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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Treadshot A1's review: Bumblebee

Name: Animated Bumblebee
Function: Autobot Speedster

Enough talk, it's time for action!

Alternate mode:

Animated Bumblebee takes the form of a sports car. It doesn't seem to be based on a real vehicle, but it bears a resemblance to Bumblebee's G1 form, in that most of the car has no edges; rather, everything is rounded, like a VW Beetle.

Bumblebee's car mode is mostly yellow, with a single black stripe running along the top of the car, slightly to the left. There is a red siren on his roof, covering part of the stripe. The back lights are painted red, and there's an Autobot symbol to the left. The front lights seem to have been lightly painted with silver, as they look a bit different from the rest of the car. The windows are cast in translucent dark blue plastic, but as they house the legs, no light can shine through, rendering them almost black. The wheels are silver, with black tyres.

There are also two gaping holes in the back of his car to allow for the transformation, but they still stick out like a sore thumb. And don't look underneath, or you'll see his hands, head and torso.

Robot mode:

Bumblebee's robot mode is still yellow, but now his limbs are partly black, to break up the monotony. His chest looks like the roof of the car, but it's actually fake, and the real roof is on his heels. The head is a bit big compared to average transformer. His torso is really thin, but his arms and legs are pretty thick. This gives him good stability, and allows him to be posed in many stances. I've got him on one leg right now.

He's also got 17 useful points of articulation. Three on each arm (not counting the wrist), four on each leg, and a working waist joint. His neck also has two points of articulation.

Bumblebee comes with two snap on rocket thrusters, which can be attached two his back in robot mode as a kind of jet pack (called "rocket assisted jumps" on the box). On the car, the rockets act as some sort of booster, presumably for added speed. The rockets are cast light blue, but mostly painted silver.

Bumblebee's arms also house energy stingers, but they still show when you fold them back. The stingers can join together, to form a drill like weapon. It's too short though. The stingers are cast in light blue plastic.

Transformation: 8 Robot's easy, but the car sometimes doesn't fit if a part on the back is not lifted up, and it's easy to forget.

Durability: 10 Dropped him onto tiles from nearly two metres up, and not a scratch.

Fun: 7 Great for display, but the robot lacks weaponry that is actually practical for combat.

Price: 8 At retail, he's reasonable. The internet is a bit pricey when it comes to shipping.

Overall: 8 He's reasonable for a deluxe, but one of his main selling factors is his popularity. If not for his appeal and nostalgia factor, he would be just an average figure. I you like Bumblebee, or Animated, get him. Otherwise, there are better toys.
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