Maroon/yellow monster With purple/cream monster shell.


Micromasters were very small Transformers (around 1.5 inches tall), packed in themed patrols of four figures.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Nightflight Grey/blue F-14 Tomcat Air Strike Patrol
Stormcloud Purple/black Dassault Rafale Air Strike Patrol
Tailwind Blue/grey A-10 Thunderbolt II Air Strike Patrol
Whisper Black/purple stealth jet Air Strike Patrol
Big Shot Brown/cream G6 203mm Gun Tank Battle Patrol
Flak Green/cream rocket tank Battle Patrol
Sidetrack Cream/brown Roland 2 Battle Patrol
Sunrunner Cream/green Grumman E2 Hawkeye Battle Patrol
Freewheeler Yellow/red Lamborghini Diablo Race Car Patrol
Roadhandler Red/yellow Chevrolet Camaro Race Car Patrol
Swindler Grey/blue Delorean DMC-12 Race Car Patrol
Tailspin Blue/grey Porsche 956 Race Car Patrol
Fixit White/red ambulance Rescue Patrol
Red Hot Red/white fire engine Rescue Patrol
Seawatch Blue/grey lifeboat Rescue Patrol
Stakeout Grey/blue police cruiser Rescue Patrol
Blackjack Black/purple Ford Probe Sports Car Patrol
Detour Yellow/blue Indy Corvette Sports Car Patrol
Hyperdrive Blue/yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse Sports Car Patrol
Roadhugger Purple/black sportscar Sports Car Patrol

Micromaster Transports

Single Micromasters that came with transport devices for their vehicle modes - these could then transform into attack vehicles.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Erector Yellow/grey truck cab With yellow/grey mobile crane trailer/base.
Flattop Maroon/grey F4 Phantom With grey/maroon aircraft carrier/jet.
Overload Blue/grey truck cab With grey/red car carrier/jet.
Roughstuff Green/grey truck cab With grey/green car carrier/jet.

Micromaster Stations

Single Micromasters that came with small transforming bases.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Airwave Maroon/white F14 Tomcat With grey/blue runway/missile base. Figure is a recolour of Nightflight.
Greasepit Grey/yellow bigfoot truck With blue/yellow petrol station/base. Figure is a recolour of Mudslinger.
Hot House White/maroon A10 Thunderbolt II With red/blue fire station/artillery base. Figure is a recolour of Tailwind.
Ironworks Yellow/grey truck cab With grey/yellow construction site/base. Figure is a recolour of Ironworks.

Micromaster Bases

The same as the Transports, but much larger.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Groundshaker Green/grey jet With blue/red armoured car/base. Figure is a recolour of Whisper.
Skyhopper Green/grey Dassault Rafale With cream/purple/yellow helicopter/base. Figure is a recolour of Stormcloud.

Micromaster Jet Command Center

Again, the same thing. This was the largest of the Decepticon sets.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Skystalker Orange/purple Porsche 959 With grey/blue spaceship/base.

Micromaster Rocket Base

The Rocket Base was the largest of the Micromaster sets,with the base again transforming.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Countdown Grey/red Lunar Rover With blue/grey/white rocket launcher & rocket/base.

Classic Legends

The inner figures from the Classic Pretenders. These were exclusive to K-Mart stores.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Bumblebee Yellow/black Volkswagen Beetle -
Grimlock Grey/gold Tyrannosaurus Rex -
Jazz White/black Martini Porsche 935 -
Starscream Grey/blue F-15 Eagle -


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A third, and final, batch of patrols of four themed figures.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Blazer Tan/blue UH60 Blackhawk Air Defence Patrol
Eagle Eye Blue/white F18 Hornet Air Defence Patrol
Sky High White/blue SST Air Defence Patrol
Treadbolt Blue/tan Stealth bomber Air Defence Patrol
Crumble Grey/yellow mobile crane Construction Patrol
Groundpounder Orange/red digger Construction Patrol
Neutro Yellow/grey bulldozer Construction Patrol
Takedown Red/orange cement mixer Construction Patrol
Big Daddy Black/orange hot rod car Hot Rod Patrol
Greaser Orange/black hot rod car Hot Rod Patrol
Hubs Green/white hot rod car Hot Rod Patrol
Trip-Up White/green hot rod car Hot Rod Patrol
Bombshock Green/blue tank Military Patrol
Dropshot Blue/grey armoured car Military Patrol
Growl Brown/black armoured car Military Patrol
Tracer Black/brown AH-64 Apache Military Patrol
Big Hauler Orange/blue monster truck Monster Truck Patrol
Heavy Tread Green/yellow monster truck Monster Truck Patrol
Hydraulic Blue/orange monster truck Monster Truck Patrol
Slow Poke Yellow/green monster truck Monster Truck Patrol
Barricade Blue/purple Indycar Race Track Patrol
Ground Hog Purple/yellow hot rod Race Track Patrol
Motorhead Yellow/purple sportscar Race Track Patrol
Roller Force Pink/blue dune buggy Race Track Patrol

Micromaster Combiners

Micromaster Combiners were two figures that combined to form a single vehicle. They came in packs of six figures (i.e. three vehicles).

