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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Ravimus' review of: Iguanus

Name: Iguanus
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Demolitions

A lizard unlike any other, his internal intelligence processors are specifically programmed for combat sabatoge. If Optimus Primal installs an infrared detection dish near a Predacon outpost, Iguanus will alter it to self-destruct when fired. Body scales are actually titanium-plated armor, as is the deflective headplate that shields him from laser fire.

Iguanus is a flip-changer from the early Beast Wars line, and is somewhat of a remould of the crocodile Megatron. He was also recoloured as Crazybolt in the Beast Wars Neo line. Generally, I'm a fan of flip-changers and this one is no exception. I was never too bothered to buy him, but he was cheap. He has a few minor problems, but what transformer doesn't? Now for a more detailed review...

Beast Mode:
Iguanus isn't an Iguana in beast mode would you believe? He's some kind of frilled lizard. Just like a regular lizard, but with a... frill around his head. The main colour is dark grey with yellow detailing. His mouth can open to reveal a red tongue. Iguanus is only one of few transformers to have a tongue in beast mode. His front legs can move a bit, but the hind legs can only move out-wards like road-kill. Some robotic parts can be seen under his belly and on his legs, but it's not too noticeable like Polar Claw for instance...

Robot Mode:
Iguanus' robot mode is even better. His head sculpt is fairly plain, but it does have vents and teeth moulded in. More yellow can be seen in this mode around his waist and fists. His weapon is his beast mode tail. A simple flip of a part can make it look like a convincing weapon. It can also be stored on his back. His poseability is excellent: he has ball-socket joints galore, except in his wrists and ankles, which can still move. One small problem is that his beast legs are hanging off his robot legs. They can't be noticed from the front though, and they don't restrict poseability.

Transformation: 2. Flip Changer.
Durability: 8. The east head's lower jaw can go out of place, and his wrists don't look too sturdy...
Fun: 9.5. Just because his beast mode can't do much.
Price: ? He seems to be rare, can't find a complete one on eBay.
Overall: 9. Almost a perfect basic sized transformer. Want to try?

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