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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Rattrap's Tail's review: Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime

Name: Optimus Prime (but Orion Pax suits him better honestly speaking...)
Function: Tree-killer, washout of Autobot Academy and leader of a small bunch of an Autobot-spacebridge crew.

"As a team, we can accomplish anything."

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
Can cut reinforced steel (Ok then Cyber-tree-killer...)
Advanced fire-fighting systems (for the reason of Fire Fighting, in space I guess...)
trained at Autobot Academy (which is always nice, to bad you're a washout...)

Despite having washed out the Autobot Academy, Optimus Prime is a natural leader. Trained to lead the bravest of the brave into battle against overwhelming odds, he eagerly looked forward to his first assignment. It's too bad the Decepticons were defeated ages ago, and the only crews left to lead are the maintenance squads that keep the space bridge network running. since his assignment, he's lost track of his ambitions. The last thing he expects is the chance to test his leadership abilities in a battle to defend his home and fight for freedom

Well, let's get started. This is my first review, and I am Rattrap's tail. The subject of this review had to be a Prime in my opinion. I had bought a Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime from the Animated line, because I had been reading in the other review that it was such a great toy. According to the reviewer Barrage it was such a great toy with great poseability and good weapons. I have another opinion about this (the toy itself has even proved to be the second, the other one being Movie Brawl, Transformer ever that even made me a bit angry...). So that's the reason for the review. I say; let's get rollin'with tha show my fellows.

Vehicle mode

The vehicle mode of Optimus Prime, from now on called OP, is what I call... interesting. It's a truck with two tank treads on the backside, it's actually very SF and also very familiar. The truck has got only one huge panorama-window covering the front(why, you're Cybertronian remember??? You don't have to take any passengers...) and it's made of a nice translucent blue plastic surrounded by red panels. Here, we've got the first annoyance: the red surrounding the window is made out of a much pinker red then the rest of the cab, and that fact disturbs me much. The rest of the cab is, as said before, cast in a nice red plastic for the front, and blue on the backside. Silver can be found on the wheels and the little details like the (very) small grille on the front. The tires are black, and the headlights are a really sharp shade of yellow, which almost hurts you. The tank treads are blue with silver armor on them, and two yellow back lights. It's only too bad that the treads themselves are cast in blue too.

However, there are also some really nice features on this guy. Aside from the fact that there's half the axe coming out of the cab, that there are many gaps in the vehicle mode, and the fact that I find the design of his two wheels boring, he looks really nice. Also as a nice bonus, Prime has smokestacks behind his front lights that are standing almost horizontal. The nice thing about it is that you can raise them 'till they're standing straight, just like the G1 one. It's only a bit of a shame that the smokestacks are red too, and that they're so short. So overall, aside from some complaints and nitpicks, which I haven't noted all because I don't want anyone thinking this is a lame toy, the vehicle mode is pretty decent,(but flimsy, especially on the tank treads...) but I've seen a far better one (that's Oil Slick from the same line. I really love that freak.)

Robot mode

After a pretty solid, straightforward, but very nice, transformation, you'll get the robot mode. This is were most complaints of the vehicle mode disappear, with only a few returning. There are two new colours showing up in this mode: Gray, for his upper legs, neck, and on the axe, and light blue for his face. OP is now a solid piece of plastic, which won't break. He also looks like a very tough, muscled, and powerful bot, so that's a nice bonus. He's got fourteen joints in total, most of them are ball joints, and it must be said; this toy is excellent for the ones who collect them and want to pose him on their shelf. If you're a little bugger from 7 years old you'll probably are going to have a hard time with him because the top of his axe KEEPS falling off. The thing has three modes(axe, double bladed and Big Double Bladed) and can rotate 360 degrees, which is nice but the only problem is that the peg and hole connecting the two is as sturdy as say, a leaf. With the other attachment (a nice shield that stupidly enough only attaches to the left arm and is made from the roof-section of the panorama-window) connected to it to form the Big Axe, you just won't be able to do anything at all. Also, the joints on mine are sometimes looser then their counterparts on the other side, and what really bugs me is the fact that my OP has little scratches in the plastic, and other small damages. Those are there since I took him out of the package so you understand that I ain't happy with it. But overall, it's a nice figure with some issues...

Marks out of one to ten.

Transformation: 6.5. Simple to transform from vehicle to robot mode, but reversing can be pretty hard since you've got to align everything.
Durability: 7.5. The axe top will get lose one day and those little damages straight out of the packaging are even worse.
Fun: 7. Good poseablity, but must be handled with so much care for such a simple* toy. Good poseability on the other hand.
Price:8.You're standard price for deluxe class animated. Which is pretty good.
Overall: 7.25. Parents and others, just don't loose the axe and look out for any damage. Then you're settled and ready to enjoy it.
* compared to Soul of Chogokin...
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