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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Rookwise's Review: WFC Legends Starscream

Name: Starscream (War For Cybertron Legends Class Exclusive)
Function: Aerospace Commander (Taken from Starscream's G1 Profile), Mouthy backstabbing Coward
Sub-Group: Seekers
Size Class: Legends Class
Motto: Conquest is made of the ashes of one’s enemies. (Taken from the G1 bio)
“You Fool Starscream!!!” – Megatron's often used phrase towards Starscream.

This version of Starscream did not come with any bio card.

The name Starscream has been handed to a fair amount of Transformers figures over the years. The majority have had some form of aircraft as their alternate mode, but also on occasion there have been other vehicle modes as well.

Starscream has always (up until the recent Transformers: Prime series) been portrayed as a treacherous second in command of the Decepticons, constantly trying to find a way to overthrow Megatron. Despite all of his efforts, Starscream never succeeded and was mostly seen cowering and grovelling to Megatron. In some cases this resulted in him getting destroyed only to be rebuilt again at some later time (eg. as a Pretender in G1 and as Hellscream in Beast Wars Second).

This particular Starscream is among the Legends Class size of figures and is a repaint of the Legends of Cybertron version of the same name. However, this version has had some new paintwork and was bundled as a UK exclusive bonus gift when the War For Cybertron game was pre ordered from the online store

Having not owned the original version of this mold I’m afraid I cannot describe the differences in paint applications in detail.

In the War For Cybertron game. Starscream was portrayed as being a sort of Autobot Scientist along with partner Jetfire and fellow Seekers Skywarp and Thundercracker. However, once Megatron had absorbed Dark Energon Starscream quickly changed his mind and joined the Decepticons bringing with him Thundercracker and Skywarp. Meanwhile, Jetfire ran off to tell the Autobots.

It is also worth noting that this Legends version of Starscream looks nothing like his War For Cybertron character design, apart from the paint apps.

Alternate Mode:

Starscream's alt mode is a futuristic fighter jet. This design (available in the Cybertron line in Legends,Voyager and Supreme Classes) looks as if it was based on the Dreamwave comics War Within character and is designed similar to a arrowhead.

The alt mode features plenty of detailing and is mainly grey with sections of metallic red. Metallic gold for the cockpit window along with blue’s, blacks and small bits of purple also are present.

One irritation with this mold is that the arms have nowhere to lock into place when used as the wings/side sections. There is also a gap between the arms and the main body leaving the wings looking as if they’re just floating in place. Also, when viewed from above, we can see a small Decepticon logo above the cockpit followed by Starscreams head. This is actually similar to the bigger Voyager and Supreme versions of the figure as the head is also clearly visible on these toys.

From underneath, the colours are mostly grey, and most of the robot parts have been folded away nicely with just half of the arms and the weapons actually visible.

Starscream's two weapons are also present and can be used in his alt mode. These are a sword and cannon/Null ray and are positioned on either side. Unlike the bigger versions of this mold, these are not activated by a planet key, and are not spring-loaded. Instead you just swing them out. Both weapons are finished in a deep metallic red.

Robot Mode:

Transformation to robot is quite straightforward. The main thing to be careful of is moving the legs out and into place without them popping off - a common issue with this mold. Watch out for the feet too - they can pop off easily, which is an issue that has developed as the mold has become overused and may be deteriorating.

To transform to robot: Move the wings/arms back a little (not necessary but makes things a little easier) away from the leg section and turn them downwards. Carefully unclip the feet/legs from underneath the cockpit and put out to a 90 degree angle. Rotate the legs 180 degrees and move them downwards. Turn the knee joint downwards inline with the upper legs and rotate 90 degrees. Rotate the feet up at the ankle. Back up near Starscream's head you will notice a hinge joint. Hold the main part of the body and put slight pressure on the rear tailfin section to pivot the rear section for the figures upper chest and back. The back section locates into the rear of the figures stomach. Next rotate Starscreams forearm/fists to form the rest of the arms and then turn the tailfin section 180 degrees. We now have Starscream.

The colours on display are exactly the same as in the alt mode, with no new colours added (not that there needs to be).

Starscream features 9 pairs of articulation (18 if counted separate). These are located at the ankles,knees,upper legs,arms/shoulders and head.

Starscream's weapons can also be flipped out in robot giving a sword and a null ray cannon. (One in either arm.)

The robot mode features the same level of detail as the alt mode. Lots of lines show gears,cogs and other details. This version of the Seeker design (including Starscream, Ramjet,Thrust,Sunstorm and Skywarp) stands slightly taller than most other Legends class figures. It also looks like it means business and is not a bot to be messed with.

This particular mold is surely one of the better bots to come from any of the Legends series and is still looking good in the 6 or so years its been around.


Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: 8 - Simple to transform but a little care needed on the legs. The feet can also pop off at the ankle joint so be careful.
Durability: 7 - Solid build with all joints apart from the feet made with balljoints. The feet are a worry as they are held in place with little half circle pegs and can come off easily.
Fun: 8 - Cybertronion style jets fighters are an excellent addition. Especially if there's a squadron of them
Aesthetics: 8 - Nice colours and detailing.
Articulation: 7 - Plenty of movable joints but a joint at the elbow to make it better.
Value/Price: 10 - It was free so got to be a 10. Although buying one online can cost between an acceptable 6 to to an extortionate 30!!!!
Overall: 8 Nice figure to mess with and display. Even with other versions of this mold as the details are equally different.
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