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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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zeoman4.5's review: Airraptor

Name Airraptor
Function Surveillance/Sharpshooter
Group Dinobots

"When the enemy is in my sights, he's still perfection.

A pinpointing perfectionist, Airraptor is the most meticulous member
of the Dinobot team. His attention to detail and eagle eye precision
is a result of his former work as an interplanetary surveyor and
navigator aboard the Axalon. Incredibly fast, capable of soaring up
to 250mph. Characteristically dive-bombs or strafes a Vehicon
detachment, usually flying past his targets before his ammunition
makes impact. Though extremely dexterous, Airraptor's fragile wings
are vulnerable to enemy firepower. Packs a quick deploying energy
destabilizer pistol.

Airraptor was one of the figures which I can't really find a purpose for my
purchasing him. I got him when I was a kid, during a very boring vacation.
He just caught my eye and being a kid that's really all the reason I'd need.
Airraptor is, like all of the Beast Machines Dinobots a pretty obscure TF in
the larger scheme of things. He is a repainted version of the mould used
for the Japanese BW2 Destron Archaedis. He was only used for a single
Wreckers Comic. He is introduced, and he and all
of the other Dinobots were killed. His name is an obvious homage to the
popular Beast Wars Maximal Airazor, I think... Any way there is little more to
say about his character.

Beast Mode
In beast mode Airraptor is an archaeopteryx, which if my amateur biology
research is correct is a type of extinct toothed bird that lived during the
time of the dinosaurs. He is very colorful, one of the most eye catching
figures in my Transformers collection. He is basically colored similarly to the
figure he borrows his mould from. His head, legs, claws, and back and edge
feathers are a type of deep yellow, Golden rod if my memory serves my right.
He also has a yellow-green color, sky blue, and some indigo striped on his
wings, back, legs, and neck. He is not very poseable in this form due to back
heaviness and the weak joints on his ankles. He really can only stand in a
perched position. Its a shame because he is relatively well articulated and
could be very poseable if his joints were tighter. His jaw opens, and his wings
can be moved up and down. He also has an attack mode, created by folding
out his hands and flipping out a pair of guns. He can also drop a pair of
feather shaped bombs from the ends of his wings. Very fun, but lacking in
display value. He does suffer from a single design flaw, his robot legs
show on his chest. Other than that no real problems.

Robot Mode
His robot form is just as eye catching as his beast mode. His still has the
same colors only more indigo in showing on his lower legs and a bit of silver
on his body and red on his helmet. He is very artistically designed, literally
pretty looking. The way he is armored with all of his feathered wings, its
easy on the eyes, and actually cool. His wings make his chest and back
plates and his beast back is his shoulder plate. His tail wing is the arm shield
on his right arm. His right arm is a regular hand, and his left is the beast head.
He has very skinny legs and pointy feet, the worst looking parts of his body.
His head is stream lined and very bird like, with a red mask and silver beard.
He has an orange spark crystal in his chest which is tucked under his wing.
So he looks good.

In articulation he is fairly well endowed, lots of ball joints. He is still not very
poseable due to the heavy wings. His main weapon is a blaster pistol that is
attached to his wrist, but looks like its gripped in his hand. The bombs do not
work in this mode very well. He is more of a show piece, but he can be fun too.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Price 8 When I got him he was $10 which was worth it, but now he is
much harder to find.
Durability 8 very sturdy, but not to the extreme.
Transformation 5 Fun not to difficult, very good design.
Fun 9 There is quite a bit of fun to be had, I mean he's a Dinobot,
that just adds up to fun.
Overall 8 He is a good figure and deserves a chance if you can find one
He doesn't bring back the same nostalgic feelings as some TFs but he is
very cool.
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