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zeoman4.5's review: Animated Optimus Prime (Activators)

Name Optimus Prime

Function Autobot Space Bridge Repair Crew Commander

Group Animated Activators

Young and inexperienced, but also utterly fearless, OPTIMUS PRIME commands his squad of loyal AUTOBOTS with strength and wisdom. For its own reasons, the Allspark chose him to protect it, and he has sworn to do so with all his might. He is a natural leader and a powerful fighter for peace. Where he goes, his AUTOBOTS willingly follow.

Well, its been a while. My last review was months ago, and yet I can't think of a better one to start off with than Animated Activators Prime. This is one of the planned purchases this year that actually exceeded my expectations.
I guess I should say something about Animated OP. Well, he is a young rookie commander of a crew of Autobot misfits who work on the vast amounts of space bridges in their universe. One day the Allspark, a source of incredible power appears out of the blue and the next thing you know good ol' Prime is fighting a giant sword wielding Decepticon named Megatron, and his ship is about to crash into an unknown planet. After the crash he and his men wake up decades later on earth, and become heroes. Unlike most other Primes he is young, inexperienced, and relies more on skill than raw power. He's got a shady past and a certain spider-bot resulting from it. Other than that he's pretty straight forward, honest, kind, wise, heroic, blah, blah, blah. Review time.

Vehicle Mode
Ordinarily I would start off with a the robot mode since that's how he is packaged, but this time around I'll start off with the vehicle mode since, I like to save the best for last. So as not to keep you in suspense, he is a truck in vehicle mode. I know what your thinking though,"Isn't animated OP a Fire Truck?" Well yes, on the show and in his voyager class figure he is, but in this instance I can not in good conscience call him a fire truck. The entire build of his vehicle mode screams Semi-truck cab. It lacks the full rear section of the fire-truck mode and the water hose. It does however try to make itself look like a rescue vehicle by having a pair or siren flashers on the roof of the truck cab. It is very sleek, and looks heavy duty so there is little doubt that it belongs to an Optimus. There is a little bit of kibble, but it is easy to overlook, and doesn't detract from the play value. All of the robot mode parts are well hidden so it doesn't have the, "hands under wings problem" Starscream has.

As far as color scheme is concerned he is very show accurate. Red on the upper portion of the cab, blue on the lower portion and rear section, black side panels and windows, silver bumpers and stripes, yellow head lights. It looks alright, but it gives you the feeling something is missing. It would have been a lot better if he had been given a full rear section, but because of packaging and other reasons he lacks that which would make him whole. While it does seem to lack for being an Animated Optimus, as far as being a Prime goes, he looks good.

The vehicle mode is pretty basic for play, wheels roll well. The only problem I have with the mechanics is that the connection between the cab and rear sections is just a pair of ball and socket joints. That makes it so that there is no way to get the vehicle to rest on its wheels 100% evenly. This isn't the mode you'd want to display him in but it isn't bad.

This is an Activator, so it is basically a scout class figure with spring loaded conversion to robot mode. Optimus' conversion is good, I've had no problems as of yet with him changing. It takes a little more manual transformation to finish the robot modes legs, and of course you have to fight the springs to get him into vehicle mode, but the gimmick is well done.

Robot Mode

After pressing the tab on his flashers, and fixing his legs he is in his robot mode. The look of the figure is impressive, nearly flawless representation of the Animated Prime's appearance. The proportions are right, as well as the shape of his body pieces, with the exception of the silver bumper parts on the back of his wrists which stick out a little, although it makes it look like he has some sort of arm hammer thing going on.

The color scheme is exactly like how it should be, not to dark like the Deluxe two pack figure. Red on the chest, torso, and shoulders. Blue is on the lower arms, lower legs, and waist. Black windows on the chest, yellow bits on the waist, and other various minor details pull his look together perfectly.

His face is the pinnacle, it looks so G1, but at the same rate it is definitely the animated style. Blue helmet, face plate, and light blue eyes definitely give him the perfect look for a Prime. The finishing touch on this guy is the Autobot insignia on his shoulder; it's red, not silver. I can't really emphasize how good he looks by comparison to many other activators. Best so far.

He has decent articulation. Ball joints on hips, knees, shoulders, and neck. plus elbows that bend and rotate. He actually has better articulation than the Deluxe class figure, and that's saying something. Of course it can't all be good and every activator Autobot so far has had this flaw. He completely lacks a weapon of any kind, no axe, no grapple, no fire extinguisher, nothing. It doesn't detract from the figure itself, but if he had an axe this might just be the coolest toy I've gotten all year. He is still by far the most playable and displayable figure of the entire lot of Animated Activators and truly befitting the Prime namesake.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Price 7/10 He is the regular cost for a basic figure and I'd say he's well worth it. I just wish the cost would go down a bit.
Transformation 5/10 It is a bit tough to get into vehicle mode, but it is very fun.
Durability 9/10 He is very tough, can take rough play well, but if anything were to happen to his springs well....
Fun 10/10 He's a little Optimus, that is near perfectly show acurate and has a spring loaded transformation, even without weapons he is cool.
Overall 9/10 Highly recommended. He is worth while even if you don't like Animated figures, a good figure with a lot of potential.
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