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Dinobot365's review of: Transmutate

Name: Transmutate
Function: N/A

In early 2006, Hasbro re-released six Beast Wars toys with more show-accurate colors as the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary line. Transmutate appeared in episode 36 of Beast Wars. The episode was titled "Transmutate." Since Transmutate appeared in the show but did not have a toy (because she only appeared in one episode and couldn't transform), and Hasbro wanted to get fans and collectors to buy the whole set, they decided to break Transmutate up into six parts and put
one piece of her in with each Series 1 Beast Wars 10th Anniversary figure. Waspinator came with the head, Cheetor with the upper torso, Transmetal Rattrap with the right arm, Dinobot with the left arm, Rhinox with the lower torso and right leg, and Predacon Tarantulus came with the left leg. Transmutate is a PVC figure, so therefore it doesn't transform.


Transmutate's colors are a light robins' egg blue and a dull gold. Her head is mostly gold with red eyes, her neck is blue and gold, and has two blue bendy tubes that come out the back of her head. Her upper torso is gold with blue around the spot where her head attaches. Transmutate also has rigid blue pipes that extend from the bottom of it. Her left arm is mainly gold, but has blue where it attaches to her upper torso, on the shoulder, and on the hand. Her hand is totally blue and has a thumb and two fingers (which is missing its ring and middle fingers). Her right arm, on the other hand, is mostly blue. She has a large gold blaster that takes the place of a forearm and a hand. Transmutate's lower torso is gold with blue where the legs attach, and the right leg is blue on the thigh, gold on the lower part, and has a mostly blue foot. Lastly, her left leg and foot are mostly blue with some gold detailing.

Robot Mode:

Transmutate stands an impressive 16 centimeters (6.3 inches) tall. That's taller than most deluxe figures! Transmutate has impressive poseability for a PVC figure. She has 5 points of articulation. Her head can move side-to-side and up and down. Both arms move at the shoulders and her left leg moves at the hip. Strangely, Transmutate's right leg cannot move at all as it is welded solidly to her lower torso. I am disappointed that Transmutate's neck, elbows, knees, wrists, right leg, and ankles can't move at all. It would have been terrific if Hasbro had thought to make these parts poseable.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: N/A - I would give Transmutate's assembly a 1, since it is very easy to put together, but I can't grade her transformation because she doesn't transform.
Durability: 8 - Transmutate is pretty durable, but since it's made of PVC, you should be more careful with it than you would with regular plastic.
Fun: 10 - I love to display Transmutate with my other Beast Wars toys, and I liked Transmutate on the show, so I love this toy.
Price: 10 - I bought every single Beast Wars 10th Anniversary toys because I never got the originals, so Transmutate was kind of like an extra bonus for me, However, if you are buying all of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Figures just for Transmutate, than you will have to spend a lot of money. Each figure costs $15, so you would end up spending $90 (plus tax) on a PVC figure.
Overall: 9 - Transmutate is a very good toy. It succeeds in representing the character's awkward appearance and mismatched parts. Strongly Recommended.
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