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Kamen's review: Wreck-Gar

WARNING: *This review is meant for visual consumption ONLY*If accidently swallowed, get medical help or contact Poison Control Center immediately*Some jokes may require a sense of humour*

For best results, this review should be accompanied with any album or song by Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic

Name: Wreck-Gar
Function: Pop Culture Icon
Subgroup: TFAnimated Voyager Vechicles

“I dare to be stupid!”

Although only recently brought online by the Allspark, Wreck-Gar has quickly made a name for himself. A natural expert with the accordion, Wreck-Gar uses his built-in radio to tune into Earth’s pop culture, then combines popular songs with similar beats and humorous lyrics. Sadly, Wreck-Gar’s immense popularity has resulted in the misattribution of several less tasteful parodies to him, and also made him a high profile target for party crashing Decpections wishing to make names for themselves.

Galactic Powers & Abilities
–Loves to collect things other folks throw away
–Watches even more TV than Bumblebee
–Believes everything he reads on the Internet

Alternate Mode:

Wrec-Gar transforms into an adorable grey and orange garbage truck. “Adorable” and “garbage truck” probably don’t usually hang out in the same pubs, but the Animated style keeps the edges rounded. In fact, the trash compartment looks a bit overstuffed, as if it will explode at any moment, which would be in character for Wreck-Gar. The orange is a nice soft shade, and the grey comes in two colours. Light grey for the majority of the trash compartment, and dark grey along the sides, a nice touch. In fact, Wreck-Gar has plenty of nice touches. The style doesn’t allow for much detail, but Wreck-Gar has some fantastic paint applications. Unlike some other figures, every light, and there are quite a few, is painted, so Wreck-Gar looks anything but plain.

As a garbage truck, Wreck-Gar has two lifting arms, one on either side of his cab, and a distinct smell of Nirvana. They can raise and lower, and a black tab near the end can be pulled to cause tips of the forks to “stab” out. Although, it’s a nice feature, the arms aren’t linked–which gives him some posability in this mode, I suppose–but it seems of limited use. More useful, Wreck-Gar also features six wheels, which do roll quite well.

What you see is what you get here. Still a garbage truck isn’t a typical alt mode, and besides, Wreck-Gar is just the cutest!

Robot Mode:

In robot mode, Wreck-Gar is the spitting image of his cartoon self, with only a few minor quibbles. He has quite a back-pack formed from his trash compartment. That and the lifting-forks, which just hang off the rear of the figure, make him extremely back heavy. Posing him is therefore quite difficult despite his wide range of articulation. Regardless of these drawbacks, Wreck-Gar has a very good sculpt. Less thin than other Animated figures, he has quite a bit of upper-body bulk. I like that his hands are molded in an open position and his fingers (except the thumb) are hinged so that he can close his hand and hold objects. His head-sculpt is also great. In form, it’s an old style television with knobs and an antenna, possibly a nod to the original Wreck-Gar’s televison inspired speech. Wreck-Gar’s face, besides the ubiquitous chin, dons a mustache and goatee along with a friendly grin. Robot’s with facial hair amuse me to no end, so that allow was worth the purchase.

Wreck-Gar comes with two accessories. I’m not sure what they are. Magnets, scissors, katar, or shields, you’re guess is as good as mine. One can attach to each forearm, or they can combine to make one large weapon (which I’m pretty sure is supposed to be a shield). They look pretty good on his arms (separately, that is. I don’t like the combine form much), though he hasn’t used them in the show. Fortunately, they can store out of the way on his back or in his back-pack.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: Wreck-Gar is a shell-former. The only difficult may be figuring out how to arrange his parts just so to put him back in alt. Mode. 2

Durability: Zero ball-joints, but all his joints feel tight. 7

Fun: Balance issues aside, Wreck-Gar makes up for it with loads of personality 7

Price: As of this writing, I still have not seen Wreck-Gar in stores, so you may have shell out a bit more for online prices. 7

Overall: Although, I like the figure immensely, unless you are also an avid fan of his then you’ll probably be disappointed with this figure. 6
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