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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

ravimus prime's review of: BM Tank Drone

Name: Tank Drone
Allegiance: Vehicon
Function: Ground Attack
"The ground of Cybertron will thunder in our wake!"

Tank Drone units are a specialized Vehicon element of drones under Tankor command. Formidable front line fighters. Often attack in chaotic formations, firing destabilizer missiles in unison, then rapidly retreating in all directions. Anything caught in their path is destroyed. Alloy armor plating protects them from most types of Maximal artillery, but firepower drops significantly after firing missiles. Not effective during lengthy firefights.

Vehicle Mode:
On card, tank drone comes in vehicle mode. A tank to be precise. Now, you may see the similarity between the CGI models of Tankor and the tank drones and this. Unlike the Tankor toy, this is very show-accurate. Not the most traditional tank you would find in the transformers line but it is supposed to be from an alien planet, hundreds of years in the future. Boxy in shape, big metallic cannon, and a head. You can see his head centre back, beside his cannon, but it doesn't really take anything away from him. Roll him forward and his cannon revolves and eventually fires a missile. That's the vehicle mode really...

Robot Mode:
Ah, robot mode. Almost identical to the tank drones of the Beast Machines show. Boxy is the key word here. Boxy chest, legs, arms and even head. The chest is metallic silver, with some red detailing. Grey upper legs, with dark grey tracks for the lower legs. Tank drone does have knees, but they bend backwards. Again, just like the show. The upper arms are grey and quite thin compaired to the bulky, dark grey forearms. The head has a t-shape if you look at it over-head. It has the grey mouth flap too. The cannon on his back is a cool feature. Metallic silver, transparent red and grey with great detailing. You can swing it over his shoulder and send him into attack mode. Though he is of the Battle of the Spark line, his spark crystal doesn't activate any features. Maybe because of in the show the tank drones had no sparks... Okay I went overboard with the show references and show accurate-ness. Well he is show-accurate. That's all to it.

Transformation: 4. Easy.
Durability: 9. These pieces on his arms pop off, but can easily be put back on.
Fun: 10. Why not. A tank robot that almost embodies childish/transfanboy fun.
Price: 7. Fairly expensive compaired to other basics from Beast Machines.
Overall: 10. Everything Tankor should have been. Go get him.
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