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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Sir Auros's review of: Alternators Ricochet

Name: Ricochet
Allegiance: Autobot
"If I don't catch you, my missiles will."

A repaint of the Silverstreak mold, Ricochet wouldn't have been a required purchase for me if it weren't for two reasons. The first being that the paintjob and decals are really nice looking (with one exception I'll get to later), and the second being that I seem to be utterly unable to pass up a new Alternators figure. I am Hasbro's love-slave like that I guess. The big deal about this figure is that it's an Alternators version of the Ricochet/Stepper figure that was a Japanese G1 exclusive and was also reissued in the US at Toys R Us. The thing to note here is that the G1 figure was a repaint of G1 Jazz/Meister, while the Alternators version is a repaint of Silverstreak instead of the Meister mold. I guess it was because the Subaru looks more like the G1 figure than the Mazda.

Alternate Mode:
Physically, there is no difference between Ricochet and Silverstreak. The car mode looks nice and I haven't noticed any of the defects that have manifested in recent Alternators figures. The decals look kind of silly, but the selling point here is that it's the Richochet character. I think the aesthetics are a love it or hate it kind of thing, and I personally love them.

Robot Mode:
Again, there are no differences between the Silverstreak mold, so if you want something more in-depth, then go to that review. I will say that the colors look good here for the most part, but here lies the one issue I have with this figure. The paintjob on the nose makes the figure look like it's all zinced up for the beach or something and it looks really, really stupid. Other than that, it's a good robot mode with the usual amount of articulation and a decent weapon.

Transformation: 10 - The same score I gave Smokescreen and Silverstreak because the transformation is exactly the same. Again, the instructions are utter crap without access to an electron microscope.
Durability: 9 - No problems thus far, but I do worry about the gold parts of the decals.
Fun: 9 - Still a good figure.
Price: 10 - $20 is the sweet spot for these figures.
Summary: 8 - If you like the colorscheme or are interested in the character idea, then it's worth picking up. If you're not die-hard on this line, then you might want to pass over it if you already have a Silverstreak.
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