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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Rattrap's Tail's review: Armada Terrorsaur

Name: Terrorsaur
Function: Redeco of BW toy to make more money I guess...
Subgroup: Last wave of Armada Deluxes.

Ah Armada, lame stories, lame gimmicks, and lame toys. It's best left forgotten, but that doesn't count for one of the redecos from Beast Wars, which are sadly enough the best toys of the whole damn line in my opinion.
One of these guys is the subject for today: Terrorsaur.

Beast Mode

In this mode, Terrorsaur is a pteranodon. He's quite unusually colored for such a beast: green, blue-ish geen brown/rust and soft orange are here the main colors. Yellow is used for one of the three minicon ports(which is annoying since it looks like they spilled paint...). He does do quite much in this mode: You can replicate him catching a fish, (Really if you have an RID Sky-Byte, which I haven't but anyway, whatever...), You can flap his wings and you can make him look like an total,idiotic, miscolored pteranodon by stashing a Minicon on this back... Otherwise, he's quite nice with a pretty good quality control, but that's it.

Fake Beast Mode

This is the so famous "vehicle" mode. Well, to be short: It's an pteranodon with an ass which is divided in three pieces, with four thrusters sticking out of it... Lame...

Robot Mode

Ah, the main selling point of this figure, the Robot mode, (which is a pteranodon standing straight, with his face folded up as a chest. But hey, that's no big deal, i mean he's got quite some articulation, SIX point's in each of his legs, two in each arm, and a turning head. The amazing thing about this is, that just four of these are ball-joints. This means he can achieve some very nice poses, if you move those blades on this shoulders. WAIT WHAT? He's got blades in his shoulders you ask? Yes sir, Terrorsaur's got some very nice design elements going back to NGE*:Shoulder blades, big arms, small waist, and that's it. He's quite fun to, you can take his wings from his lower arms, and use them as swords, with hooks. He's got opening vents on his shoulders to cool down his allies in the middle of a fight, and he's got the abnormal ability to turn his outer chest/shoulder-connectors a 360 degrees, along with another strange hinge where the arms meet the body, for the sake of being able to reveal; Screws sitting nicely and tightly in their holes. WHY HASTAK is that? (If you know the answer please PM me...)

Minicon vehicle mode

A brown ugly buggy with a gun, which moves when you roll it.

Minicon robot mode

The same ugly thing, only standing up. Guess what his name is... Nope you've got it wrong, it's Ironhide...

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Simple as hurting yourself, but it's very solid. 4
Durability: Good durable plastic, but there's some paint chipping. 6.8.
Fun: Surprisingly fun to fiddle with. 7.8.
Price: Ten euro's (I think 8.5 Dollars) isn't much. 8.
Overall: 6.7. It's worth picking up, and use him as cannon-fodder, if you don't have a Waspinator...

*For those who know what TF's are (Pretty logical, what else would you be doing here if you didn't know what they are...), but not what NGE is: here's a link for some info...

and here's a small clip, with the TF-theme as background (well background...) music.
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