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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Sageofgrapefruit's review: Animated Starscream

Name: Starscream
Function: Air Warrior Supreme
Group: Transformers Animated Voyager Class

"Power is it's own justification."

"No one really likes Starscream, not even the other Decepticons. Who can blame them though? He'll do whatever it takes to gain control of the Decepticons, even going so far as trying to destroy his own commander Megatron. Of course, he's also nearly as powerful as Megatron and just as sneaky. He's the fastest flier there is, and even Optimus Prime would have a hard time beating him in a fight. He's the best there is at what he does. Even though, he sometimes overrates himself, and that's why he's still second in command."

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
Fastest vehicle mode of any Decepticon
Aerial assault and tactical blitz expert.
Weapons can shatter metal and disrupt electronics.

When I heard the voice of Spongebob was to be playing Starscream, I though making fun of Starscream was going to be a piece of cake. Simply, on December 26th, I was proven wrong. The voice was great, but how is the figure?

That's for ME to decide. Not you.

Here we go.

Vehicle Mode:
The vehicle mode appears to be some sort of backwards jet. It looks like it has relations to the original Seekers jet, but in a new futuristic way, like everything else in Animated. Instead of the null ray cannons on the jet wings, Screamer has them on the underside of the jet, so they can be engines, or guns, depending on how you pose them. They can also be used as a handle, much like the 2008 Bionicle Vehicles, so you can fly Starscream around the room making whooshing sounds as you go. Come on, admit it. It's fun!

Now for the kibble check! When flipping over Starscream, one can vaguely see some of his legs, and his hands. I have to give kudos to Hasbro for a fairly well done jet mode. Little to no kibble, woooshing sounds, and attention to detail.

Before I attack the robot mode, I must note that on the missiles have angry shark-like faces on, much like navy torpedoes. Great job there!

Robot Mode

To transform Starscream, detach his legs and pull down. Done! The rest is done by automorph! Just pose the legs and arms and you got yourself Starscream!

This Starscream isn't the most G1 accurate, (just wait a few months. JUST WAIT) but it is VERY show accurate. The face, the hands, the wings, everything.

The entire back of the head is yellow piping, making the face look like an eerie mask. Hasbro tried to kill the piping with some red paint on the eyes, but only on the center, so the piping comes through.

His hands have an evil curved quality to them, and the thumb is poseable (to a fault) but the other 4 fingers are molded together, and they are somewhat poseable too. Screamer's guns can be moved so the missiles are facing upwards, or facing downwards. If you push the guns forward, then...the sides of his arms pop out. These are somehow "Arm Lasers". They can be pushed up more, but at the same time. Someone explain how these are arm lasers. Someone. I think hasbro is making up gimmicks for the sake of gimmickry.

Starscream's poseability is near perfection. 26 points of articulation make this a great robot mode.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Price: 5 Totally worth it.
Transformation: .5 Not even a whole number. Automorph takes the fun away. :-(
Durability: 8.5 Hasn't broken in a major way during my tests. The four fingers can be displaced though.
Fun: 10 Can't go any higher. One of the best figures from Animated yet. Awesome in both modes.
Overall: 9 I gave this a nine for the fact that automorph steals the fun of transforming it. Otherwise, GET IT NOW!
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