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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review of: 10th Anniversary Megatron (deluxe)

Name Megatron
Function Predacon Commander
Sub-group Jungle Planet Deluxe class???

An insane, hyper-intelligent criminal mastermind who led a group of renegade Predacons to Earth in search of energon they would need to conquer CYBERTRON, Megatron became so much more than a petty felon. He launched an assault on time itself seeking to change history to his benefit. He nearly destroyed Cybertron in his mad Quest to exterminate the Transformers and was stopped only when Optimus Primal brought him down. Now he has returned, and his battle with the Maximal leader rages across the multiverse.

I purchased Megatron on the thought, that I couldn't let Waspinator lead my Predacons. He is a good figure but he disturbs me. His Cyber Planet key is the thing that bugs me most.


It is a t-rex. This is really the perfect beast mode for him, much more realistic than a Dragon or a gun and scarier than a tank. (Sorry G1, G2, and Beast Machines fans.) This, however, is not the Megatron I grew up with. It is far more futuristic and has qualities of a BW, mixed with the articulation and design of a Cybertron figure. Its mouth opens without the annoying water gun feature. Its limbs are articulated well for a t-rex, with ball and socket arms and non-ratcheting legs, with bending knees and feet. His over all color is Purple which always brings to mind another evil Dinosaur from my Childhood! His red eyes and dull green machine parts add an awesome amount of detail. It is the best dino mode since G1 Grimlock.


After an easy transformation Megatron is battle ready. Meg's robot mode is very close to the original but is more like the show character. He has very nice detail, many evil little things like those teeth around his neck and the t-rex head as a hand. His face is almost dead on for the show robot with an evil look that chills Maximals. His articulation is good; fully rotating shoulders, bending elbows, 180 degree ball and socket hips, bending knees and feet, and a ball and socket head joint. The weapons remain true to the show at first. The dino head as a hand has multiple purposes (gun, claw, grappling, boxing, crushing, etc.) His tail is his main weapon. It can be removed and held in the hand or attached as an arm gun. It can serve as a whip/sword alone and with its Cyber-planet key it is a projectile launcher.

Durability: 8 He doesn't fall apart ,but the pieces are removable.
Transformation: 5 Not bad, but less fun than the first.
Fun: 9 HE'S MEGATRON! But the size and the cool little ship add to it. So do with it what you will.
Price: 8 14.99 is good for this toy and free comic and Predacon ship.
Overall: 9 he's a lot of fun mixed with good memories and an awesome comic of the new Beast Wars .

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