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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Firestrider57's Review: Legends Class G1 Optimus Prime

Name: Optimus Prime
Allegiance: Autobot
Size Class: Legends Class

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Ever since 1984, THE iconic figure of the entire Transformers franchise was none other than Optimus Prime. He has been in every continuity as either a transport truck or a fire truck, and many times combined into a super robot. Optimus was my favorite, and for good reason. He is the epitome of justice in the series, and can overcome incredible odds to see that his enemies were conquered and justice restored. This addition to the TF family, though small, has a lot to offer.

Alternate Mode:
This is the Freightliner Cab-over that we all recognize from G1. This is my favorite of all of the OP's. Yeah, I like the original. Too bad there isn't a Legends-sized trailer to go along with it. It has quite a bit of detail for such a small truck. The only thing I didn't quite care for was how the legs did not show the hitch. Four out of six wheels actually roll on this guy, which is about the same as the Cybertron/Galaxy Force versions of Legends OP. The colors are also very G1. Overall, in vehicle mode, this is as G1 as it gets.

Robot Mode:
This is where the waters are a little muddied. Yes, it is the closest thing we have to G1, but can we really say that this is indeed G1? This is (to scale) a better representation of the earliest G2 Prime from Ultimate Battle deluxe play set than the Deluxe figure itself. The reason I say this is the switch-waist. G1 did not have a switch-waist. Rather, if you leave the waist the way it is without switching it, it's a better match to the G1 toy. If you switch it around , you have a very good G2 or G1 cartoon robot. Nonetheless, I won't quibble about this too much, since there are other advantages to this figure than just aesthetics. This is a well-articulated legends figure, for the most part, getting high marks for waist and arm articulation. After all, how much articulation can you expect from a Legends class figure? As some of you know, quite a bit. I have to say that the Legends Class toys for G1 Jazz and G1 Megatron both have better articulation, but Prime isn't shameful by a long shot. Overall, the detail on the figure is good, except for the side truck windows, which I wish had silver paint on them as well.

From the front, MiniPrime looks very beefy. I like the poses you can put him in. Really this is a good figure for the money. From the side, it's slightly disappointing. He's very thin. The big hole under the head makes you think another figure can plug in... say ROTF Jetfire. Maybe. But G1 Prime didn't need to combine with anyone else--he was the COMPLETE PACKAGE! Bring on the mini trailer!

This is a great little figure to have. I thoroughly enjoy the little tyke. He looks totally tough and has many poses. Great color scheme! Whether you think he' s G1 or G2 makes little difference, since he was introduced with a bunch of G1 figures. If you ain't gottem, GETTEM!!

I have been historically a stickler for tech specs. These are NOT G1 Tech Specs, but 2007 Movie Tech Specs. Originally, Skill was 10 and Firepower was 8.

This is , I might add, a hard figure to improve upon. However, I do believe that you can always improve upon Legends figures. One way is to offer a trailer for this figure, complete with weapons, including an ion blaster for the arm. I have had almost every legends Prime to be offered. This one is my favorite by a long shot because it transforms almost 3/4 as much as "big" G1 Prime. I am a big fan of Freightliner and Peterbilt Cab-overs (Take a close look, Oppie's a Freightliner!). My second favorite Legends class Prime is the Cybertron repaint in G1 colors. I like that mold a lot. The worst is 2007 Legends Movie Prime. This Legends toy is the smallest Prime, other than WST Prime or that little mini that came with Stratosphere. If you extend this figure though, it is the tallest Legend ever! To transform this figure as it is meant to be, this is Squatimus, all the way. Kudos on the G1 for the arms and waist. Dockers for the legs.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 8/10 -- Not bad at all. Very ingenious for such a little guy. Much of it does match the G1, except the switch-waist.
Durability: 7/10 -- This slightly concerns me. Don't put too much play into him without buying a back-up in your collection for storage only. The arms are the weak point. In pulling out for transforming from truck to robot, the wrist sections might break.
Aesthetics: 9/10 -- This looks every bit the G1 cartoon robot, or perhaps even better. Good paint overall. Needs silver windows.
Articulation:7/10 -- Not the best in this series. He lacks leg joints which detracts from the overall score. Waist articulation helps the score though.
Price: 8/10 -- My bot cost just $4. A STEAL!! Most Legends, however are highway robbery at approximately $7 a pop.
Fun: 10/10 -- This is G1/G2 Optimus! You won't get a better mold of this guy! He's the best OP so far in the legends line! He is a great counter to G1 Megs.
Overall:9/10 Optimus is my favorite character from TF, hands down!
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