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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

ravimus prime's review of: Beast Machines Snarl

Name: Snarl
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Strategic Specialist
"They won't even see it coming!"

As a strategic genius, Snarl is a critical component of the Maximal command. Has the uncanny ability to sense his opponent's weaknesses and exploit them to Maximal advantage. Considers Vehicons a substandard challenge to his abilities - desires a match of tactics and cunning against Megatron where the victor wins the war over Cybertron. Has an ambush style of attack that rarely leaves his enemies the option of survival.

Beast Mode:
Snarl comes carded in his lion form. Itís fairly distinct compared to the majority of the Beast Machines Maximals- scrawny, ill-proportioned, and weird. A very sleek Maximal in contrast to Nightslash Cheetor. Snarl is also bulky and realistic... not that metal plated lions exist, but you know, the structure. A thick orange mane surrounds his beast head, which as you would imagine adds to the lion image. He is mainly gold, blue, silver and orange. It has a kind of a slashing feature in one arm, which means the arm cannot be posed or locked into position (more on that in the robot mode). Snarl has an excellent beast mode.

Robot Mode:
Snarl's robot mode is like the beast mode standing up with a few alterations like so many others seen in the Beast Machines and Beast Wars toy lines. I believe this works though, and you can see a difference between the two modes. The lionís mane has changed position so it now looks like he has thick, long luxurious hair draping down his back. You do get used to after a while, and in no way does his hair take away from his masculinity... I really like the head sculpt. His mouth can open and close by pressing a button on the top of his head. His face reminds me of Primus from the Marvel comics for some reason. It's really something special; he even has a goatee.

On his forearms, it looks like he is wearing Gauntlets. These gauntlets can be lifted up so you can see his hands, which look small and awkward without them. His tail becomes a sword, a common feature from the beast era. This sword is fairly unique. Itís curved like a scimitar, but itís all new age and futuristic, too. By sliding up a panel on his leg you can reveal a green spark crystal, which is very pretty.

There are gimmicks in both arms; one is slashing feature as mentioned before, and the other is an extending feature. Flip a little switch and his forearm extends very a little: it's a bit useless really... A lot of people hate Snarl for his slashing feature, which limits posability and means the arm only stays in one place when you're not using the gimmick. I don't find the arm thing a problem, though. This is also the only arm that has a peg to hold the sword. The head can't move either; you can move the legs and hips fine though.

Transformation: 3. Simple really.
Durability: 10. Rock solid. Not a bit of damage after 4 years.
Fun: 9. Oh, very fun indeed.
Price: 10. Dirt cheap. Always on eBay for $0.99 (American).
Overall: 9, for me. With Snarl, it's a matter of hating it or loving it. You can try the Universe Snarl, who has a new paint job, and that might be more to your taste.
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