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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review of: 10th Anniversary Waspinator

Name: Waspinator
Allegiance: Predacon

Waspinator not know he even here! Megatron boss Waspinator around, and all Waspinator ever get for it is blown to pieces! Waspinator sick of being stockpile of parts for Maximal Rat-bot's collection! Waspinator has big plans! Big plans that don't concern stupid Beast Wars! From now on, Waspinator on his own!
* * *

Waspinator return to welcoming fanbots! Fanbots always complain that Waspinator not have colors that match documentary on Waspinator's miserable existence while trying to please Dragon-bot. But Waspinator has plans for triumphant re-release! Waspinator will make Fan-bots happy with show-accurate colors, dvd, and strange-bot's head!

Beast mode

What? Waspinator not wasp? Waspinator not understand! Waspinator's name implies being wasp, but Waspinator actually green bumble-bee! Waspinator happy that he can fly, though. Waspinator can get away from Maximal Lizard-bot and Rat-bot quickly, but Waspinator always get shot anyway!

Waspinator, Terrorize!!!

Waspinator get green makeover for tenth birthday. Waspinator look like cartoon counter-part more than ever! Fan-bot think so? Waspinator still has extra head hidden somewhere, but that for Waspinator to know and Fan-bot to find out!

Some Fan-bots whine! Fan-bots say Waspinator disappointing because Waspinator not have new head! Well, Waspinator have news for whiny Fan-bots: Strange-bot and DVD expensive! No money left for Waspinator to have new set of mandibles, so Fan-bots will just have to pucker up and plant big wet juicy one on Waspinator's big, yellow, stripey...


Waspinator also come with extras for Fan-bots. Waspinator has head piece of Strange-bot, and DVD of time when Jet-bot took possession of poor Waspinator. Waspinator still remembers... Waspinator had a headache in his whole body when Jet-bot finally left. Waspinator not want to talk about it anymore!

Transformation: 10. Waspinator can Terrorize quickly and still have lots of ball joints and use bug parts for robot weapons. Waspinator is pinnacle of Predacon engineering, yes?
Durability: 10^inf. Waspinator has been blown apart, shot, shredded, gouged, smashed, and torched more times than he cares to remember. Can Fan-bot say same? Waspinator does not think so!
Fun: 10. Waspinator lots of fun! Waspinator can shoot missle at Maximal from far away, and Waspinator also transforms into a real thing, unlike some Bots Waspinator knows...
Price: 8. Waspinator now a premium collector item! Waspinator package offers many new things for collectors, and Waspinator feels he is worth it.
Overall: 10. Waspinator has DVD, part for commemoritive Strange-bot, colors that match biographical documentary, and renewed love from Fan-bots. Waspinator happy... at... last...
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