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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

ravimus prime's review of: Powerpinch

Name: Powerpinch
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Infantry

Despite his long body length and the giant pincher claws he drags behind him, Powerpinch is surprisingly fast; six speedy legs power him forward over almost any obstacle. His greatest assets are the powerful pincher claws that are strong enough to sever most enemies in half. And as all Maximals know, those pincher claws are as dangerous in insect for as they are when he converts to robot mode, which is why they never underestimate the ferocity of this truly evil insect.

I bought Powerpinch along with about ten other basic Beast Wars figures. I can't afford to do impulse buying now, even though they were a good price. I didn't think he looked great on card, but he grew on me. I've since lost some of his parts, but I wouldn't go buying a new one. Now, let's get on with it...

Beast Mode:
Powerpinch is an earwig in beast mode. Good mould, and nice detailing, it can easily be recognised as an earwig. However, his paintjob let's him down. The base is good-a dark translucent green, but his pinchers and legs are orange and his eyes are yellow. The pinchers on the end of his tail can be swiveled in or out, but apart from that there is little or no movement. Well, his beast mode does the job, but there's not much to be done with it.

Robot Mode:
Powerpinch redeems himself in robot mode. He has a very good head sculpt, along with very detailed paint applications in places. Areas around his feet, legs, and head have orange and silver patterns, which is a very nice touch which makes him stand out from most early Beast Wars basics. He has excellent poseability thanks to ball-socket joints. His pincher also becomes a weapon, and the same action as in the beast mode can be done here. However, I have one complaint: his fist holes aren't very deep, and he has a hard time gripping his weapon. Still, an excellent robot mode.

Transformation: 6. Not too hard, but well thought out.
Durability: 8. His weapon keeps falling out of his hands...
Fun: 7. Good fun in robot mode, but nothing to offer in beast mode.
Price: 7. Around $10-15 sealed.
Overall: 7. He's one of the better basics. You've read my review; now you decide.
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