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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Detective Barricade's review: Magnaboss

Name: Magnaboss
Function: Combat Leader
Sub-Group: Beast Wars Ultra class

A new breed of super robot blasts it’s way to the head of the Maximal battle lines with three times the fighting force! Prowl’s ferocity, Silverbolt’s swiftness, and Ironhide’s strength team up to form Magnaboss - a triple power threat capable of annihilating any Predacon enemy, even the ultra combative Tripredacus. Magnaboss owns the battlefield, arming itself with a massive megaton battle sword composed of Silverbolt’s razor-tipped wing swords and Ironhide’s blunt-force battle clubs mounted on Prowl’s cyber tail claw. If two heads are better than one, Magnaboss is way ahead of that game... times three!

Magnaboss is one of two combiners in the Beast Wars toy line, alongside Tripredacus. Both were among the first combiners to fully integrate everything needed to form the gestalt within the individual robots themselves, unlike most of the G1 combiners. They’re also the only ones so far to use organic beast modes, as opposed to vehicles or robotic animals. So, how does Magnaboss and his component bots fare? Let’s find out! Again, the individuals first, then Magnaboss.


Alternate mode:
This Prowl converts into a lion. With the exception of a few places, there’s a lot of fur detail all along the figure. He’s mostly yellow with a brown mane. And, he’s a brick in this mode, which is unfortunate. He is fairly realistic, though.

Robot mode:
In robot mode, he’s pretty nifty! His tail detaches to form a ‘cyber tail claw’. Unlike Movie Bonecrusher’s claw, this one isn’t geared or anything. Sadly, the mane just splits in half and sits on his back as kibble/wings. At least he has something in common with G1 Prowl... He’s also got a very Prime like head. The rub symbol is revealed to be on the inside of his chest during transformation, showing him to be a Maximal. Prowl has a total of 14 points of articulation, mostly ball joints. But that back kibble is going to make him a bit back heavy...

Transformation: 3 Easy.
Durability: 8 Nothing’s loose at all. Just try not to force anything.
Fun: 6 A brick in beast mode, and a bit back heavy in robot, but still neat.
Overall: 6 He’s alright, but not worth picking up without the others.


Alternate mode:
This Silverbolt turns into a bald eagle, and a pretty convincing one at that! Bronze and white make up most of his colors. He’s of course loaded with feathery detail. The wingtips open up to reveal missile launchers for all of his modes. Just one thing I’d like to point out. You see those hinges that are supposed to let the wings bend forward in robot mode? Leave them alone. The stress of bending that joint will likely cause it to break. No wing, no Magnaboss.

Robot mode:
Transforming him to robot is, simply put, a joke. Pull the body back, flip the robot torso out, return the eagle body to it’s original position. Oh yeah, and rotate the legs at the knee 180 so they bend properly. That’s it. The back of the wings detach to form his swords, which are impressive. He’s got 11 points of articulation, but they’re mostly rendered moot due to having almost his entire alt mode on his back. Just above the tail, the rub symbol is there to reveal him to be Maximal. Who would’ve guessed?

Transformation: 1 If you can’t figure it out, something’s very wrong.
Durability: 5 Mine’s still solid, but there’s a few places where it’ll be disastrous if it breaks.
Fun: 6 Nice swords, but posing is troublesome.
Overall: 4 The only real draw to him is that he’s needed to form Magnaboss.


Alternate mode:
Ironhide gets to be an African elephant. Very realistic aside from Magnaboss’ hands trying not to be noticed in the back. He’s almost entirely grey with leathery details. His clubs store on tabs connected to the ears. Like Prowl, he’s a brick.

Robot mode:
Poor guy. He’s a shell-former, and he looks a little hunchbacked. The kibble is mostly in very bad spots, such as behind his shoulders and hips. He’s got 21 points of articulation, none of which is ball joints. And the kibble will likely get in the way. The right side panel houses the rub symbol, which reveals Maximal.

Transformation: 3 A simple shell-former
Durability: 7 The elephant head halves can come off fairly easily. Blessing? Curse? You decide.
Fun: 6 See Prowl, but even more back heavy. And kibbly.
Overall: 5 Average, but only really get him with the other two.


Putting Magnaboss together is tough the first time. The instructions only help a little. But the end result is pretty cool! Ironhide is forced to be the body, while Prowl forms the head. Silverbolt joins the two together, and little else. All three components’ weapons combine to form a large sword for Magnaboss to wield. Like Tripredacus, the combined form flows together as one. He’s got a pretty regal look to him. His head is stuck looking upwards a little, though I don’t know if this was intentional or a design flaw. Overall, he’s worth it.

Transformation: 8 Prowl is the confusing one, and he needs to be just right in order to work.
Durability: 8 Just be careful when disassembling him, and you should be fine.
Fun: 8 Combiners are usually fun, and this guy doesn’t disappoint!
Price: ? It varies these days on EBay, BBTS, and such.
Overall: 8 If you like combiners, this is a good one.
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