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Barrage/Heave Blue/white Lunar Rover Astro Squad
Moonrock/Missile Master Red/white rocket launcher Astro Squad
Phaser/Blastmaster White/black Shuttle Astro Squad
Direct-Hit/Powerpunch Purple/black missile truck Battle Squad
Fire-Shot/Vanquish Black/purple SR-71 Blackbird Battle Squad
Meltdown/Half-Track Blue/purple anti-aircraft truck Battle Squad
Grit/Knock-Out Purple/grey excavator Construction Squad
Slegde/Hammer Orange/grey dumper truck Construction Squad
Stone Cruncher/Excavator Yellow/purple mobile crane Construction Squad
Oiler/Slide Blue/grey oil tanker Metro Squad
Power Run/Strikedown White/black hovercraft Metro Squad
Wheel Blaze/Roadburner Yellow/grey cherry picker Metro Squad

Micromaster Combiner Transports

These were combiner figures that came with a transport section that could either combine with their vehicle modes, or turn into eother two small bases, or one large base.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Cement Head/Terror-Tread Black/purple dumper truck With Cannon Transport, purple/pink missile base/bases/artillery truck. Cement Head/Terror-Tread are recolours of Sledge/Hammer.
Pipeline/Gusher Orange/black excavator With Tanker Transport, blue/grey base/bases/fuel tanker. Pipeline/Gusher are recolours of Grit/Knock-Out.
Retro/Surge Red/grey mobile crane With Missile Launcher, yellow/black missile base/bases/anti-aircraft truck. Retro/Surge are recolours of Stone Cruncher/Excavator.
Space Shot/Black Out Blue/grey SR-71 Blackbird With Anti-Aircraft Base, yellow/green anti aircraft base/bases/anti-aircraft truck. Space Shot/Black Out are recolours of Fire-Shot/Vanquish.

Micromaster Combiner Headquarters

A much larger version of the above.

Name Alternate Mode Notes
Full-Barrel/Overflow Blue/white container truck With Combiner Headquarters, blue/grey container truck/jets.

Action Masters

Action Masters were non-transforming figures (some modelled on existing characters) with transforming accessories.

Name Description Notes
Banzai-Tron Grey/green/purple robot With Razor-Sharp, black/purple scorpion/gun.
Blaster Red/yellow/grey robot With blue/yellow Flight pack/gun.
Bumblebee Yellow/black robot With blue/yellow Helipack/gun.
Charger Green/grey robot With Fire Beast, black/green monster/cannon.
Devastator Green/purple robot With Scorpulator, black/green scorpion/gun.
Grimlock Grey/gold/black robot With grey/orange Anti-Tank Cannon/gun.
Inferno Red/black/grey robot With orange/purple Hydro Pack/gun.
Jackpot Black/yellow robot With Sights, black/blue bird/cannon.
Jazz White/grey robot With grey/black Turbo Board/gun.
Kick-Off White/orange/grey robot With black/orange Turbo Pack/flamethrower.
Krok Purple/black/grey robot With Gatoraider, black/yellow crocodile/gun.
Mainframe Blue/red/grey robot With Push Button, blue/yellow droid/gun.
Powerflash Yellow/white/red robot With Road Rocket, black/blue missile launcher/gun.
Rad Red/grey robot With Lionizer, grey/orange lion/gun.
Rollout Orange/white/blue robot With Glitch, grey/black droid/gun.
Shockwave Purple/grey robot With Fistfight, black/blue droid/gun.
Skyfall Maroon/white robot With Top-Heavy, orange/purple rhinoceros/gun
Snarl Grey/red/black robot With Tyrannitron, black/orange Tyrannosaurus Rex/gun.
Soundwave Blue/grey robot With Wingthing, black/orange bat/gun.
Treadshot Black/grey robot With Catgut, black/orange panther/gun.

Action Blasters

These Action Masters came with transforming vehicles.

Name Description Notes
Axer Grey/blue robot With red/white Off-Road Cycle/gunnery position
Over-Run Red/yellow/black robot With green/black Attack Chopper/base.
Prowl White/black robot With white/blue Turbo Cycle/gunnery position.
Starscream Grey/blue/red robot With black/blue jet/base.

Attack Vehicles

Like the Action Blasters, but with larger vehicles.

Name Description Notes
Gutcruncher Green/grey robot With purple/black jet/base
Megatron Grey/black robot With black/purple tank/base.
Sprocket Black/orange/white robot With green/gold jeep/helicopter.
Wheeljack White/grey robot With red/yellow sportscar/helicopter.

Armored Convoy

The largest Action Master set.

Name Description Notes
Optimus Prime Red/blue/grey robot With red/grey/ truck & trailer/base/jet.

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