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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Ravimus' review of: Lazorbeak

Name: Lazorbeak
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Aerial Attacks

A fast flying sky pirate with a thirst for battle, Lazorbeak upholds his motto of believing the only good point he likes about the Maximals is their melting point. His laser weapon can melt through most of the Maximals' battle armor, but such aggression tends to drain his energon levels, allowing him to initialize only brief periods of aerial attack sequences between robot and pterodactyl modes. Still, when his power levels are charged, he's is one mean menace!

I know the tech specs describe him as a pirate, but don't get your hopes up. He doesn't have that appearance. He's a simple redeco of Terrorsaur. But what does that matter? I'd think less of Lazorbeak if he had an eye patch. And he's not G1 Laserbeak either, as far as I can tell. Still, Lazorbeak is a neat little basic toy. Read on for the full review.

Beast Mode:
Lazorbeak is a pteranadon in beast mode. The main flaws in this mode are the inaccuracies. He is out of proportion: his wings are too small, his neck is too short and his head is too big. His deco is unrealistic as pteranadons were thought to be grey or brown, but certainly not purple with red patterns. But they had to differentiate him from Terrosaur. And they did it well - Lazorbeak is more of an "eye-catcher" than Terrorsaur. I don't mind it actually.

His robot legs can easily be seen from underneath. And above, as his feet go from beyond his main body and are seen at the sides of his neck. Lazorbeak's articulation in this mode is terrible. He can move his feet up and down, move his head slightly, and open his mouth. You can't pull too many cool poses in this mode. Despite all those problems, he has some nice scale detailing on his back and head, with a grainy texture on his wings. A very mediocre beast mode overall.

Robot Mode:
However, he redeems himself with his robot mode. The same colours carry over from beast mode, with more red seen on his legs, face, hands and hips. His head sculpt is simple, but effective. His human-like face suits him rather than having a face plate and visor... or an eye patch. Highlighting key features: his chest is formed from his rear in beast mode. It brings out the red patterns clashing against the purple. His wings are pointing up, like the original seekers. I think it looks cool. Finally, Resting on his back is his beast head.

Lazorbeak has one weapon. It's a little purple handgun, which can be hidden behind his head. Itís one of the better weapons of the Beast Wars in my opinion. His poseability is slightly better than a Cyberjet. Ball-socket joints galore! He can even move his wrists and ankles, thanks to the transformation. You can pull some excellent poses in this mode. Highly cool.

Transformation: 2. Laughable, a flip changer.
Durability: 8. Weirdly, he isn't as durable as Terrorsaur. His feet can fall off. Watch out for that.
Fun: 9. A ten if he had a better beast mode. But still, his poseability, fast transformation and weapon all contribute to that nine.
Price: 7. You'll get him for around $20 on eBay, but that's loose. He's pretty rare.
Overall: 8. If only for a lower price point and a better beast mode, Lazorbeak would have gotten a 10. But sadly, that wasn't to be. But he was recoloured several times. I'd recommend getting one version of the mould anyway.

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