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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Box Art:

Firestrider57's review: Legends Class Prowl

Name: Prowl
Faction: Autobot
Military Strategist
Alt Mode: Modified Nissan 350Z
Size Class: Legends Class

"Logic is the ultimate weapon."

G1 Bio: Prowl will keep at a task for as long as it takes. Strives to find reason and logic in everything. A listener, not a talker. Has most sophisticated logic center of all Autobots. Able to analyze and advise on complex combat situations almost instantaneously. Fires wire-guided missiles and high-corrosive acid pellets. The unexpected can often scramble his circuits.

Prowl.... My first Transformer. The one transformer that I connect with most with in any series. In his original 280ZX mode, one of the coolest and evenly balanced Autobots in the 1984 G1 series. He has always had the police persona, even his namesake in the Animated series (Aaaahhh!! They changed him to a motorcycle! Oh, the sacrilege!).

The name Prowl has been reused over the years throughout the various Transformers series, from the stalwart lieutenant commander of the Autobots to a lackey for Rodimus, to a mantra-chanting peacer in the Animated series. All I will say is that Prowl should have had his character left alone.

Yet another review of my favorite Autobot car.

Alternate Mode:
Yeach!!!!!!!!! The alt mode has little to be desired. For starters, Prowl so similar to Legends class Jazz of the Classics Universe 2.0 line. For the time, Jazz really wasn't that bad. His Porsche body was very easy to make out and had a great racing stripe down the middle. Unfortunately, he had no paint on his side windows, and the paint on the windshield came off too easily. Jump to today's design. This one is somewhat a cross between a Nissan 350Z in the front, and a Ferrari or Toyota MR-2 in the rear. On closer inspection, it does look like a Nissan 350, or maybe 370Z , but a race car version -- radically different than any production car going right now. Since they were able to capture at least the Porsche appearance for Jazz, how come they couldn't get the Nissan for Prowl? Also, the reason I say it looks like a Ferrari in the rear is because of the doors, which are vented.

However, seeing this in person, it really doesn't look as atrocious as early stock photography that were shown of the car. Again, no paint on the rear quarter windows! Still, this representation is tighter than the deluxe version, which means that when you snap the arm panels in place, it stays, not like the Deluxes, which have a lot of give on the door/fender panels that double as the "wings". Actually it has a sporty appearance, if you're not too concerned about authentic looks. The spoiler is also a nice touch. This reminds me of the Fairlady Z's of the 90's. It is an ok looker in all directions except the rear, where there is a huge gap where the taillights should be. That's what it gets for being small.

Robot Mode:
What can be said about the alt mode CANNOT be said about the robot mode. I love this guy in robot mode! He looks like a tough cop about ready to take down a street gang. Finally! a mini that looks very tough in robot mode! There is one drawback to the "wings"; you can't fold them outwards. This was the most appealing feature of the original Prowl and the deluxe Classic 2.0 figure. This is a Legends class figure, though. The feet aren't my thing, neither. They're chunky and awkward, so standing isn't exactly well defined. Also, he also shares Legends Jazz's articulation. Although it isn't the same mold, yet the same "undercarriage" and ball joints are in the same positions in the same fashion. This figure has impressive articulation that rivals RTS Megatron's, with the same amount of articulation points in the shoulders, hips and knees. Prowl is well proportioned, and looks good from both the side as well as from the front, unlike legends G1 Prime. His top half seems a little heavy, so standing him in straight poses is somewhat of a challenge. I love the sticker detail of this figure, but the paint is too scant.

Transformation seemed to be somewhat difficult for a Legends class toy. The key to transforming this guy rests in the arms. If you get the arms out , you've got the rest easy. Pull out the arms, reverse them, untuck the feet, pull around the feet, split and pull down the hood portion, and you've just transformed Prowl. Not too bad, but given the fine tuning, I would have given it a 2 instead of a 1 on their own difficulty scale, even though it is identical to countless Go-Bots from the 80's. A single shoulder missile wouldn't hurt, though.

I am a Prowl fan, especially G1 Prowl. I like any representation of G1 Prowl. I am not going to say that this is the worst ever Prowl legends toy. I am going to say, though, that this could have been a better figure than it had turned out to be. The build is solid enough, but the paint quality wasn't that great. Unlike the deluxe, the paint actually STICKS!! Nicely articulated. He looks great in robot mode, even if the car is a bagger. He looks like he can pulverize a Decepticon to scrap. Legends toys get better every cycle, so if we see Prowl again, he might be even better than this.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: 7 Nothing too hard here, just good old-fashioned 80's Go-Bot conversion going on. The legs are somewhat tricky.
Durability: 9 Very sturdy! I haven't seen a legend made this tough in a long time. Also, the arms have an impressive, fatigue reduction thing going on here.
Aesthetics: 6 Most of these points go to the Robot mode.He looks like he can "throttle a bot" . Too bad we didn't see a more authentic Nissan 350ZX.The car just looks ugly. The packaging has good colors. Not too imposing.
Price/Value: 6. $7 Not great, but fitting for such a figure.
Articulation: 8. Great articulation for such a little critter.
Fun: 9 I find this guy very fun because of the character and the playability of this guy.
Overall: 7 Though not a total waste, Prowl isn't the best looking new Legend in alt mode. I have personally waited through three waves of Legends to get to this guy, so I can be thankful they finally had time to make him. Because of who he is, I don't think he's a waste for a minute. He might not be your first choice in the latest wave , but he ain't that bad neither.
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