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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Rattrap's Tail's review: Armada Rhinox

Name: Rhinox
Function: Housewive of Terrorsaur
Sub-Group: The group of recolors to make more money...

Rhinox. Hmm He was the famous Maximal crew-member to never get "Transmetalized" in the cartoon. So why am I looking at this toy, which is a recolor of Transmetal Rhinox now, if there wasn't one at all? In fact, this gives this toy, just like Terrorsaur, a disadvantage immediately from the start. But is this toy good enough to solve the problem of being not in show--existing by being a good toy? Lets find out. (And yes, I took that style of intro from other reviewers...)

Beast Mode

To be short about the beast mode: It's an rhino. If you go a bit ore specified, you'll see that this rhino is the angriest looking rhino ever, the only one with tech detail and the one with the shortest rhino-tail in the whole universe. It's colors are rusty brown, black, grey (boooorring!!! Did you get that Hasbro?), yellow for the eyes and four highlights, painted in blue, of all colors, which isn't really fitting with the whole "rhino"-thing, not that the other colors are, but blue is the worst of them. Furthermore, there's not much to say, so let's go to...

The fastest rhino in the universe/ I invented Dakar mode

Um yeah, this is a rhino, on treads and on ski's. Looks pretty dangerous, and scary and all, but let's be honest. This is just another shitty-third-To sell more toys-mode. I kinda hate those, but this is one of the neatest. Oh yeah by the way, he's got two armor panels on the sides which you can lift up,so he can go like flap, flap, flap. (from internet personality Vange1us in the second part of his review about battle Rollar...) Well, yeah, that sucked...

Let's rock/Robot mode.

After a kinda tricky, and tricky transformation, you'll get the first Rhino ever with a sixpack. To be short, he's got 3/4 of a rhino hanging everywhere, but he's fairly poseable. He's still using his Horn, but this time as the worst knife ever. He's got a blaster-like thing on his chest and a fierce looking face. That's it.

Marks from one to ten, out of the following

Transformation: Can be pretty tricky sometimes. 7
Durability: The flap-flap armor goes right on and of, but he's very sturdy. 8
Fun: What fun? 5
Price: cheap enough, 7
overall: 6.75. If you don't do something with him, you're gonna like him.
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