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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

ravimus prime's review of: Strika

Name: Strika
Allegiance: Vehicon
Function: All-Terrain Combat
"No road is rougher than me!"

Strika's presence on the battlefield often turns the tide in favor of the Vehicons. Holds a personal vendetta against all Maximals, especially Blackarachnia. In combat, will lure enemy into rough terrain to give herself the advantage. Equipped with reciprocating laser cannon that shreds anything caught in its field of fire. Can wreak havoc with one sustained blast from her cannon. Alloy-plated armor deflects many types of Maximal ammo. Capable of high speed bursts on any terrain and has amazing endurance in close combat.

Vehicle Mode:

Strika comes carded in her vehicle mode, which is some sort of all-terrain buggy. The overall shape is a bit odd though. The main body has a lot of bulk. There is a head-like thing with a visor that sticks out from the main body of the vehicle. There is also a kind of turret near the rear of the vehicle, which has dual missile launchers and Strika's spark crystal on it. Pressing it will unlock a feature, as she is of the "Battle of the Spark" line. Press it down and the missiles on the turret will move forwards or backwards. I like this feature as it makes a cool shuffling noise. Very cool vehicle mode overall.

Robot Mode:

Strika's robot mode is like all Beast Machines Vehicons - an oddity. Her (hard to believe) chest is huge, and it sticks out far from the main body. This consists of two wheels covered with a fairly small panel. Her waist is tiny, she has chicken legs, and she has big wheels for feet. Along with this, she has crappy bulky arms, a huge back pack and a truly weird looking head. Now appearance aside, the toy is still good. The only problems I have are that the head can only move up and down, the arms don't have great poseability, and that it's really top heavy. The spark gimmick carries over. You also might look at the toy and think, “how is this supposed to be a fembot?” I don't know. Do the show creators know? Probably not...

Transformation: 8. Very difficult, unless you're me.
Durability: 9. Ball joints, people.
Fun: 10. Huge amount of play value.
Price: ? Varies, but it is a fairly rare toy.
Overall: 7. I can't fully recommend Strika. I like the toy, but I like the Beast Machines line, which is an extremely unpopular line among fans. See if the Universe version is more to your liking...
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