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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Kamen's review: a massive spring Buzzsaw

Name: Buzzsaw
Fuction: Aerial Reconnaissance
Subgroup: Beast Machines Basic Beasts

"I float like a butterfly but sting like a bee!"

Saved by Rattrap from the effects of the conversion freezing virus, Buzzsaw is grateful to the Maximal cause. Impressive aerial abilities and tendency towards gossip make him an excellent reconnaissance scout - likes to be the buzz about town. Multi-function stinger can pierce even the most impenetrable armor and functions as a highly sensitive receiver/transmitter. Slightly proud, often heard referring to himself as "the bee's knees", a statement none of his Maximal associates can discern.

Alternate Mode:

Buzzsaw is a techno-organic wasp...with a massive spring hanging off his butt. Brilliant. Yellow, green, and black are the main colours, and translucent green-yellow, red, and orange are used for the wing membranes, eyes, and stinger respectively. He stands very well, remarkably so for an insect based beast mode. He also has decent articulation (again, for a bug). His head can move back and forth. His wings are on balls joints, and thus can strike some very life-like poses. Supposedly, Buzzsaw has “stinging action”. Basically, his spring can bounce up and down. Thrilling.

Problems: He has a massive spring hanging off his butt. Also, his antenna, legs, and stinger (the little green part) are all made from soft plastic that will easily deform or melt under direct sunlight. And he has a massive spring hanging off his butt.

Robot Mode:

Pretty wicked looking for a Maximal. He retains a lot of the wasp aesthetic, something the Beast Machines line strove for. Though thin of leg, he stands well, and his many ball joints allow a variety of poses. Exceptions being made for his left arm, which has a massive spring hanging off it. The colours remain the same. Also, he has no hands.

The translucent plastic stinger opens to reveal his Maximal spark crystal. His left hand also has “exciting” bouncing action.

Problems here are limited to the soft plastic mentioned before. Oh, and he has a Massive Spring hanging off his arm.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: Surprisingly intricate for a small figure, but still not difficult. 4

Durability: Except for the soft plastic, he seems very sturdy. Oh, and don’t break the spring. 7

Fun: Although, insects abound in the beast line, they are somewhat rare in the Beast Machine line, and he does manage to amuse. 6

Price: ~$5 when I got him. Now, $2-$20. The low end is fine; the high and you’re stupid.

Overall: Meh is the way I would characterize him. He’s got two decent modes, but the spring and soft plastic make him less poseable and interesting. Basically, nothing stands out about him...except that MASSIVE SPRING. 4
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