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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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Optimus747's review: Lockdown

Name: Lockdown
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Bounty Hunter
Size Group: Deluxe
“Run all you want. It’ll make the chase more fun.”

Lockdown could care less about Megatron and his grand goals of universal domination. He’s in the game for upgrades, pure and simple, and he wears the Decepticon badge because they’re the ones who can get him the systems he wants. For the right price he’ll hunt down any target and bring it in - functioning or not. As a bonus, every new target means new trophies for his workshop wall. He enjoys his work, and he’s traveled from one end of the universe to the other doing it, which is why he’s got a collection of weapons and functions second to none.

Alternate Mode:

Lockdown’s alternate mode is a stylized muscle car, referred to as a “cruiser” on the packaging. The primary color is black, done in a new “matte” fashion introduced for the first time with the TF: Animated line. There are two lime green sections painted on the sides of the hood, and the bumper, spikes on the roof, and back of the spoiler are painted silver. The exposed engine, hubcap spikes, and side exhaust pipes are cast in light gray plastic. The windows, headlights, and taillights are translucent red plastic. A small, gold Decepticon emblem is stamped on the roof. Overall, the paintjob is good in this mode.

I really like Lockdown’s vehicular form; it’s one of the coolest car modes I’ve seen in a while. It looks sleek, yet powerful and menacing. It sort of reminds me of Cybertron Downshift’s alt. mode, mixed with a newer Batmobile model, only better. The only robot parts visible in this mode are the bottom half of Lockdown’s face and neck, which can be seen through the windshield. However, I’d rather have the translucent windows than painted ones, if at the expense of seeing Lockdown’s face through the window. The wheels can spin, of course, and are made of plastic.

The only potential criticism could be that Lockdown doesn’t have any gimmick in this mode, but that depends on personal preference.

Robot Mode:

When people first saw the animation models for TF: Animated Transformers, many believed that it would be impossible to have transforming figures that would resemble their animated incarnations. Hasbro proved this wrong, however, providing transforming toys that almost perfectly resemble their on-screen appearance. Lockdown is no exception. His robot mode is nearly dead-on with the cartoon version of the character that was shown.

Many fans could hardly believe that Lockdown can transform from his alt. mode into this robot mode. Almost no vehicle parts are visible in this mode, making it nearly impossible to tell what his alt. mode is while in this mode. There is absolutely no kibble in this mode.
Transformation is relatively simple, but it works well.

Black remains the primary color in this mode, with more lime green and olive green paint mainly on Lockdown’s chest, which has a gold Decepticon emblem stamped on it. His hands are gray plastic, as are the exhaust pipes and engine block/guns, with the hook weapon painted silver. There is some yellow paint on Lockdown’s engine/gun weapon. His face is painted mostly silver, with black detailing and red light piping for his eyes.
This mode is great. Lockdown looks like a no-nonsense, intimidating robot. Though some fans don’t really like the “cartoony” head sculpts used for TF: Animated toys, Lockdown’s is definitely one of the best of the bunch out of what we’ve seen. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen for a Transformer of any other series, but it is very alien and sinister-looking. The four spikes on the sides of his neck add to this look.

Supposedly, Lockdown is going to be a bounty hunter, and have a personality similar to Boba Fett; the infamous Star Wars character of the same profession. He’s also supposed to have some characteristics of the Predator, and be able to take on all the Autobots by himself. I could definitely imagine him in this role just by the way he looks. He’s also taller than most deluxe class figures (taller than the Movie Voyager Starscream mold, in fact), so I’m sure your Autobots will be intimidated by Lockdown.

Lockdown’s main weapon in this mode is the engine block/double-barreled gun which can be mounted on either arm. By rotating the top of the engine back, and pressing the unit down onto his right arm, the barrels will flip forward. Note that this gimmick only works when attaching the weapon to his right arm, but it can be attached to either arm. He also has a mean-looking hook that protrudes from above his right hand. Based on released animation pictures of Lockdown, this hook could be a trademark characteristic.

Lockdown has pretty decent articulation overall. Shoulders, elbows, head, waist, hips, and knees. He doesn’t have any ankle joints, so posing in that area is a bit limited, but his poseability is good enough as it is.

Transformation: 3 - Transformation is simple, but very well-engineered
Durability: 8 - His left hand broke off at the wrist when I tried to rotate it out all the way, but I guess that’s my fault for trying to force it.
Fun: 9 - Lockdown might not have tons of gimmicks or features, but he’s a great looking toy and has a lot of personality.
Price: 10 - You get a Deluxe-sized vehicle that transforms into a Voyager-sized robot for $10. Go for it.
Overall: 9.5 - Lockdown is an excellent Transformers figure, surpassing a number of figures from the Movie line and previous lines. Hopefully this holds true with the rest of the TF: Animated toys. If you’re on the fence about the Transformers: Animated toys, I suggest getting Lockdown, he might win you over. If you plan on collecting TF: Animated figures, Lockdown is a must-have. If you don’t like TF: Animated at all, get Lockdown anyway, because he’s just that cool. If you see this figure on shelves, pick him up; Lockdown is not a figure to miss.
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