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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Barrage's review: Optimus Prime (Deluxe)

name: Optimus Prime
Function: Autobot Leader
"As a team, we can accomplish anything."

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
  • Can cut reinforced steel
  • Advanced fire-fighting systems
  • trained at Autobot Academy

Despite having washed out the Autobot Academy, Optimus Prime is a natural leader. Trained to lead the bravest of the brave into battle against overwhelming odds, he eagerly looked forward to his first assignment. It's too bad the Decepticons were defeated ages ago, and the only crews left to lead are the maintenance squads that keep the space bridge network running. since his assignment, he's lost track of his ambitions. The last thing he expects is the chance to test his leadership abilities in a battle to defend his home and fight for freedom.

So this was my first animated purchase alongside Blackarachnia, Lockdown, and Prowl. I must say- I was very excited for the Animated line- and Cybertron Prime did nothing but fuel that excitement!

His back story and quote make for a very different Prime, but if you have been watching the show- you know just how true this is. Dubbed by many as "Viking Prime", he looks every bit the prime you've come to know and love in the past, just with a big axe. Personally- i put this prime on par with the Classics voyager and deluxe... two of my favorite Primes yet.

Alternate Mode

So as you look at Prime in his alt mode, he looks like truck/tank hybrid with wheels in the front and tank treads in the back, making for a cool look. as you look at the cab head on, it has a definitely menacing look of a mutant truck cab- very cool. as for the colors, you see the mandatory prime blue, red, and silver. on the toq left side of the cab you see the Autobot sigil in silver (i have seen several that have the Autobot sigil smudged, as is mine, so be on the look out for what appears to be a regular paint application issue).

As you look at this tank-truck from the side, you can see through the gaps and seams as a result from the transformation scheme, a definite negative, but it still looks cool. Now if you have transformed yours already and placed the axe in it's storage area (which I'll mention in a moment) then you can see the back peg of the axe (which in robot mode makes for the jet thrust port from the cartoon) sticking up as a trailer link, points to Hasbro for a little for thought for once. Now onto the robot mode.

Robot Mode

Now that you have him in Robot mode, he looks very imposing. Same colors as before. Aesthetically speaking, he looks like a bodybuilding version of Prime, with an axe and shield. he is very articulated with his major joints on ball joints and can twist at the waist. Now for his weapon, he has his axe: this transforms into a double sided battle axe, or (in a rare moment of Hasbro removing kibble in a "clever" way) his shield comes off and attaches to the double axe- to form an even bigger battle axe (sort of). Now in robot mode he looks very cool- very tough, and has a very cartoon accurate look (only tougher).

As a side quibble, he has a very perverted expression if you look him dead in the face... but from an angle, he has a very gruff look.

TRANSFORMATION 6- The first time I tried it without the instructions, I got it, but only as a happy accident- the shoulders tricked me. Very easy after that. But well thought.
DURABILITY 9- He hasn't been dropped yet, but he feels heavy and sturdy enough to survive fairly long.
PRICE 10- At Walmart, $9.99 (basic deluxe price point)- but I have seen them as high as $12.99 at Pamida- so keep your eyes open
FUN 9- he is definitely one of my favorite primes- but I consider cyb Metroplex among the few to score 10
OVERALL 9- He is definitely a great figure- I would greatly suggest this figure!
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