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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

ravimus prime's review of: Supreme Cheetor

Name: Cheetor
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Warrior
"Act with quickness, and leave the enemy no time to think!"

Cheetor continues to mature as rapidly as he moves over the surface of Cybertron. Remains Optimus Primal's strongest supporter, and one of the most formidable warriors against Megatron and his Vehicons. Beast mode provides him with cheetah-like speed and agility, matched with amazing endurance and enhanced vision. In Robot mode, becomes impossible target thanks to body surface that repels virtually any and all energy pulses without damage. Expertise with multi-function sword makes Vehicons keep their distance - if they can.

Cheetor had many toy incarnations throughout Beast Machines. You could get regular, supreme or night slash. This review will deal with Cheetor's first toy in the Beast Machines line. "Supreme" Cheetor is one of the largest transformers ever. It was Hasbro's idea to release a bigger version of Cheetor, with more gimmicks and show-accurateness than his predecessor. But it didn't sell very well. And there are reasons for that...

Beast Mode:
Cheetor is a very large techno-organic cheetah. Almost the size of a domestic house cat in fact. The main colours here are yellow, red and green. Actually, he's not very show accurate at all in this mode. He has most of the features from his robot mode. Spiked shoulders, freckled chest, and wrist and ankle protectors. His tail isn't great, as it looks like a sword. It even has a handle in it. You can pull a tab on his back to make the heckles on his back stand up. Not a great feature, but is doesn't make the toy any worse. You can also turn a dial on his back that moves his head side to side. Overall, it looks fairly nice. However there is not much play value since it is so heavy and awkward.

Robot Mode:
The ultimate downfall is Cheetor's robot mode. When I first transformed him, I stood back and laughed, I couldn't believe what I bought. I am only going to point out the bad in this review. The nose is all black, but on the box art, it only shows some paint applied. The right arm has a missile firing mechanism, but to fit this in, they sacrificed movement in the wrist, and they made it bulkier than the other side. The left arm has a gimmick that allows his fingers to spring forward from his hand. Sadly this is triggered by lifting up the hand, and if you even move it up slightly, the action is triggered. This makes holding his sword awkward. His lower body is also terrible. There is no normal shape, his crotch and hips are bulky, and this makes the legs abnormal looking too. He is also very hard to pose because he has reversed legs, which are skinny at the joints. The left keeps coming off because it is only attatched to the main body with metal rods. Oh, and the electricity is supposed to pass through these prongs from the arm, to go to the main body, and trigger lights and sounds. As you can imagine, this doesn't work well.

Transformation: 3. Very simple, but because it's so heavy, transformation can be awkward.
Durability: 6. The left arm keeps coming off. The knee pads can also pop off.
Fun: 4. Too heavy and childish looking, yet I can't even imagine a child playing with this.
Price: 4. It's up to $25 at this stage. Really not worth it.
Overall: 4. I really don't recommend this. Yes, this is as bad as everyone says. If you see the Hasbro box pictures of him, and think he looks good, look again: search the internet, and you will see he looks a lot worse. Or take my advice and just buy him.
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