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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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ravimus prime's review of: BM Beast Changer (Savage/Noble)

Name: Beast Changer
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Warrior
"Science has yet to match the force of Nature - allow me to demonstrate!"

Megatron's method for removing the organic elements in him is riddled with unknown side effects, the first of which is Beast Changer. A completely organic Warrior born of the by-products of Megatron's organic elements, Beast Changer is his own breed. Extremely powerful with acute senses. In Wolf Mode, claws and teeth rip through synthetic alloys with a vengeance. Capable of flight in Beast Mode, and scales offer more protection than any type of known Vehicon armor. Has genuine hatred for Megatron, but Maximals are still cautious and unsure of him due to his origin. Nightscream sympathizes with the self-proclaimed "outcast".

Beast Mode (Noble-wolf):
Noble is of the "Battle of the Spark" line late in Beast Machines. An interesting character for the show, I was suprised they actually released a transformer that's supposed to be totally organic. Beast Changer comes carded in beast mode. Obviously because he has two, but I'm talking about his wolf mode. This represents Noble from the Beast Machines show. He is very demonic looking, though it represents a good character. Note that he is a bipedal wolf. His head looks like that of a wolf. Adjustable ears and mouth and everything. One thing I find odd, is that he has no eyes. You can look inside the holes where his eyes should be. His chest is transparent blue, a nice feature. He has bulky blue and red arms with big claws and some kind of gauntlets. His legs are red with some blue, and are very thin. He has an arm gimmick too. Slide down a switch on his arm and pull down a lever on his back to create a twisting arm affect. This feature operates via gears and such, and reminds me of McDonalds wind up happy meal toys. Not a very good feature at all. From the front he looks fairly show accurate despite too much red that comes from his dragon mode. Turn him around and his other mode is a dead giveaway. You can see his dragon head and scaley red and golden pattern. Noble comes with wings. Clip them on and you can see the blue side of them, again turn him around and you can see the red and golden side. Although he doesn't really look show accurate with wings on, he does look cool and demonic. A lot of problems with this mode.

Beast Mode (Savage-dragon):
Now, you should recognise Beast Changer as Savage from Beast Machines in this mode. Very show accurate. Not very dragon like. He is like a scaley red beast that walks on his two legs, has a triangular head and has two tails... the wings look dragon like though. First of all, his head. The whole head is a big mouth really, divided horizantally into two halves, with no eyes or features except golden teeth and these two golden bones sticking out of his chin. And even that's not really a chin. Scaley back with nice golden detailing. Big bat wings with vein and gold detailing again. Beast Changer only has two giant clawed feet to keep his body off the ground. He also has two red scaley tails. Not much posability in this mode atall. Only really the tails and his jaw mouth can open and close with a little button. Can't really say much good or bad in this mode.

Transformation: 5. Not really hard. But to get a transformation sequence between the modes is an accomplishment.
Durability: 7. Oh, did I forget to tell you that the gimmick arm in Noble mode comes off with a bit of force. It goes back on and won't come off unless you pull it off. If put on his back, his wings can easily come off.
Fun: 9. More fun than I'd thought originally.
Price: 4. Under the price of a modern mega class transformer, but not by much. His price is going up. Thank God I got him for the normal price of a deluxe when he came out in a store.
Overall: 8. Not the best figure.But he will be forever remembered as the only totally organic transformer ever. He is something of a landmark figure. It is a very hard transformer to make. Trying to make him transform into two modes from the show that are so drastically different really was a challenge. I couldn't have thought of an alternative. Can you? If you do it doesn't really matter because BM is dead and gone and the toy has been made. Anyway this is a really hard one to analyse. Maybe just get it if you like BM, I know I would be missing something witout him, but that is just me. You decide.
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