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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Additional Image:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Kamen's review: Blastcharge

Name: Blastcharge
Fuction: All-Terrain Combat Specialist
Subgroup: Beast Machines Deluxe Vehicles

"Destruction is the highest form of art."

Ground-based Maximals have literally nowhere to hide from this fearsome Vehicon. Second only to Tankor in brute strength, Blastcharge can demolish just about anything in his path. Powerful off-road abilities allow him to endure the roughest terrain imaginable. Equipped with 3 long-range plasma ultra-rockets - no weapon known on Cybertron travels farther. Sheer power and drive make him an extremely effective weapon, but incredible stupidity keeps him from rising within the Vehicon ranks. Often heard mimicking Megatron's brilliant sayings.

Alternate Mode:

Blastcharge is a Cybertronian all-terrain missile truck, though what use being “all-terrain” is on a world that is fairly uniform is anyone’s guess. Usefulness aside, he looks very good in this mode. Blastcharge would not look out of place in a high-budget-futuristic-desert-commando flick. His paint apps support this feeling, light brown slashed through by red flecks, a deco which is chromed on the cab. Silver and black show up as well, black being most obvious on the tires and washing underneath the missile turret as if it has charred from multiple firings. A nice touch! Translucent green also comes to the party in the forward windows of the cab and the figure’s spark crystal which can be viewed through the front grill. Don’t be worried if the cab looks disturbingly face-like, it’s supposed to.

Ironically, despite being all-terrain, Blastcharge’s wheels don’t spin very well, when they spin at all. His turret, however, does spin in a complete circle. The turret holds all three of this missiles, but only the center one fires, which is understandable, but slightly disappointing. Finally, press the grey tab behind the cab, and the whole forward assembly will spring out. A hinge on his neck allows the cab to look right and left independently of the rear portion, giving the face-like grill more weight and giving the figure some “personality”. It may not be for everyone, but it’s one of the things I did really like about the Beast Machines line. One other note: an extra hinge in the neck from his transformation allows the cab head to look up as well.

Other than the robot head being pretty visible on the rear of the turret, Blast Charge sports a solid vehicle mode.

Robot Mode:

A burnt orange on his arms and some green on his crotch (somewhat disturbingly appearing like a total power readout) are his only new colors. Otherwise, he is still well-sculpted, his head mirroring his truck’s grill, and his arms and chest having some nice tech detailing. Overall, he has kinda of a Michelin Man thing going on, excepting that he has a bit more in the way of persuasion and looks remarkably less friendly, what with a tri-missile battery sticking out of his chest and all.

Sadly, that armament is kinda wasted. Blastcharge’s articulation is rather limited. His head has unlimited rotation. Ball and sockets joint his shoulders, and he has a typical hinge for elbow movement. Although, his hips can swing on two axises, he has no waist articulation and ends up looking awkward or impotent as he can’t aim his missiles anywhere but straight forward. His balance is very good, however, thanks to his looong feet. Still, his movement is restricted enough that one wonders why would he even bother transforming at all? *Looks at IQ* Oh.

His missiles work just as in vehicle mode, only they look completely ridiculous in this mode. In fact, the cannon itself looks rather jarring. I would have preferred if it could be removed and held in his hands. Speaking of hand held weapons, his missiles fit charmingly in either hand (leaving one in the battery...yes, he’s flipping you off. He’s an angry, angry ‘bot) where they are effective as makeshift cudgels or maces.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: Mostly easy, but there are parts that will probably take a transformation or two to remember. 5

Durability: I’ve had his head pop off on occasion, but it seems to have been designed for his possibility and goes right back on. 8

Fun: Although, he adds some firepower to the Vehicon side (like they didn’t have enough!) there’s not much to him. 6

Price: $10 when I picked him up, now going for ~$3-20 with the Universe redeco at ~$10-$20. 5

Overall: He’s not the best figure by any means, but I like him. If you’re interested in expanding your Beast Machines collection give him a look; I wouldn’t recommend hunting for him too hard. 5
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