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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Neuronutter's review of: Ravage 2.0

Name: Ravage
Function: Spy

To my shame, I havenít collected many Alternator/Binaltech figures as they're hard to get in the UK and quite expensive. For some bizarre reason, Alternators Ravage has appeared in the UK before the US. I donít know if this is a first but it certainly feels like it. I procrastinated about getting this figure for a while and then whilst on a TF buying rampage I grabbed him and Iím really glad I did. I had my doubts as to whether a car that transformed into a cat would be any good, and while I would say that the poseability is not great, I still think this is one fantastic model.

Alt Mode
For his second Alternators incarnation Ravage is a Jaguar XK and damn does he look great. Call me shallow but I like the sexy cars in the Alternators range more than the functional or the quirky. They display better and just look damn good. Ravage is, unsurprisingly black, with some silver trim on the doors and wheels and on the grill at the front. Thereís even a Jaguar badge on the front grill. On the back of the car is written Jaguar, XK and L7 (at least I think thatís what it says), while the number plate reads Ravage in block capitals. The number plate is white with black lettering and has a Euro symbol on a blue background on the left side of the plate, as well as the letters GB. I don't know if this was done for the UK market but its a wonderful touch and it really made me smile.

If you flip the car over you can clearly see all Ravageís paws, as well as his head and rocket launchers, which can also be seen through the back window, as well as his tail. Some may dislike the presence of these in the back window but it doesn't bother me at all. One other thing that should be pointed out is that the front wheels aren't synchronized to turn together like most of the Alternators. Again this is something that I don't mind the absence of and personally I'd rather they got the Cat mode right and didn't worry about functional steering, but some may lament it's absence. All in all Ravage looks very nice and the overall image is a very sleek, sexy and stylish car.

Robot (or Kitty) Mode
Transformation is not too difficult, certainly by Alternators standards, although I did need the instructions to get my started, and once in cat mode Ravage looks just stunning. As soon as I saw him in Kitty mode all my doubts vanished. I donít own the other Alt Ravage so I canít offer a comparison but his head mould is bang on for Ravage, his limbs are well proportioned and he can pose quite well. His face has a sort of quizzical look to it when his mouth is shut and when itís open it just roars! Although he is left with a fair bit of clutter from his transformation it doesnít seem to hamper him too much and some of the little details on him are great. Like the fact that heís got a tail. I just love the fact that the designers gave him a tail! Heís also got two non-functional rockets mounted on his back legs, which is another nice homage, and thereís a Decepticon symbol on his left neck.

Ravage has a good centre of balance he can adopt many poses including one foot off the floor. He's a great piece for display, the play value is probably higher than most Alts, though I wouldnít say any of them have that huge play value, and two great modes combine to make a fantastic figure. Overall Iím very glad I picked this guy up.

Price Ė 7. £20 is a lot of money, but for this guy itís well worth it.

Durability Ė 7. Seems quite solid with no parts that feel flimsy. Some of the transformation steps feel a bit fragile but overall heís good.

Transformation Ė 7. Not that complex by Alt standards but complicated by any other.

Fun Ė 9. Iím not really sure how you define an Altís fun level but this guyís is high. Very nicely poseable.

Overall Ė 8. I really like this guy! Heís a proud part of my collection on display in either mode. This is one damn fine kitty!

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