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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Firestrider57's Review: Ironhide

Name : Ironhide
Faction: Autobot
Function: Weapons Expert
"Feeling Frisky Punk?"

Ironhide is the trusted right-hand bot to Optimus Prime on Earth. They have weathered several battles together as comrades in arms. Optimus feels privileged to have Ironhide watching his back.

Ironhide's Deluxe format is what I had been waiting for through two movie toy series. It's both store-able and true to the first movie. There are many reasons why this is a great toy for collectors over, say, Classics 2.0 Ironhide. The following review will say why.

Transformation:This is a nightmare to transform in either direction. Provided that you follow the directions, you should do ok, but I'd say that you want to go through the instructions well before you undertake say -- the cab section of this toy -- before attempting it. The head and breastplate is very tricky. Everything seemed to stay together alarmingly well, however, during the process.

Vehicle Mode: This is an extremely good mold for being a deluxe. The Topkick has always been a favorite of mine since the first movie. Having the Voyager for a short time, I can honestly say that Ironhide was one of the best Voyagers ever. When I tried to store him, however, that was a problem. He's every bit as big as Prime in vehicle mode and is even bigger in robot mode. Try storing him, even transforming him to place him is nearly impossible in the confined space I stored him. The fit and finish of this guy is also second to none! No smudgy paint as in Classics 2.0. The head is also a better fit than the Classics version as well. Also, you can tell what this vehicle is, unlike Classics 2.0 . This one matches Deluxe Brawl perfectly in size. Proportionally, it's more accurate as well than the Voyager, because Prime is obviously the bigger truck. However, putting him next to Prowl, Sideswipe, Bumblebee and Bluestreak isn't necessarily as accurate. The laser "drone" cannon is a nice touch, too, although inaccurate with the movie. I'll get back to the weapons later.

Robot Mode: This is yet another winner in my books. Ironhide was the biggest Voyager the Movie Autobots to my knowledge, but one of the smallest Deluxes. However, he still has presence. He is a "beefy" little guy with his wide shoulders, large hands and imposing weapons. He has the most sure stance of any Deluxe I've ever seen. You can pose him many ways without tipping him. I love his weapons array. It is one of the most impressive moulds ever . He maintains his awesome appearance just like movie one.

The weapons on this guy are intriguing. In the original tech specs, Ironhide had a firepower reading of 6. THAT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!! If Ironhide has a twin barrel laser weapon as well as a gatling type rocket launcher, his firepower should be at least 8. Just my opinion. In Classics 2.0, Ironhide is marred by a substandard paint job. His character didn't mean that much to me until the 2007 movie, so "black" Ironhide is the more desirable figure to me.

Overall: I am comparing three different toys here: Classics 2.0, 2007 Voyager and HFTD Deluxe Ironhide. Oddly enough (me being a near purist for the G1 versions), This is in my humble opinion , the best of the bunch. Not because of detail, not because of ease of transformation, but because of the fact that finally, you can get Ironhide in a collector-friendly format that anyone can store. The most posable of the Deluxes, as well. Everything is put together well on this guy. Here's finally a toy a collector can get excited about!

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 7/10 Tricky in the cab region with head and torso being somewhat tedious. Nonetheless, a great puzzle. Transformers aren't supposed to be too easy -- right?
Durability: 8/10 Overall, solid as a rock! Concerns are in the window region with the snap-on weapon drone. Those clear pegs will break in time. The head worried me when transforming from vehicle to robot. An arm popped of (thankfully not broken), during transforming to vehicle. Paint job is the plus here. I don't think it will smudge off any time soon.
Fun: 10/10 THIS IS MOVIE IRONHIDE!! with a few additions. WHO CARES?? How many deluxes have added weapons? Totally poseable and well articulated. Hint: replay the fight between Ironhide and Brawl. It's better this way!
Articulation: 8/10 . The arms are a little awkward and must be distanced a little from the body before properly articulated. Very good legs, feet and head. No swivelling waist.
Price/Value: 6/10 Ewwwch!!! $16 CAD isn't my favorite price to pay for such a toy. Given I found this in the same section with the newer Classic 3.0's, each being $16. They have been cheaper. Thankfully, Ironhide didn't cost as much as Breakaway in the ROTF line.
Aethestics: 9/10 In either mode, he is awesome. The only downer is the brush guard's paint. It seems smudged.
Overall: 10/10 GO GET HIM NOW!!!!! An absolutely great in-scale, totally storable version of one of the greatest Autobots from the movies. Good value, great gimmicks. Just GET HIM!!!
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