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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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ravimus prime's review of: Beast Machines Cheetor

Name: Cheetor
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Warrior
"Quick action equals quick victory!"

Formerly hot-headed and inexperienced, Cheetor is growing up fast on Cybertron; still remains Optimus Primal's strongest supporter in the Techno-Organic war against Megatron and his Vehicons. His beast mode offers cheetah-like speed, agility and endurance. Sharp, powerful claws and jaws. Robot mode has enhanced, frictionless body surface that causes energy pulses to glide right off. Cheetor can accelerate particles around his aerodynamic form to create a vacuum useful in knocking down opponents.

Cheetor, like most Beast Machines figures, does not look like his TV show counterpart. At all. This was Cheetor's first toy in the Beast Machines line, followed by Supreme Cheetor and Night Slash Cheetor. In short, I don't like this toy. Now for the full review...

Beast Mode:
Cheetor is a techno-organic cheetah in beast mode. The main colours are yellow, vacuumed gold, green and red. The first main problem here is the form and shape. Cheetor doesn't look like a cheetah. He's scrawny all over, especially his front legs. It looks more like the skeleton of a cat. He has a hard time standing up as well, because of the lack of support in his puny legs. However, spots have been applied in some areas, though they are more like jaguar spots. You can activate a gimmick by moving his head from side to side. This opens and closes his mouth. Poor beast mode.

Robot Mode:
After his transformation from beast mode (which is basically ‘stand him up and flip out the head’), you have his robot mode. Same colours carry over from beast mode, with more vacuumed gold. His head sculpt is quite nice, though it's not show accurate. Same gimmick as the beast mode: move his head and his mouth opens. He's still scrawny in his arms and legs, but had a bulky chest, which is complemented by the large shoulders and kneepads. Cheetor is really hard to stand up in this mode. He has reverse legs, with three joints. His tail becomes a whip, though it says a sword on the box. You can use your imagination if you want. Press one of his shoulder pads, and his arms twists in a "slashing action". One point I'd like to address: his wrists are really thin, and can break easily. Mine did, and the plastic in so thin that it can't be fixed with glue. Slightly better robot mode though.

Transformation: 5. The head changing can be a little tricky.
Durability: 4. Scrawny. It breaks easily.
Fun: 5. Lack of solid features, and he falls apart sometimes.
Price: 8. Around $10, I got mine for £30, the normal price of a Mega at the time.
Overall: 5. I don't recommend it. It's the stereotypical crap, scrawny, non-show accurate Beast Machines figure.
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