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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

DDM's review of: BW Armordillo

Name: Armordillo
Function: Desert Combat
Sub-Group: N/A

To reduce thermal energy intake, infrared vision allows Armordillo to battle at night, when the desert battlefield has cooled. His back bears the burden of a built-in suit of armor that is virtually impenetrable. Enemy artillery bounces off like pebbles, while his own hidden laser weapon causes devastating damage to Predacon attackers.

My memories of Armordillo are slim to none as a child. I most likely received him as a gift at Christmas, when there were probably bigger, better transformers for me to fiddle with. Now ,however, Armordillo seems like one of the cooler basic sized figures released near the beginning of the Beast Wars saga.

Alternate Mode:
Armordillo's alternate mode is well, an armadillo. I have seen very few real armadillos, so I won't be able to compare him to a real one, but it does look decent. Featuring 5 point of articulation (2 in each front leg and one in his tail) Armordillo has limited movement in his beast mode, but I supposed real armadillos aren't agile critters either. One of the coolest things, in my opinion, was the sand painted on his otherwise completely orange back -- adding to the sense that he was stationed as a desert soldier. You can also see a bit of the robot mode groin under his animal head, but other than that it would be hard to figure out he was a robot in disguise (well, unless you turned him over).

Robot Mode:
As one of the first basic sized figures, it would be pointless to think he had a difficult transformation -- just pull up his tail and put his weapons in his hands. His robot mode has the same colors as his animal mode, orange and gray. However, it also packs a lot more articulation. With two points on each appendage plus one point for his neck, this small figure boasts a whopping 7 articulation points, allowing for a variety of poses. Also, I really enjoyed the amount of detail put into the figure: he has nice looking robotic legs and one of the more interesting heads in the Beast Wars range.

Transformation: 0 - Standard spring loaded transformation
Durability: 10 - Lasted 4 years of play.
Fun: 7 - He's a nice figure to display, but fun isn't the first thing that springs to mind with an armadillo
Price: 8 - You should be able to find him for a decent price.
Overall: 8 - He's one of the nicest spring loaded Beast Wars figures but that simply doesn't stack up that well against other, more complicated Tranformers.
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